The Luciferian Dialectic: From our October News Magazine.

dialecticThe Luciferian Dialectic:


L. A. Marzulli


A Dialectic is made up of three parts. The first is conflict, (or Thesis), followed by a counter conflict, (Antithesis) then a synthesis. I believe we may be witnessing a Luciferian dialectic. Let me explain. The United States was attacked on 911. I realize that there are those who believe that a faction of our own government was responsible. They point to the collapse of Building #7, and the lack of plane wreckage, at the Pentagon site. I’ve seen ‘Loose Change’ and I will admit it raises some interesting questions. However, let’s get past the idea that this was a conspiracy, hatched by a secret government deep, in an underground, smoke filled, room. Let us instead go back two thousand years and read this, 

“The mystery of Iniquity is already at work…”

This was penned by the Apostle Paul, and can be found in 2Thessaloninas: 2:7.

         We see that this mystery of iniquity or lawlessness was at work at the time of Paul. I believe that this power, which is Luciferian in nature, has never stopped working and its goal is to bring about the advent of the Antichrist. So how does this figure into 911?

         911 was the initial conflict, the first leg of the dialectic. We may argue as to who did it and why, but in the end, it really doesn’t matter. That argument is only a distraction from what I believe is going on in the supernatural. The initial event or conflict was immediately countered by the United States – the second leg of the dialectic – and a loosely formed coalition, by attacking Afghanistan. A short time later we went into Iraq. While I admit that Saddam was a monster and the world is better of without him, I found it hard to understand our excuse for an invasion. The Iraq war has become unpopular and although many of our young men and women have fought to bring about democracy and freedom to the Iraqi freedom, there may be another reason for the war there, perhaps a supernatural one. Remember, the Mystery of iniquity is at work. 

         The ancient city of Babylon lies in Iraq. It was rebuilt and restored by Saddam to the tune of around 2 billion dollars. We never hear about it in our media. It is ignored. Yet, in ancient prophetic writings, the city of Babylon is mentioned, almost as many times as Jerusalem. Is there a reason for this? Many Prophecy scholars have written off the ancient site, to the dustbin of history and believe that the United States is Babylon. This, in my opinion is dangerous, as it replaces what is written literally, with that which is conjectured.

         I believe we will see the total restoration of that ancient site, here’s why. We see from a myriad of sources that the withdrawal of our troops, in Iraq, is an inevitability. It remains to be seen when this will happen. Our presence holds the Malaki government together, there’s no doubt about it. The surge was necessary to quell the sectarian violence between Sunni and Shia Muslims and dissenting factions, like the Imam, Mouqtada Al Sadr and his militia. Saddam was able to control this complex religious and political dynamic through the use of fear. He murdered hundreds of thousands of his own people, but the result was, he remained in control.

         With the imminent withdrawal of Coalition forces, this will create a power vacuum. With the threat of an ever-increasing Iranian army, how will the Iraqi’s contend with this?

        That being stated, the counter conflict, the second leg of the dialectic is just about over. We can now turn our attention to the final element, the final leg, that of synthesis. This will come about when the coalition forces withdraw, and create a power vacuum. Here is a scenario of where I think this is all going.

