Day 5: The War Continues… What about Iran?

ahmedinejhadMahmoud Amedinejhad has been the master of vitriol against Israel ever since he took office. With statements like, “Israel is a withered tree soon to be uprooted and thrown into the sea,” or, “Israel is a cancer that is soon to be irradiated,” there is not much wiggle room for detente or negotiations. Iran has called for all Muslims to rise up against Israel and defend their Palestinian brothers. So far we have heard lots of rhetoric but not much action on the part of the Iranians, Syria or Libya. Frankly, I hope that this war doesn’t escalate, but I will continue to monitor it from here. As of this post Israel continues it’s operations in Gaza. They are trying to destroy the tunnel system that honeycombs Gaza and which serves as the command post and center of operations for HAMAS.

           I received a comment yesterday pointing to the idea that somehow the Israeli war is being controlled by the CFR and that Israel is just a pawn of the United States and the Global cabal to take over the world. While there are elements of this that may be true, surely we can agree that the current war, that is taking place is in direct response to the rockets that are launched, most often from civilian houses, by HAMAS. I fail to see the conspiracy here. HAMAS has sworn that it will never recognize the state of Israel, period. Iran, and it’s proxy Hezbollah have echoed this decree innumerable times. Israel is responding to months of rocket barrages by HAMAS. The person who posted the comment then referred to Jeff Rense’s site. Rense is anti-Semitic and all one has to do is land on the site to see the hate and bigotry directed toward the Jews. Interestingly enough, I am no longer welcome on that show, although I was a guest a few years back. Most likely the reason for this is that I hold to a Christian world view and part of the view is the belief in Biblical prophecy, which centers around Israel. That being said, there is a dynamic that is being set in motion here that the natural man can never understand. There are supernatural forces that are at work in that part of the world. There is the Mystery of Lawlessness, that Paul warns us about, that is at work to bring about the man of sin, or the Anti Christ. I am often asked if we are in the time when the Anti Christ will be revealed. The short answer to this is yes. That being said, I do believe that there is a conspiracy but it is a Luciferian or Satanic one that is pushing this area of the world into conflict and this was prophesied thousands of years ago. We will see if Iran and it’s neighbor Syria join the fray and are then backed by the Russians. Are we about to see the fulfillment of the Ezekiel war? At some point in time this prophecy of Ezekiel will be fulfilled. When this happens it will create what I believe one of the most unsettling times in all of history. Will this be the trigger that sets off supernatural events that I have written extensively about in Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural? Will we see the manifestation of the supernatural? Only time will tell….

The War in Gaza: Iran and Hezbollah next?

hezbollah2The War in Gaza is now in its fourth day with no end in sight. Today in Iran, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said, “Israel has committed war crimes in Gaza which will lead to definite annihilation of the regime.” Of course it doesn’t matter that Hamas has launched hundreds if not thousands of rockets into Israel over the years with Israel doing nothing in return. In doing so, they have created an atmosphere of terror in the border town of Sderot, so much so that ten year olds are wetting themselves in bed at night. According to reports, the children who attend schools in Sderot have about 15 seconds to get into shelters when the air-raid sirens go off. And let’s not forget the hostage situation in which Hamas has held an Israeli soldier captive for months. It’s important to remember that both Hamas and Hezbollah have declared that they will never recognize the state of Israel. Both Hamas & Hezbollah are funded and armed by Iran. Iran is the second country that is named in the Ezekiel prophecy. Are we looking at the beginning of that prophecy being fulfilled?

      Someone posted that the Palestinians deserve a homeland. I would point out that the entire region was at one time under the Ottoman Empire and when Germany lost, the old Ottoman Empire went down with it. The countries of Iraq, Syria, Trans-Jordan and Israel were created. The Jews were actually given more land then they have at the present time, but some of it was taken away from them. There is no such ethnic group as a Palestinian. There is no Palestinian language, culture, or any other distinction that would define this group as being different from the rest of the Arab world. A case could be made that the population of Jordan, which is over 75% ‘Palestinian,’ is, in fact, the Palestinian homeland.

