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India Reeling After Terror Attacks:

Posted by lamarzulli on November 28, 2008

This is from the November Monthly News Magazine:

As most of you know, the city of Mumbai, in India was attacked last week and the death toll, as of this writing, had reached over 120. The attack has been attributed to Muslim extremists who, without provocation, stormed the Taj Mahal palace and Tower hotel. They were armed with AK47’s and hand grenades.

         I have been on radio shows where the host refused to acknowledge the extreme element of the Muslim faith. In Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural, I make a cogent argument that terrorism is a real threat. There are those who travel in the conspiracy of 911, that it was a USA government inside job – a false flag operation by operatives who wanted to start a war. They point to the collapse of Building #7, which I will admit I have problems with. They also use the Pentagon’s lack of debris, as another example that what crashed into the Pentagon was not a plane, but a missile.

         Now what are we to think with the current crises that is unfolding in Mumbai? Are we to think that this is another false flag OP? That sinister forces are at work to bring about another war? In a recent BLOG, The Luciferian Dialectic, I propose that there are forces that are at work. I use the statement that was penned almost 2000 years ago, that says,


 The Mystery of Iniquity is at work…


          Let’s not forget that although this satanic force is at work, we cannot be ignorant of the fact, that there is an element of terrorism, in this world. Was the bombing of the USS Cole, a false flag OP? What about the buildings that were bombed in Saudi Arabia, the Cobar Towers? Hundreds of Americans lost their lives in that horrific attack. Today’s news has pinpointed the attackers, to have come from Pakistan. This complicates the tenuous relationship that India and Pakistan has had for years. There is talk on the Net that this may lead to a nuclear response from India. I find that hard to imagine.

        While the Indians will respond in some manner, let us hope that cool heads will prevail. The attacks by these radical, Muslim, thugs are absolutely unconscionable. To kill someone, in cold blood, without provocation is Barbary at its worst. On the heels of this, has been reports that another attack has been planned for the subway system in New York City. With the attacks in Mumbai, it is a reminder that this fanaticism, which Islam seems to foster, must be stopped and eradicated at whatever the cost. I have said this before and I will close with it now. Where are the moderate Muslims who are denouncing this? They seem to be very quiet, as usual.





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18 Responses to “India Reeling After Terror Attacks:”

  1. Sally said

    The terrorists within Islam appear to have taken over the religion like gangsters, and everyone who is moderate is afraid to speak. If they speak out against it, their children or grandchildren will be blown up. I suspect that is the fear that is keeping more rational minds within Islam from speaking up. There is really no equivalent within Christianity that I can think of, unless it is some fanatical militia group that says it is Christian but is composed of White Supremacists. But such people have no power to shut up everyone else in the Christian faith. I just think that moderate Islam followers are so afraid of these truly insane fanatics that they cannot speak. I remember a few years ago, someone wrote a book against Islam and a contract was put out on him by some Islamic Preacher. Then there were the cartoons that made fun of Muhammed. The newspaper and cartoonist were immediately subject to death threats. There is nothing like this in Christianity, although some individual Christians are certainly hot heads. Anyone who would bomb a Family Planning Center, for example, is a murderer, regardless of their pro-life views.

  2. nimbus said

    Sally, the closest analogy would be Nazism. The Nazis were never the majority, they were at most maybe 30% of the population, but once they were in power, moderate Germans did not dare speak up, for the exact same reasons. I believe the comparison with Nazism or Communism is more apt than Christianity, since Islam Sharia is a much more all encompassing political/ideological system, than Christianity, which is subject to separation of Church and State.

  3. Kurt said

    In reading the Quran, and hearing people who left Islam speak, you have to come to the conclusion that those who are fanatical are merely following the teachings of Islam to the letter.

    Islam is not a religion of peace…has not ever been…and never will be. As to Lynn stating that it some hosts refuse to acknowledge it’s extreme elements, I have a story to tell:

    Earlier this evening, I was listening to the BBC World Service, and their take on the Mumbai bombings. The anchor, in what was a baldfaced lie, stated that Islam means “peace”. Islam actually means “submission”, and its followers are attempting to bring the rest of the world into submission to Allah.

    The political correctness and willful ignorance of the truth in the mainstream media and abroad is as startling and scary as the agenda of Islam itself.

  4. lynn,
    yes its true that these acts are unconscionable… yes, muslim jihad is the new nazi-ism…
    in order to understand this, we must step outside of our western concepts of good and evil…
    and face this new kind of evil…
    yes, it is unquestionably demonic at its roots and origins…
    it is a political movement, powered by hell… it is the vanguard for anti-christ…
    the bible says of the antichrist that he will not have normal affection…

    and you are exactly right, the media turns a blind eye to the murderous elements of islam…
    right now as of this moment, the jihadists are the useful idiots for antichrist…
    we cannot yet SEE antichrist, in the conventional sense, but we can see the mystery of iniquity in action…

    we can see the spirit of the son of perdition orchestrating each event from behind the scenes~

  5. joe said

    Sally, you mentioned in your earlier post,

    “Anyone who would bomb a Family Planning Center, for example, is a murderer, regardless of their pro-life views.”