        Before WWI the Turkish, Ottoman Empire controlled most of the region. After the defeat of the German’s, the Turks who had allied themselves, with the German’s, lost their empire. The British and French created the countries that we know as, Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Palestine, which is now Israel. The Hashemite Kings who claim a direct descent to Mohammed, through his Uncle, Hashem, had set up monarchies in Syria, Iraq and Jordan. When the Syrian and Iraqi kingdoms were overthrown the Hashemite’s retreated, to Jordan, where they rule to this day.  A few years ago the newly crowned King Abdullah II, offered to set up a Constitutional Monarchy, in Iraq. He was initially turned down. Here’s what I think may happen. Because Abdullah is a Hashemite King, and a direct descendant, of the prophet Mohammed, he holds great sway, in the Moslem world. Both Sunni and Shia respect him. As the Malaki government finds itself, without the backing of the U.S., it will be exposed for what it truly is a weak, enervated, administration. With the threat of Iran, and the Kurds clamoring for independence in the North, Iraq will need a strongman to hold all the diverse factions together. Such a strongman is, King Abdullah. He is westernized, intelligent, highly educated, has a military upbringing, and is an established player, in the region. He is also a Hashemite King. My theory is this. He will offer a constitutional monarchy, headed by himself, and the Iraqi people will accept it. He will set up his new capital in BABYLON – not Baghdad. He will use the billions of petrol dollars, now at his disposal, to rebuild his capital on the ruins, of that ancient city.  He then will divide his country of Jordan and give a portion of it to the Palestinians, who by the way make up over 75%, of the population. If he does this, he will have brought peace to the region by solving the 60-year old conundrum, of the Middle East, by giving the Palestinians a homeland. Next, because he is a Hashemite, he controls the Temple Mount, in Jerusalem. Nothing happens there without his direct consent. He is the only person on the planet who has the authority to cut a deal with the Israeli’s and allow them to build, on the 20 acres that aren’t’ being used for anything on the Mount. In other words the third Temple. If he does this then he can be none other than, The Son of Perdition, that has been predicted for thousands of years. While this is a scenario, it is based on research that I have conducted, that tells us, that in the later days (or end of days) the third temple will be rebuilt.

If we witness these events unfold as I have laid them out here, than we have seen a Luciferian dialectic. The conflict being 911, the counter conflict, the Afghan and Iraqi war, the synthesis, the rise of the Hashemite kingdom in Iraq, with it’s capital in Babylon, not Baghdad! And finally the building of the third Temple on the Temple Mount. It’s a tall order to fill and we will watch and see what happens.


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  1. Hi Lynn,

    I think this definitely is a plausible scenario. I enjoyed this in the October newsletter, and was enlightened by the second reading all the more.

    Thanks for the blog.


  2. Well, this is an interesting, and perhaps plausible scenerio and one worth watching I suppose. But I can’t help but think about what Daniel said concerning the coming world dictator…”the people of the prince who is to come will destroy the city and the sancturary.” I cannot find anywhere in history where the Hashemites were the people who destroyed the city and the sanctuary…but that’s not to say it isn’t possible that somehow, someway, the Hashemites are descended form the Romans…a stretch it may be! But I believe a more plausible scenerio might be that Psalm 83 is fulfilled, followed quickly by Ezek. 38-39. Following that, Israel wouldn’t need anyone’s permission to rebuild the Temple. So I guess we’ll all have to watch and see…but on the other hand, we shant be here when this coming world ruler is revealed…”we” as in born again, Bible believing Christians!!! Even so, come Lord Jesus.

    Anyway, L.A., I just recently got turned on to your writings…I saw you on “Prophecy in the News” and I must say I was intrigued. I am currently reading “Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural,” and am looking forward to reading your Nephilim Trilogy! Your insights and opinions are most interesting…especially your thoughts on the UFO stuff…I’ve had the same thoughts too…with the exception of a few hoaxes, I think it’s all demonic!

    Take care and keep up the good work!

  3. Very interesting indeed. Walid Shoebat, in his book “God’s War on Terror”, also postulates that the anti-christ will emerge from the revived Ottoman empire.

  4. I can find myself in this theorie. You state that King Abdullah II is (or could be) The Antichrist, can this be unified with Revelation 13:18?
    Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. (King James Bible)

  5. I was about to raise the issue of the antichrist being known as the Assyrian.
    Then it hit me that modern day Syria was not the extent of the ancient Assyrian empire.

    Jordan, Egypt, and most of the Middle East fall under the Assyrian empire. Not that you
    need me to validate your theory, but at least one of the detractions has been dealt with
    in my mind.

  6. I can find myself in this theory. You state that King Abdullah II is (or could be) The Antichrist, can this be unified with Revelation 13:18
    Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six. (King James Bible)

  7. This secret combination of evil has been alive and well on planet Earth for a very long time. Many people believe that it began when Cain slew his brother but that was just a sign post along the way. From the time that the fallen angels were expelled from heaven they have fought to destroy man. They have done this because destroying man will cause great pain to the creator who loves His creation and who knows us as only a father can know us.