While proponents of the two state solution tell us that land for peace will work, all we have to do is look at the present situation to see what a farce this is. Israel gave back Gaza several years ago and within 24 hours the mortar fire started across the border and has not stopped since. Land for peace will not work. The vitriol and hatred toward Israel is off the charts, in that Iran, Hezbollah & Hamas want the destruction of Israel. They also use the word holocaust and direct it toward Israel, when any of their soldiers are killed. This use of the word is both insulting and pejorative, in that it demeans the real horrors of WWII and what the Nazi’s did to the Jews. As we see the saber rattling intensify and with Israel about to launch a full ground invasion of Gaza, the question remains, will we see Iran and Hezbollah join the fray? Will the Russians agree to assist them? Is this the hook in the jaw that Ezekiel tells us will happen. I’ll be posting throughout the day, so keep checking back.pps-small2

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UPDATE: From the DEBKA FILE [Be sure to read today’s BLOG below]


Israel’s crucial Gaza invasion is ready to go after three-day air assault

DEBKAfile Special Analysis

December 29, 2008, 9:10 PM (GMT+02:00)

Israeli tanks stand by for order to go

Israeli tanks stand by for order to go

DEBKAfile‘s military sources report that, after being knocked sideways by three days of massive Israeli air strikes, and more than 315 dead, Hamas appeared to have recovered its bearings sufficiently to pound Israel with more than 70 Qassam missiles and two Grad Katyusha rockets Monday, Dec. 29, on Day 3 of the operation.

Its spokesmen again reject a ceasefire. Among the 100 targets struck by Israeli bombers was a Hamas truck loaded with Grad rockets for distribution to rocket crews. The trucke blew up in Jebalya in northern Gaza.

Its tacticians pin their hopes on the overcast, rainy conditions forecast for the rest of the week to slow Israeli air attacks, delay an incursion, and further intensify their cross-border missile onslaught.

Monday, their missile crews focused on the Israeli towns of Ashkelon, Sderot, Netivot and the Eshkol farming region just across the border. One Israeli construction worker was killed at an Ashkelon building site and 18 injured when a Grad slammed into a half-finished building.

The Palestinian terrorists are now about to again broaden the radius of their attacks by launching their new Iranian rockets against the important towns of Beersheba, Ashdod and Kiryat Gat.

Among the 100 targets struck by Israeli bombers was a Hamas truck loaded with Grad rockets for distribution to rocket crews. The truck blew up in Jebalya in northern Gaza.

The planners of the Israeli air offensive turned Monday to “second-tier” targets, such as Hamas’ political offices and wings of the Islamic University in Gaza City, afterits high-profile leaders went into hiding in the underground bunker network designed by an Iranian general deep under the surface of the Gaza Strip.

They can only be dug out by special forces and armored units on the ground.

The crucial battle of Gaza is therefore still to come, as indicated by Israel’s deputy chief of staff Maj. Gen. Israel Harel, when he warned Monday that the hardest part of the campaign is still ahead.

Prime minister Ehud Olmert, defense minister Ehud Barak and foreign minister Tzipi Livni conferred in Tel Aviv Monday night to determine the next phase of the Gaza offensives.

Hizballah’s Hassan Nasrallah told a mass rally in Beirut Monday that Hamas’ most effective weapon is time; by holding out, it can wear Israel down and prevail.

He was using the 2006 Lebanon war as an analogy for the Gaza campaign. Then, a massive Israeli offensive in the first days of the war failed to break Hizballah, By sustaining the blasting of its cities, the Lebanese terrorists ultimately cancelled out Israel’s gains.

He may not have realized that Israel’s defense minister and chief of staff were both appointed after that debacle. Their most important guideline was to learn from its lessons.

Hamas’ trouble is the lack of a conspicuous war leader. Its politburo chief Khaled Meshaal is visible but because he is based in Damascus away from the action, he does not carry much clout. The flamboyant Hizballah leader, Nasrallah, appears to have appointed himself senior strategist.

So far, this Tehran-sponsored Lebanese Shiite leader is making his mark verbally, but his repeated fiery rhetoric day after day aims at goading Iran and Syria, Hamas’ avowed patrons, into intervening in the Gaza crisis to rescue Hamas, so dragging in the other Arab governments.

