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Mumbai Terror!

Posted by lamarzulli on November 27, 2008

Mumbai Terror Attack Updates Day 2


November 27, 2008, 2:04 PM (GMT+02:00)

– Indian forces poised to storm two hotels and Chabad center where terrorists are holding hostages, including Israelis.

– Israel-India flights continue on schedule. One carried a group of Israeli doctors for Mumbai.

– The Islamist terrorists attacking Mumbai for the second day came from outside the country.

– Indian security sources report many Israeli hostages in the Oberoi Hotel, which the terrorists still control amid sustained gunfire in the lobby.

– Heavy battles resume in the Taj Palace Hotel.

– Indian naval troops board the MV Alpha freighter suspected of having sailed the terrorists to Mumbai’s shore from Karachi, Pakistan.

– Anti-tanks missiles handed out to Indian commando force battling terrorists at Taj Palace hotel.

– Indian general: Four or five terrorists inside Chabad Center.

– Islamist shooting attacks and blasts spread to southern Mumbai away from the hotel district —

– Terrorists hurl grenades at Indian forces surrounding Chabad Center and the Oberoi hotel.

– Fighting flares up anew in the Taj Palace Hotel said to have been cleared Thursday. Some hostages escaped and many bodies were found in guests’ rooms.

– Terrorists are still holed up at the Oberoi Hotel and Chabad Center with hostages, including Israelis, under police-commando siege.

– A loud explosion at the Oberoi Hotel as some of the hundreds of hostages escape.

– A woman and child held at Chabad center came out of the building.

– The Mumbai stock exchange stays shut.

– Police sappers defuse bombs containing RDX strewn across the town.

– International airlines cancel flights to the beleaguered Indian town.

-The terrorists wear elite military unit uniforms. Each has an automatic rifle, grenades and military-style kit.

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3 Responses to “Mumbai Terror!”

  1. The war against the terrorists still continues. Being in Mumbai, i am shell shocked at how this great nation has been brought to its knees. Need some poilicy level changes to ensure this doesnt happen again

  2. Sally said

    Do you think UFO’s are involved in this tragic event?

  3. John B said

    I do not believe UFo’s were involved, only spiritualy indoctrinated murderers, although; indirectly the motivation behind these depraved minds are demonic as are UfO manifestations http://www.myspace.com/No_Hell

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