UFOs Overwhelming Are They II.

new-world-orderI get a lot of email everyday and sometimes it is difficult to keep up with it all. I recently received a post that discussed a UFO sighting. According to the story, witnesses claimed to have seen a beautiful UFO, that dazzled them and made them feel euphoric. The person who sent me the story was taken aback, by the reaction of the witnesses as she said, that it fit my theory regarding full disclosure. I BLOGGED about full disclosure before and I believe that when it happens it will overwhelm the average person, as it will be likened to a ‘spiritual’ event. Ricky Sorrells who saw the Stephenville UFO said the same thing, that the event was overwhelming. I have interviewed people who saw the object that was over Phoenix in 1997 and they, too, have said that the experience was overwhelming.

alien-priest1It is one thing to BLOG and have a discussion about UFOs and what might happen when they reveal themselves, it’s another to be living one day after the event takes place. When UFOs are revealed, most people will be taken in by the deception, as they will be overwhelmed by the experience.

       I was recently contacted by a woman who wanted me to come to her area and speak. She knew that her church would more than likely not be interested, but thought that she could round up a group of people who would attend the lecture. It’s alarming that the so-called religious leaders won’t deal with the phenomena, that is burgeoning around them. In my opinion the church, at large, is asleep at the wheel. It’s unfortunate, because when the revealing comes, this may be the catalyst that will cause the great falling away, that 2nd Thessalonians talks about. (I delve into this in PP&S) There will be no time to think about what is occurring, as the event will be overwhelming in stature and magnitude. The human race has never experienced anything like it before and will have no paradigm in which to deal with it, thus overwhelming may be the operative word. Will the so called aliens become out new high priests, telling us that it was they who started the worlds religions?

             This may be the reason why the US government has put a lid, or cover up, on the UFO and alien presence, avoiding disclosure, for the good of the public. When it does finally happen, most folks will be caught up in the moment, much like the witness I mentioned earlier, who described his experience as euphoric. Will they too have a similar reaction?


     I read recently that when UFO pioneer researcher, Jacque Valee, began his research, he first thought that these visitors, were benevolent beings from other galaxies who were here to help us. He later changed his position and believed that wherever these beings came from, they were Messengers of Deception. He also postulated that they were inter-dimensional. 

      Getting back to the witness in the beginning of this entry. He said that seeing the UFO was the most beautiful site he had ever witnessed. Like those who were at Fatima in 1917, when an event happens that is outside of our paradigm, most of us will embrace what is set before us. In short, we will be overwhelmed… and therefore open for the Great Deception!

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  1. Concerning Fatima,it was that event which the papal church used to propagate the doctrine of “Mary queen of heaven” in 1954. during the reign of pope JP2 he consecrated the world to Mary. The fatima thing was always secretive just as the alien UFO thing. I recall UFO magazines in the 80’s always having on the back page the image of “Mary queen of heaven” Jesus is becoming an obscure person within the hearts of many catholics, it is this queen that has taken prominence , there is certainly a demonic link between the two. John B

  2. Yes the event probably is overwhelming and those of us who are NOT deceived will probably be branded as lunatics and locked up for our own “protection”

  3. The vast majority of people have no clue of the levels of subliminal programming that has been keeping in their “brain dead” state. Not just manipulation from the government a la MK-ULTRA, but cultural mind binding from these creatures themselves. Why? What better way to have the impact of the Great Deception than to spring it on a population that is asleep and is forced to become suddenly awake. It would have the effect of a person who thinks they are going on a marvelous vacation only to awaken from the dream at the gates to the death camp. Or like the man who suddenly realizes he is standing in a basket in hell and wonders how he got there.

  4. I am an ex-Catholic – The Catholic Church knows very well that demonic activities accompany these so-called Marian apparitions when they are investigated – of course they can rationalize and say that the demonic realm is merely trying to scare folks away from a true appearance of Mary

  5. I would like to suggest an amazing book by Dave Hunt “A Woman Rides the Beast” it is profound and lays out the catholic church history, one of those books that have ALL the references and cross references you could imagine, totally researched and written factually, if any of you are like me you will read it with a highlighter because you will want to go back a reference it more than once!

    Also C. Peter Wagner wrote a very small pamphlet type book called “Confronting The Queen of Heaven” only 42 pages and can be read at one sitting. It is copyrighted 1998, I am not sure what he is up to now, I met him at a “school of prophets” conference in Colorado Springs about 10 years ago and other than that not sure what he is doing. But this book is really worth the read! Jer. 7:18 mentions the queen of heaven, but Wagner points out how many ways this demonic force manifests, one being the Virgin Mary, who is often referred to as “the Queen of Heaven” For instance in Ephesus today there is a statue of Mary that is prayed to and worshipped and I agree with Wager, it’s just a replacement of Diana the former deity there.
    Wagner was on a tour of the Vatican and said he saw a life size statue of Diana of Ephesus in a room among statues of Christian saints…mmmmmmm. My husband and I have been on a private tour of the Vatican and I don’t remember that, but we certainly did not go EVERYWHERE, we spent most of our time in the Sistine Chapel because we love art, we went very early to avoid crowds, just 3 of us, the guide, my husband and I, so great…..but, I am not a catholic, so I did not ask to delve much deeper in our tour.
    I find it very interesting that these demonic forces manifest as women, it’s just all over the place. That’s why when a person says something like an angel appeared to them and was a beautiful woman etc, etc, I see a red flag immediately, I don’t think that any messenger from the Lord has ever been female, yet the Word does talk about the evil deities in a female form, not sure why, except to just give us guide lines……it’s interesting…..maybe someone else has some insight on this……thought provoking though.

  6. I share some further comments on Gail’s insight about the womanish manifestations of demons; The Mary thing is BIGGER, Bigger than most people realize, I believe without the shadow of a doubt, that these apparitions are closely connected with the coming of the “man of sin”. What a lot of Christians are unaware of is the fact that; “the man of sin” is a religious figure associated within “the great apostasy” exalting himself as God- An Antichrist according to Apostle John is a religious person having deserted the true Christian faith (see 1Jn2:18,19 2The1:3,4)— The reason why most denominations promote “women” and now even Sodomites to the ministry, contrary to God’s order for the rule of His church is, a result of this prevalent “Feminist demonic spiritual atmosphere” permeating everywhere worldwide.
    Realize this fact; the Roman C church with its all male clergy are subservient to Mary queen of heaven, It is Her who rules the papacy even, By “messages from heaven” This demonic force caused pope JP2 after his failed assassination, which he acknowledge Mary to be the one who saved his life “not god”, to consecrate the entire world to Mary. STOP & ponder this- a demonic being posing as “the Mother of Jesus” has been given the Souls of mankind in a ceremonial consecration! I see in that undercover witchcraft; witchcraft in practice is the giving to the demonic realm entrance into the natural, Did JP2 act in ignorance or was he following spiritual instructions ?. Soon after that event, papal decree made the queen of heaven “Mother of the whole world”, and following that, came the most sacrilegious of all things Mary is made “co-redeemer with Christ”. It is only the demonic spirit of Antichrist that would introduce such a perversion to the message of the Cross.I have many interesting things to say as a none denominational Christian, my site is (www.myspace.com/No_Hell) God Almighty sends upon this unfaithful world “A deluding influence” – an atmosphere wherein, falsehood is received in the hearts of man – 2THE2:11,12 “The Lord bless you all” John B

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