    While I agree with that, I also should mention that the terminology “Family Planning Center” is a misnomer. If a person goes to one of these they would recognize that it should read “The Destruction of the Family-Center”. They do not chart one’s future regarding how many children and what color their eyes will be and what year a woman will have each child. While I do not agree with twisted minds bombing clinics, more people should get active and volunteer in a “Crisis Pregnancy Center” where women have the opportunity to know Christ and have the opportunity to see their unborn little baby in the womb on a sonogram instead of murdered in a “Family Planning Center”. There is a difference.

    Regarding being a “moderate”… it means going with the flow, going with the popular or easy way out. In the end though it can lead to destruction. Being a moderate sounds like one cannot make a decision, sitting on the fence, and living in a gray area. Decisions aren’t made in gray areas, they are made in black or white. In the last election we saw where “being a moderate”(reaching across the isle) got us here in the U.S. a “far left liberal”. The dems’ will not reach across the isle. Islam will be coming to our shores sooner than you think. Listen to some of Steve Quayles interviews on his Qfiles on the net for more info.

  6. Sally said

    Well, I have been to a Family Planning Center to learn about birth control methods and experimenting with what works best for me, since the conventional pill gives my body a sense of being constantly pregnant. I would wake up each day with morning sickness and throw up!! So the Family Planning Center was very kind and caring in helping me find a birth control method that works. Such centers are not just abortion clinics. In fact, I don’t think the center I went to did any abortions at all.

    I don’t think being a moderate means you won’t make a decision or sit on a fence necessarily. It just means that you don’t want either extreme of the so called right or left. It means you can see both points of view, but find a compromise in the middle that works for everyone, or almost everyone. Often the proposals of either right or left work for them at the expense of someone else.

    We will see how left/liberal Obama is. If he can fix our horrible health system, then I don’t care if he is a commie! My mother had to file bankruptcy because she had cancer and could not afford the treatments she needed to stay alive! So they foreclosed on her house, and all her savings were depleted. Meanwhile, the US government spends billions to kill people in Iraq. Our priorities are really messed up. I think we need universal health care and to stop this madness of making people file bankruptsy to stay alive. If that makes me a leftist or liberal, so be it. Pain and suffering know no ideology, they just need to end. I hope Obama can pull it off. We visited relatives in Greece 2 years ago. My son became very sick and so my sister took him to her clinic in Athens. He was treated FOR FREE. Evidently, this “third world country” has free medical health coverage for all citizens and their dependents. It was like going to heaven. He received much better care than he would have received in a US ER, that’s for sure!
    Well, that is my particular soap box.

  7. Sally said

    With all due respect for taste, I’ve listened to Steve Quayle, and he comes across to me as a fear monger who always sees the worst possible scenario in every situation, and seems to just make up emergency situations that never happen. I actually wonder if he is mentally balanced. On Coast to Coast, he said that there are 2 12 foot dragons locked up under the Vatican? THIS is the man you give credibility? Sorry, I don’t.

  8. regardless of the EXACT sequence of scenarios that eventually transpire…
    GOD will have fullfilled EVERY jot and twittle of EVERY prophecy…as he promised…
    and just like the pharisees thought they knew SO MUCH about the Word of God during Jesus life,
    they were publicly made a fool of, and it was shouted from the rooftops…ya see wat im sayin?
    the popular interpretations of the day were no match for GOD, who can turn time and space inside out in order to accomplish his purpose, doubt it not…
    the pharisees knew that Jesus promised to resurrect from the dead, and they did everything that was humanly possible to stop it… but how do you stop the angels of God?
    sooooo…what people dont realize is that prophetic scripture is encrypted by the Holy Spirit and NOTHING can break that code… except the Holy Spirit…
    also, God can slipstream the enemy by accelerating even time and space in order to fulfill his Word…

    Jesus could return in the next FIVE MINUTES…its up to the Father…

    humans are mere blades of grass in the morning sun…
    the grass withers, the flower fades, but the Word of God stands forvever :)

  9. joe said

    Sally, you are more than welcomed to permanently visit another country and the sooner the better if you think this country is so d*#! messed up. We will have to agree to disagree.

  10. Sally said

    Joe, your response was crude and childish. If you cannot argue points rationally, then don’t even bring them up. Anyone who has had interaction with the US Health Care System knows it is a disaster. The only rational reason to defend it is because you just like defending private corporate elitist profits. Fine. I prefer to care about people. So in that sense, I guess we do agree to disagree. But leave the stale mindless “love it or leave it” statements back in the 1960’s when Nixon’s “Silent Majority” was taught to mouth such slogans at people who dared to question the Viet Nam war. My dad was killed in that war.

