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Weekly Wrap Up: 11-21-08

Posted by lamarzulli on November 21, 2008

iran-missile1As I Blogged about yesterday, Iran has now gathered enough nuclear material, to make an atomic bomb. This ups the ante, as far as Israel is concerned, and we will see what shakes loose, in the coming months. Will Israel opt for a preemptive strike on Iran, which would have the possibility of throwing the region into an all out war? Will a combined force of Syria, Iran, Russia, Libya and Hezbollah join forces and attack first? There is certainly no sign of peace in the region and at best we see saber rattling and the moving of troops into position. Remember that Syria has not pulled its troops away from the Lebanese border. With Russia selling its missile technology to the Iranians and the Syrians and the US arming Israel with a variety of anti-missiles, will we see an exchange like we saw during the 6 day war? Or will it be something more devastating?

stock-marketThe Stock Market took another dive this week and folks that have 401 k’s and the like, have taken yet another hit. The real estate market shows little signs of bottoming out, and there is talk of a world wide depression. Is this the beginning of a global one world, currency? Are we seeing the nascent form of this, with the recent meeting of the G20 leaders? What will happen to the auto industry? Will there be a bailout for them as well? And what is most paramount, who is going to pay for all of this?


obama3World Net Daily, is still posting its lead story, regarding the Supreme Court hearing, of a law suit regarding Obama’s birth certificate. I wish  somebody would pin this down once and for all. If he’s not a US citizen, what would this mean? Would the Bush white house continue? Would Joe Biden become the president?  This might be worse than the hanging chads in the 2000 election… 

alien-ship1Stephenville Texas has made the news again as recent UFO flaps continue in the area. I’m trying to contact a reporter, Angelia Joiner and find out, first hand from her, what is going on. The last time I talked with Ricky Sorrell, one of the UFO witnesses, which was in the beginning of the summer, he informed that the flap was continuing and that he had seen the craft several times that month. I’m going to predict that next week we will have another bit of disclosure from some country or declassified file on UFOs. It’s just a hunch, but if you notice, every few weeks something else comes out.

temple-mount1There is talk of Israel going back to it’s pre 1967 borders, which would include the division of Jerusalem. Personally, I don’t think this is going to happen, as Jerusalem is regarded, by the Jews as their eternal capital. Another dynamic would be the receding of the Golan heights, which is strategic ground for Israel, as it acts as the only deterrent on its Northern border. The elections are on the horizon and if Benjamin Netanyahu is elected, I’m willing to speculate that giving land for peace, under  his watch, will never happen. In the meantime, Hamas continues to fire Katusha rockets over the border from Gaza into Israel, so far the Israeli’s have not retaliated. let me put it this way. If you lived in a border town in Texas and several times during the week, the Mexicans fired rockets at your town, what would you do? What the United States government do? Yet there is a double standard when it comes to Israel. At some point they will have had enough, and respond…


alien-interview-jpg5The new Ebook will be available soon. It’s packed with over 20 interviews, commentaries and editorials! it also features WEB links for further information. This is an interactive book and will sell for only $4.99 in a PDF format.

I’m also going to have some Christmas specials so be on the look out for those…

Thanks for coming to this BLOG. I’ll be back on Monday unless something happens over the weekend…

L. A. Marzulli

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