  8. My friends I am not in agreement with this view, about ancient Babylon being REBUILT. Alexander the Great planned it in 330BC, he died before starting, Saddam failed at his attempt, He build his palace on the other side of the Euphrates, and nobody will ever rebuild it because; the will of God is clear; (Babylon shall never be Inhabited) Isiah 13:19,20
    The Babylon of the new testament is “Symbolic” of Rome the Great city on 7 hills Revelations 17:9 She fornicates with the kings of the earth, she rides the governmental powers of the world, she is the spirit of false religion in opposition to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. the Lord Bless you all John B

  9. Lynn,

    My husband found your scenario, as did I, so intriguing that he printed it out and now carries it with him in his briefcase. I’m guessing that since he listens to the radio in the car all the time and reads the papers and the web, he will be keeping an eye out for anything that might play into your scenario.

  10. One thing that I find I don’t agree with you, Lynn. Mostly, because I don’t want to.
    To rebuild Babylon to the extent that the merchants would mourn it’s end and the smoke of it carried to the world, would IMHO take 50 to 100 years.
    An incredible miracle might shorten it to 25 or 30 years.
    One, this present world isn’t going to last much beyond that without major ramifications that are very bad for us all and..
    Two, it would put off the rise of AC and the coming Tribulation and primarily the Return of Jesus Christ and I don’t particularly want that put off.

  11. It’s a theory and is an interesting one. The Babylon scenario might a little out there, but one must admit, that with the modern technology a city could rise up in a little more than a year. With the oil revenues of Iraq it would be easy to do. What I find fascinating is Abdullah’s control of the Temple mount. Another point is the legions that destroyed Jerusalem in AD70 were made up primarily of the EASTERN Roman empire.

  12. No, this is not from the first book. It’s something that I formulated in the last few years. Before the Iraq war, I thought that Saddaam would abdicate and leave with his billions. I was wrong. Now, however we have the Malaki government and it is weak. The USA is about to pull out and Iran is licking its chops. Yes, we have bases there, but without a strongman there will be no unity. Keep an eye on the King. It will be interesting to see how it plays out. One thing is for certain, King Abdullah is the only one who can cut a deal on the Temple mount, period.

  13. About Babylon — any financial organization that controls the world’s economy can exist as a strictly world wide computer network. This would require only terminals. No buildings (particularly if it works through a credit basis with an implanted chip, few employees, and extremely small overall costs. In terms of the Anti-Christ placing his image in a temple that is not yet built, how long does it take to build such a temple? The answer is one day — exactly the time it took for the Israelis in the Exodus
    to take down the Tabernacle, move it, and put it back up. The time for series things is definitely becoming seriously short.

  14. Lynn, the scenario you mentioned sounds quite possible. A few things I was wondering about:
    Revelation 18:4 says God will be calling his people out of Babylon. They might could rebuild it in a hurry to the extent that it becomes the major commercial center of the world but can there be alot of God’s people in it in a hurry…in Iraq?

    Revelation 18:23 “…for by thy sorceries…” Is there sorcery among the Muslims in the Babylon area that you are aware of because if I’m reading it correctly…which I may not be…this would seem to be a prerequisite.

    Also, Daniel 8:23 if its referring to the antichrist speaks of a king of fierce countenance. King Abdullah’s photos on the internet make him appear to be more of a teddy bear, even when he’s not smiling. King Assad on the other hand does’nt look friendly even when he is smiling and I have heard his name mentioned in relation to the ac. Of course all this is relative and the deceased Ayatollah Khomeini certainly had that fierce thing going for him…did’nt quite have the peace thing though :o)

  15. Late Night Lisa, the foto on that website is clearly fake. The skull has been stretched out on the photo, you can see this when you look in the eyeholes.

