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This Crazy World… Bojinka!

Posted by lamarzulli on December 3, 2008

atom-bombThere is so much that is happening in the world today that the news cycles about every 12 hours. Already the Mumbai massacres have faded from front page news and was barely mentioned yesterday on several television news casts. I have found out that many of the victims who were slaughtered by the terrorists, were tortured beyond recognition, according to doctors who examined the bodies. In fact the Jews at the Chabad center were tortured in ways, in which the doctor, who was being interviewed, did not want to describe, as they were so horrific he didn’t want to bring them to mind again. 

          I have also received emails saying that the terrorists were in fact part of a US plot to start a nuclear war between India, and Pakistan. Of course there is not a scintilla of evidence that supports this, only someone blogging somewhere and trying to tie Mumbai, into the conspiracy stuff of 911.

         Terrorism is real. All one has to do is go to Tehran every Friday and hear the thousands of Iranians, assembled there, chant, “Death to America! Death to Israel!” Of course somebody will wright me and inform me that I’m misinformed. That these rallies of hate, don’t really happen there. That Jihad is only a personal struggle and not the call to slaughter innocents, that occurred in Mumbai, and Bali, and the Kohbar Towers, and the underground in Britain and on and on and on. 

        The tenants of Islam seem to breed this kind of unmitigated hate. It is interesting that the Jews at the Chabad Center, in Mumbai, were especially targeted. At all cost, kill the Jews. One of the woman who was killed was five months pregnant….

         The president of Iran has gone on the record numerous times saying that Israel should be wiped off the map. With ranting like his, what are we to think? Hitler ranted in a similar way in Mein Kamph – which by the way translates as, My Struggle, which many believe is what Jihad, means. The last time we heard this rhetoric 50 million people perished in WWII. 

        One of the master minds of the 911 attacks, according to the book, 1000 Years for Revenge, devised a plot that was named Bojinka. It was called this because this was the sound that a bomb made just before it went off. The terrorists had planned to hi-jack a dozen planes and explode them over the Atlantic.

        One dynamic is for sure. Jihad is alive and well and the hate that radical Islam seems to foster, has once again reared its ugly head. When will those of us in the west learn and understand that those who hold to radical Islam do not want to co-exist. Islam, as many of its own followers have claimed, needs a reformation. The problem is this, how can a religion that was founded, on the sword somehow, reform itself to be what it has been erroneously called, a religion of peace? Where are the moderates? Why are their voices silent?

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6 Responses to “This Crazy World… Bojinka!”

  1. Dan said

    How do we resolve this? To Islam, anyone who is not of the faith is not a human being, but on the level of a cow or pig. So with no guilt, they feel their god says it is OK to kill billions, if necessary, since they are hated by their god anyway. This is a tribal culture religion from the dark ages that is trying to regress the entire planet to their level. Certainly, in past times CHristianity in Europe was responsible for many atrocities (often over being Catholic versus Protestant or Jewish), but those times are gone. Christianity has grown for most people beyond that crude level. What do we do with another religion that hasn’t?

    Islam reminds me of a scene from the movie INDEPENDENCE DAY. An alien has been captured and is in a medical lab in Area 51. The President of the USA is looking at the medical lab through glass, and the alien has taken control of the lab doctor’s vocal cords. The President makes his politically correct inquires about how we could all get along, and learn from each other. The President then asks what we (humans) can do to stop the aliens from destroying our cities. The alien replied “DIE!” What was this, Islam-in-space? A chilling metaphor.

  2. Lynn,
    yes, this new jihad has effectively commandeered islam and transformed it into a killing machine…

    we are now facing a new form of mind-controlled army that take their instructions from the very pit of hell…
    we have allowed this to happen, weve known about the endless propaganda on al-jazeera for a long, long time now… but now we see the endless propaganda come to fruition… al-jazeera is churning out a continous supply of mindless jihad clones…

    i can tell you that muslims see any kind of Christian faith, forbearance and trust- as weakness…
    when they wipe us out they say it is because of our own naivetè…
    and we are naive…because we dont understand the muslim mindset…
    Mohammed taught his followers to trick and betray the infidel…by whatever means are necessary…
    we are merely sitting ducks…

    and within our american borders, muslim churches are either directly teaching jihad, or they are contributing financially to charities which are fronts for terrorism…

    unfortunately, the only thing a bully understands is brute force…weve got to call the their bluff…
    but apparently this country has lost its resolve to do so…

    lucifers game plan is to wipe out the jews and the Christians…yeah i can feel it coming…

  3. The Jihadists are bringing to the forefront once again that what we believe is EXTREMELY important! Belief is shaped by patterns of thought. So, if our thinking is off, our belief system will automatically be flawed. Our belief system frames and defines our worldview. Radical Islam is based on wrong thinking, wrong believing, wrong speaking, which results in wrong actions. It is all connected. Fascinating!

    Make no mistake, you CANNOT reason or negotiate with any group that doesn’t view you as worthy of living. These people HATE the West, they hate Christians, and they hate the Jews! They will not be satisfied with anything less than eliminating the “infidel.”

    Dr. Marzulli,you said it right, this CRAZY world!


  4. John B said

    The muslim morality is steeped in a self righteousness which is zealously powered by the religious spirit. that spirit as no boundaries, and of necessity require the use of the political in order to fulfill its Babylonish blood shedding objectives. we must remember that any “religious” system outside of the “righteousness of God” has always been violent in its manifestation, this can be traced to Cain who murdered righteous Able. (Spiritual Babylon) will have an important role in the end time luciferrian plan. We need to pray and be watchful as Babylon is also ecumenical and will have the New world Order as her puppet. ww.myspace.com/No_Hell John B

  5. easykeeper said

    Has anyone here read the book EVERLASTING HATRED by Hal Lindsey?
    A must read to understand the roots of Islam, and its agenda.
    Check it out…you WILL understand it all then.

  6. Carl said

    Mr. Marzulli,

    I have been a great fan of yours and will continue to be but you have made certain statements espousing the propaganda that our country gives out as news. Yes these people in Mumbai were terrorists but do we know who trained them, who was in charge and who hired them. There have been many instances as I am sure you know when countries and secret agengies such as the CIA, ISI, Mossad etc. create false flag or black ops attacks and blame them on others. For example the London bombings were done from the inside as was 9/11. Bombs were exploded from undearneath the buses on 7/7 just as bombs brought down the WTC buildings. Can we really believe everything we read or see from the corporate paid and fascist main stream media? Of course not. Governments lie and it is a fact of life. It would be good to open your eyes and your heart to that possibility and to investigate the facts beforehand. Do many of these countries want Isreal wiped off the map? Absolutely. But the Zionist leaders in Isreal’s Government has an agenda that differs from the true hebrewic Jews. They want war and for America to fight its battles for it. That to me is unexceptable. We give more monet to Isreal then all Arab states in the gulf and in most instances do waht their lobbyist say to do. I will pray that nothing happens to Isreal or any other country for that matter. America needs to stay home and take care of its people for a change. We are broke and won’t be able to help ourselves soon.


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