War in Gaza: A prelude to Ezekiel 38?

war-israel1I choose this picture because it is from as story that I posted several weeks ago. That dynamic, of an Israeli air-strike on Iran, has not gone away, as the Iranians move closer to obtaining a nuclear weapon, with every passing day. The Iranian situation has not been dealt with and at some point the Israeli’s will have to confront them.

Now, war has erupted in Gaza, which is no surprise as the Israeli’s have had enough of the almost daily rocket attacks, that come across the border. They have responded with air-strikes and it looks like we may see a full scale ground operation today. 

        Here’s a perspective on what is going on. Hamas has repeatedly declared that they will not recognize the state of Israel. They have continually fired rockets into Israeli border towns, specifically Sderot, and have shown utter contempt for the peace process. They have also hidden their rocket launchers in civilian houses, thus using civilians as shields. I could go on, but I think you get the point. As I have BLOGGED about in the past, any other country in the world, being subjected to daily rocket attacks, would have declared war on it’s neighbor and put a stop to the aggression. Can you imagine if Mexico began firing rockets into Texas? Do we think for a minute that the United States would do nothing? Yet somehow there is a double standard when Israel says it has had enough and defends itself. I also find it interesting that Russia has weighed in, calling for the Israeli’s to stop the offensive.

          Ayatolah Khameini, the highest Imam in Iran, has issued a Fatwa [decree] calling for Muslims to rise up and defend the Palestinians against Israel. And so it goes. The moment Israel reacts, they are immediately portrayed as the aggressors by the Muslim street. Never mind that for months they have been bombarded by rocket fire from Gaza. This reflects the ongoing mind set, that Israel has no right to exist, therefore any aggression by the Israeli’s is used as an excuse to unite the entire Muslim world against it.  

         For those of us who follow prophecy, the bigger question we should be asking is this a prelude to the Ezekiel war? Over the weekend thousands of Iranians assembled, in Tehran and shouted the usual, Death to America! Death to Israel! Will Iran enter the fray? What about Syria with its 10,000 troops still amassed, on the Lebanese border? Then there’s Hezbollah with almost 100,000 rockets aimed at Israel, will they too join up in some sort of a coordinated attack against Israel? One thing is for certain, the unmitigated hatred of Israel by Iran, Hamas, Hezbollah and others knows no bounds. As I have stated repeatedly there will be an all out war, in the Middle East that will result in Israel using its nuclear weapons to defend itself. This was written in prophetic form almost 2600 years ago. We see the specific nations, Russia and Iran, that are listed in this prophecy lining up against Israel. I’ll pose the question again. Is this the prelude to the Ezekiel war? I will be giving updates in this BLOG throughout the conflict.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem….

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I need some time off ….

book-cover24 I need a break and so will not be BLOGGING again until after the 1st of the year. Thanks to all of you who have responded with your pithy comments. You make this BLOG challenging and fun….

Thanks to all of you who have bought our books.

May the true spirit of Christmas be with you all throughout the year.


L. A. Marzulli

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Maitreya…Not again!

maitreyaOver the weekend  I received several posts regarding the man to the left, otherwise known as Maitreya. He came on the scene in 1982 with full page adds in the Los Angeles Times, New York Times. London times. He caused quite a stir, as the headlines boldly proclaimed, “The Christ is now here!” The ad went on to say that the Imam Mahdi, that Moslem’s are waiting for – only the Shia sect of Islam believes this – had arrived, as well as the final Buddha, the long awaited Messiah of the Jews, and finally the second coming of Christ. In other words Maitreya was the fulfillment of  what the religions of the world were supposedly waiting for. The ad also proclaimed that soon, Maitreya would communicate with all the people on the planet via mental telepathy… I don’t recall that happening and this kind of false prophecy smacks of the stuff that comes from Blossom Goodchild and Prophet Yahweh. The spokes-hole for Maitreya is Benjamin Creme, who has been on the lecture circuit promoting Maitreya. You can check out the website @      

          I’ve been following Maitreya/Creme since 1982 and for the most part, nothing new has happened. I also read somewhere, that Creme was first approached about Maitreya, when he was picked up in a Limo and, in the back was an alien being, that communicated with him about Maitryea and his mission to the world. I’ve been trying to track the authenticity of that story and so far have not been able to do so. Of course if it’s true it would it would tie in nicely to my theory about the return of the Nephilim and the coming Great Deception. Here’s another site to check out it discusses the roots of Benjamin Creme and Maitreya.