  16. I can see this scenario. I have also heard that the city called “Dubai” means “New Babylon”. It has raised a lot of eyebrows since it is sitting on a shipping lane, the people making their living from the sea will cry, Revelation 18:17-18. It is a place of many religions. They say whatever idol you worship will be brought to your room when you rent a hotel room there. There is every kind of evil spirit. Any type of evil imagination can be purchased there. It has become a world trade center. Also it sports the highest building of the world. Typical of the “old” Babylon. This could fulfill the scripture that the old Babylong will never be rebuilt and still be Babylon. What do you think?

  17. We can make presumptions about possible scenarios, That shows that we are seeking to know truth, and it is agreed that the book of revelations is shrouded in figures, symbols and signs. However; The angel reveals the identity of Mystery babylon the Great Rev17:7,9 In these two verses it is revealed to us by the angel that the location of the Great city sits upon seven mountains or hills, that of necessity cancels Dubai as it is seated on flat sand and historically it has no connection with the beastly governmental powers of Apostle John;s era, For at the time of John writing the book ; One of the heads of the beast was in existence Rev 17:10 (one is) The only place on earth that fitted the angels revelation was “Rome” located on seven hills; they are PALATINE, AVENTINE, CAPITOLINE, QUIRINAL, VIMINAL, CEALIAN, ESQUILINE. What was true then is today. Further more; Babylon’s spiritual influence (the golden CUP in her hand) is affecting the whole world and not just visitors to Dubai, Dubai is not drunk with the blood of the Saints, (Rome IS) The book of revelations contains the past the present and the future The LORD bless you all (

  18. Lynn,
    wow thanks for your interesting hypothesis on the rebuilding of babylon…
    i must admit that the entire concept is a bit on the non-conventional side, however, i might also add that when prophecy is being fulfilled, satan and mankind are usually caught lagging seriously behind what ever God does…
    um yah mostly i was taught in school that the rebuilding of the temple was the biggie we should look for…
    as to the next step of the luciferian dialectic… ive heard a lot of my friends posit that obama will be assassinated within one year of his inauguration …and also a suitcase nuke attack on american soil within two years…
    i dunno thats just the way my mind works…or doesnt work as the case may be…hehe 😉

  19. My question is about King Abdullah being the antichrist. Doesn’t there have to be 10 kings arising and then a “little horn” the 11th king arise after the 10? King Abdullah is not exactly a little horn and the 10 kings have not come into being yet, right?

    Thank you for your great website. Judy

  20. If we take the 7 mountains of Revelation 17:9 to mean 7 hills, it would fit well the idea that Rome and all associated with it is Mystery Babylon. It would seem however,that more likely the 7 mountains are 7 continents.

    “Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen…” Revelation 18:2. Why “fallen” twice? Perhaps because Mystery Babylon has fallen and Babylon the great, “that mighty city” which resides within Mystery Babylon has also fallen and been burned in 1 hour.

    So what is Mystery Babylon? What is the power that rules over the 7 continents…who pulls their strings for the most part? What power is now declining? What power sits and rules over “many waters” or multitudes of peoples? What power are the kings of the earth becoming increasingly irritated with and will turn against it and give their allegiance to the Beast? What power, if it were destroyed along with the “mighty city” within it, would cause the merchants of the earth to have such great distress? What power has become the habitation of devils and sorcery? What power has committed fornication with the kings of the earth and made deals with them and turned from the true God to their false gods? What power has propped up the kings of the earth and all their abominations? What power says “I sit a queen…” and has what could very well be in the eyes of God…the world’s largest standing female idol? What power or perhaps just the “mighty city” has many of God’s people within it that he is going to call out?

    Just another perspective, and as we seek God, he will reveal the truth.

  21. Hi Steve, I agree the USA just might be Mystery Babylon, in that I would agree, but I still think the city will be rebuilt and maybe be established as the GOLD exchange center…. we’ll see.
    L. A.

  22. Friends, friends, friends, The USA is not drunk with the blood of the saints (present tense), never has been, is not now. consider; who is drunk with the blood of the saints (martyrs) this is the strongest characteristic of the harlot. who was drunk with the blood of the saints when the message of revelations was addressed to the seven (literal churches)in Asia minor, who crucified Christ (literally nailed Him to the cross)by the manipulation of the Religious authorities? IT was Rome amen.

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