The Alien Interviews!

Here’s a quote from one of our readers about the new book, The Alien Interviews….

“Just got your new book, The Alien Interviews. I cannot wait to read it. I hope you put your take into this book, will be interesting to see where you go with the interviews. By any chance you will make this into a book for a shelf?”

book-cover22Here’s my answer! The book is an E-book and is interactive. There’s lots of links to Websites and videos so the reader has tons of information at their fingertips. I also weigh in at the end of the book, and put forth a theory as to what I believe the phenomena is.  

      The purpose of the new book is to explore the UFO phenomena that is happening globally. I do this by interviewing people who have either had direct contact with the phenomena, or those who have researched it in depth, such as Dr. David Jacobs, who has written several books on  alien abductions and the breeding program.

      Another dynamic of the book is to expose different aspects of the UFO phenomena. I have interviewed Dr. Lynne Kitei who photographed the Phoenix Lights. She provides an in depth discussion of what happened over Phoenix a decade ago. She discusses former governor Fyfe Symington press conference, in which he had one of his staff members dress up like an alien and later, Symington’s admission that he too saw the lights and they were not of this world!

        Then there’s Dr. Roger Leir, who has surgically removed about a dozen implants from abductees. He’s very candid and provides first hand information that is both riveting and disturbing.

        Dr. Jesse Marcel weighs in regarding the Roswell, 1947 crash. His father, Jesse Marcel Jr. collected some of the debris and brought it to the house before taking it back to the base. Dr. Marcel  recalls as a boy of 11, how he handled the wreckage from the craft!

         Then there are the accounts and testimonies from people who have had contact of some type. From UFO witness, Ricky Sorrel of the Stephenville UFO flap  to UFO contactee, Lynne Dickie, who now regards these entities as malevolent, messengers, of deception.

         The book is only $5.99 and is available here at

5 thoughts on “The Alien Interviews!

  1. Hi Dr. Marzulli,

    I got into the book this week-end. Wow pretty interesting, disturbing stuff. I also DVR’d a seminar that Chuck Missler did that was aired on GOD TV this week-end called “Alien Encounters.” I haven’t had the chance to watch all of it yet, but VERY interesting stuff!

    Kevin J.

  2. I’ve just got to the Joe Jordan interview. He emphasizes the deception and outright theater that these beings put on. While I am interested in what abductees say about their experience, beyond the reality of abduction I think we should question everything that they have been shown. I’m wondering if all the scenes of Hybridization are real or just more fear producing lies. The reality may be that these beings are doing some genetic manipulation, but they are “over-advertising” their capability to elicit confusion and fear.

    There is one thing we know from the word of God: the chief of the fallen ones is full of boasting and pride.

    Plan on seeing an article on this soon on

  3. hehe yeah leave it to missler to copy lynn 🙂
    you mention in the e-book about the hybrid “breeding program”…
    how extensive do you think this is? do you feel that the “hybrids” are merely memory implants?
    do you feel that there are actual “replicants” who are hybrids walking around with us today?
    wouldnt these hybrids HAVE to be “soul-less?” in other words, un redeemable by Christ?
    (btw ive read the “branson files” wherein he claims that the greys can be “won over” to the good side…)
    now… this also raises the issue of cloning…wherein scientists are getting closer and closer to genetically engineering a chimera… half human, half animal… would such a creature have a redeemable soul?
    sooooo… if i understand correctly…
    any “hybrid” would have to be a multi-dimensional entity, like their “parent”?
    and would NOT possess a soul, am i correct?
    however the nephilim DID possess an actual physical body, but their “soul” was from hell…
    or did they have a soul?
    was this satans way of “forcing Gods hand” in that, God had to allow a physical baby to be borne, but did not give the baby a soul, because of the demonic origin of the conception?
    man that is some ugly stuff…kinda makes me nauseated just thinkin about it, in all honesty…
    but i mean, doesnt this happen today in the occultic realm?
    ive read the story of the jersey devil and its kinda along the same lines as this…

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