          So why  should we care? Here are some points to consider. Maitreya is getting some favorable press and there are those that are willing to believe he is the appearance of the “Christ.” [Christ is from the Greek word, Christos, which means anointed one]. In my opinion we need to consider that this man is a type of Anti-Christ or false Christ. Isn’t it interesting that the Bible warns us that in the end-of-days there would be a one world religious system. Are we about to see some display of supernatural events by Maitreya, which would dazzle the masses into a false belief in him. Would he emerge after the coming war in the Middle East, [which by the way is escalating as the Russians delivered the anti missile defense system, to the Iranians over the weekend] declaring himself as the long awaited Messiah? Would he boast of an alien connection that Creme seems to have been connected with in 1982? Will this be another false flag and nothing will happen as in the cases of Goodchild & Prophet Yahweh? We’ll keep a eye on it and report when and if something happens. In the meantime, the world seems to be inching toward a full blown war in the Middle East.

        Here’s what we need to remember. This coming war has been building up for sometime now. Both sides know that it is inevitable. I find it interesting that we are hearing again of Maitreya after decades of relative quiet. Are supernatural forces picking up on things that we know nothing about? Are we about to enter in to the time of Jacob’s Trouble? One thing I know is this, like all false prophets, Maitreya will ‘betray ya!’

Nephilim – Alien Hybrids….

alien-priestWe’ve had lots of feedback concerning the abduction phenomena and the so-called alien/human hybrids. One thing I want to clear up is this. Some of you have been taught that angels do not have sex. This is misleading as the quote that is referenced is taken from Jesus’ words, in which he states: …You will be as the angels in heaven who neither marry or are given in marriage….

The text doesn’t state that angels are sexless, only that they are not given in marriage. If we go to the Genesis 6 account, which admittedly has caused division in the church because of its explosive nature, we find that the sons of God took to them wives of whomever they choose. This begs the question what or whom are the son’s of God. This might be old territory for some of you, as I’ve both BLOGGED and written about this in both my novels and non-fiction works. The nutshell of the argument is this. If the sons of God is somehow interpreted as the ungodly line of Cain then how in the world do we get the second reappearance in scripture, in Numbers 13, which tells us that the Nephilim were once again sighted? As Dr. I. D. E. Thomas has pointed out in his ground-breaking tome, The Omega Conspiracy, the idea that the sons of God were the ungodly line of Cain is just torturing the text, plain and simple. The sons of God comes from the words, B’nai HaElohim and throughout the O. T. refers to angels. What’s more is that we have other books, The Book of Enoch, The writings of Josephus, The book of Jubilees and other books that argue for the fallen angel interpretation of the sons of God.      

          As I mentioned in an earlier post, Jesus makes it very clear that, in the days of Noah so it will be when the son of man returns. [See earlier BLOG] So what differentiates that time from any other? In my opinion it is the c0-mingling of the fallen angels with the women of earth. This is where the division theologically occurs. It speaks of something that most peole can’t get their heads around. Admittedly it is a bizarre account in scripture, nevertheless to ignore it, or try to clean it up, does us an even a greater disservice.

           That being said, the present day abduction phenomena mirrors the Genesis account. Women are being taken, and then genetic material is taken from them. Often, they find themselves pregnant, only to find that in the third month the fetus is taken from them.

           The Fallen Ones are doing the same abominable co-mingling that resulted in the flood. I believe we are in the ‘days of Noah’ and that we will see the revealing of the so-called Extraterrestrial presence before to long. As Dr. Jacobs and others who have delved into the abduction phenomena stated, there is a vigorous breeding program. Are we living in the time where we will see some of these hybrids fully integrated in our society? Will these hybrids be regarded as superior to normal humans because of their alien connection?


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