  11. John B said

    Sally; Sally, I am an Australian, what I know about Obama is that he is marxist, he has no Christian spirit, he is pro-abortion ,pro-Gay; these are 2 of the most detestable sins before Almighty God (the man who sheds innocent Blood and sodomy, an abomination before the Lord) Do some research on Karl marx The Spirit presently on Obama was on Marx. That Spirit is murdering Christian brothers and sisters presently in China.
    http://www.myspace.com/No_Hell the Lord Bless you Dear Sally ,sorry about your Dad John B

  12. lynn
    i think youve mentioned where the bible says that “unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved…but for the sake of the elect, God has shortened the days”… (mark 13:20)

    i believe that this refers to a “warping” of the time space continuum…wherein the actual fabric of time will be accelerated…do you think are we in that period now?

    now, as to trying to second guess the luciferian strategy and intelligence behind world events such as terrorist attacks, satan is WAAAAAYYY ahead of us…i mean as far as us being humans… his intelligence far surpasses ours, and lucifer is the master human behavioral analyst and predictor… lucifer has been studying human behaviour for thousands of years, so he knows every trick in the book… so Jesus is referring to a time when satan will have honed his murderous skills to perfection, and God would have to shorten time in order for people to survive…

    yeah, when i first heard about building number seven, i was skeptical too…now i know that there are obvious inconsistencies in the “official” story…
    hehe but the funny thing is that say for example the other day i was talking to a friend of mine who is in seminary and he just laughed at me when i brought up building 7…he just told me:
    “aw jim youve been watching too many youtube videos!” :) hehe

  13. Christine said

    I had to take world religions for a college unit. They were teaching us how “peaceful” Islam is. I listened for a few days and couldn’t take it anymore. I posted a couple of hyperlinks to newspaper articles where fathers and brothers had killed the girls in their family for dating someone outside their religion. Also, for killing a son for converting to another faith. Any religion that condones such horrendous acts is not a peaceful religion! I think there is a deliberate warping of the minds in this country through the media and school system. They are so bent on teaching us tolerance that they are ignoring the bare facts. Unfortunately, a lot of us are going with the flow. Who is going to decide how we think about these issues, us or the mainstream? We should be individuals and decide for ourselves. I do believe we are entering a time when we will have to decide what is more important to us. Will it be to have food, medicine, homes, ect., or to follow our faith in God. In the very near future, following our faith in God may mean giving up our needs and depending on God for them. Depending on the government for them may cost us our souls!

  14. Christine said

    One other thing, I have heard that the antichrist will be a man without natural affection. I have also heard that it may mean he is homosexual. This could be the reason for the world wide move of the homosexual agenda. If it is accepted throughout the world, then he would be easier accepted.

  15. christine,
    yeah i agree with what you said about antichrist not having natural affection for women…(daniel)
    i believe that the homosexual movement is really the spirit of the mystery of iniquity at work…
    the reason that the gay movement has so much momentum right now is because God said it would during these end times…
    So yeah, God is allowing lucifer to have this moment…because its in his prophetic Word!

  16. Jason said

    Well, with 1 of every 2 marriages ending in divorce in the USA within 5 years, it seems to me that there’s something wrong with our natural affection also nowadays! 50% of marriages end in 5 years! Think of that next time you feel all sanctimonious about marriage as an institution. However, I think gay people should be tagged and put in concentration camps with cameras to ensure none of them have sex ever again with each other. This would be protecting society and them from their own lusts. The camps could be clean and nice, with access to Broadway music and Judy Garland records. Maybe like lepers used to be quarantined, gays could be all put on an island, like Fire Island in New York or some US protectorate in the Pacific under military guard.

  17. Sally said

    Dang, my last post had my husband’s name in it, so it is subject to moderation first. I wanted to add that if all gay people were rounded up, then they could be healed with Christian ex-gay therapy, which I understand works. It could be possible then to create couples of ex gays and ex Lesbians and marry them. Once healed and married, they could return to society from the concentration camp. That’s my solution. Tough love!!!

  18. Sally said

    I just want to close by saying that I believe most marriages fail because the woman does not submit to her husband as the Bible says. My husband is the boss in our household, and his word goes. At times I disagree, and on rare occasions have had the dark blue bruises from him to remind me of my place. However, it is a marriage of love under God. In that vein, he does not want me to comment here any more. He thinks that he should be the spokesman on such issues for our family and to decide when to do so. Since he does not agree with Lynn’s UFO Deception theory (he thinks Lynn is crazy and that UFO’s are just aliens or military) he wants us to stop being here.

    So goodbye to everyone.

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