Where is the Outrage?

gas-prices2 Where is the outrage, I want to know? A few months ago we were paying almost $5 a gallon at the pump, now the price has declined over 70%, in some places, to under $2, a gallon. Where is the outrage? We were scammed, plain and simple. The oil companies made billions of dollars in profits, off the backs of the working man in this country and didn’t even think twice about doing it. Where is the outrage? Have we become so medicated and stupefied that we don’t lift our collective voices demanding retribution and some of our money back? Is our government so enervated and detached from the common man and woman, that it does nothing to regulate the obscene profits? The oil companies have a monopoly and they have us over a barrel – no pun intended. The fact that gas prices are under $2, a gallon should send a signal to us all, that we were manipulated by the speculators who drove up the price of oil. There was no shortage. What a scam and yet we sit and do nothing except perhaps to comment that Karma finally caught up with O.J..

          Where is the outrage? While the government prints 700 Billion dollars worth of money, backed by nothing – as we were taken off the gold standard during the Nixon administration – and hands it over to overpaid executives and bankers who got themselves into a financial jam, and then ask Joe Taxpayer to foot the bill and pay back, the money that was produced, out of thin air with interest, no less. Meanwhile you can’t get a loan, as a friend of mine tried to refinance his mortgage and was told that unless he had $100,000.00 in the bank, as a back up, he wouldn’t qualify! If he had that kind of money sitting around, he wouldn’t need the loan!

          Where is the outrage, that the war in Iraq continues to drag on at a cost of billions of dollars a day, while back in the states, roads, bridges, and our infrastructure continues to crumble? And just yesterday Mr. Bush who assured us of his Christianity in both elections, now comes out and tells us that, he only thinks some of the Bible might be true! He doesn’t take it literally. Does anyone think he would have been elected if he had made that statement while he was running for election? 

           Where is the outrage that our government now has stake in the auto industry, the banking industry and mortgage industry that brings us closer to socialistic form of government and eliminates Capitalism, which was the foundation of this countries free market, economic system. The banks, Fannie & Freddie and now the auto industry got a bail out, but the little guy on the street got shafted. Foreclosures are the highest in decades and for many people this Christmas will be a lean one. In a word… outrageous!

6 thoughts on “Where is the Outrage?

  1. Hi Lynn,

    You make some very good points here. The old frog in the pan of boiling water comers to mind. I think the powers that be assume that the average American is either stupid or apathetic, which we do tend to be the latter these days. We do need to make our voices heard before we are totally consumed by this socialistic steamroller that is going through the land right now.

    Kevin J.

  2. I am outraged. I have been for a long time and know that there are many voices who cry out against it but so many turn a deaf ear or blind eye to it. I am very proud that there are those like Lynn, Bruce Collins, Steve Quayle, Tom Horn, JR Church, Hal Lindsey, George Noory among the many who do speak out and do spread the word.

    Last night I had such a burden for our country. It hurt. I prayed for mercy for our nation that God would wait a little longer so that the truth might be professed. I know that my prayers as a child of the Almighty do matter but the enemy fights hard to make me feel they are worthless. Remember that God would have spared Sodom and Gomorrah for 10 righteous ones.

  3. Lynn,

    Where is the outrage of our Congress,of our President, of all our constitutional officers? More so where is the outrage of us American citizens?Why are we waiting for someone elses outrage,, where is ours? If there is a chance then it will take for the citzens to “Take back America”. How blinded are we?

    God bless America

  4. lynn,

    OK first of all:
    1. they kept the gas prices high enough long enough to bust the economy
    2. the economic meltdown has a domino effect around the world
    3. the meltdown is now having global political implications
    4. the globalist/bilderberger/trilateralist/skull and bones boys seize power
    and as far as bush goes, yeah, how much of a Christian did we ever think he was, seeing as he is a member of skull and bones? i mean, they have to follow their instructions, ya know?
    so no, it does not surprise me AT ALL that he would say that…in order for ANYONE to get a ticket to the show they have to be in bed with the globalists (sometimes literally, hehe)
    yes, well the populations docility in the us seems to be at an unprecedented level…
    (why do chemtrails come to mind as im talkin about this?)
    but, really we have tv, cable, dvds, we have every kind of entertainment anytime, anyplace…who needs to be aware?
    the internet is the one bright spot in this whole thing, we can at least talk about the truth!
    i dont know if youve ever heard of jr nyquist, but he recently wrote an excellent article on how rome basically entertained itself to death…
    of course the irony of this whole thing is that the average guy on the street is funding the deployment and implementation of the new world order…
    yes, it speaks volumes about how much power we REALLY have…i mean, we can talk about it, and disseminate the truth, but the REALLY BIG money is behind the globalists…
    take 9/11 for an example…there are some obvious inconsistencies in the “official” story…but they dont care…
    because they know that even if someone says something
    *what are you gonna do about it?*
    they made their move, because they have a plan A, B, C, and D.
    if we zig, they zag…
    these scenarios have been researched and engineered in the ivy league think tanks since the 1950s…

  5. Go Dreeemland08 so right, Debbie such truth, Lynn a powerpoint of prayer? For these times we have been appointed, we are it!! Is Prayer not the most powerful voice we have? We must breakthrough the strongholds so the people have ears to hear the Only One who can save us, save us from the coming events, but moreover save the eternal souls of individuals dumbed and silenced by the entities which hover; we live in a Spiritual Battle daily, Praise The Holy One He Alone is Worthy and He has not left us alone; Our Saviour Lord Jesus Prays for us. Saints arise and Believe what He has written, take it literally, put on the armor of God, go out with a voice that cannot be silenced…He Reigns!!!

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