The Holocaust… Never Again

holocaustI received an interesting email over the weekend and I decided to forgo my promotion, of my new book and focus instead, on an issue that has been smoldering for some time. In Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural, there is an entire chapter on the Holocaust. I elaborate on how the bodies were stacked like cord wood and burned to the wood be god, of the Nazi’s, Lucifer. The word Holocaustein, means, as a burnt offering, on an altar. It was a deliberate extermination of the Jews, and the Nazi’s carried out their death machine until the very end of the war, with gruesome precision. 

       Today, in the state of Iran, children are taught that Jews are the descendants of apes and pigs. In other words that the are not quite human. This mimics the same anti-Semitic rhetoric that the Nazis used in Germany shortly before the Jews were rounded up and deported to the concentration camps, where they were systematically put to death in the gas chambers. Once you have established that a certain group is not quite human, or that they are sub human, as it were, it’s much easier to go to the next step and begin to persecute them and finally exterminate them altogether. This is what happened in Germany, just over 60 years ago.  A case could be made that the horrors of the holocaust,  were the birth pangs of the modern nation of Israel.

       Benjamin Netanyahu has stated that, “it is 1938, and Iran is Germany. And Iran is racing to arm itself with atomic bombs.” Netanyahu knows the political landscape of the Middle East only to well. He is aware, of the constant threats by Iran’s president, Mahmoud Ahmedinejhad, to wipe Israel off the map.  He is also aware that there are those who wish to downplay the events of the holocaust and proclaim that it never happened. There are people in the United States today who believe that the holocaust didn’t happen and that the numbers of people killed, has been greatly exaggerated. General Dwight D. Eisenhower, when he saw, first hand, the horrors of the camps, made it a point to photograph and document, in motion pictures, what had happened, so that people would remember. He even went on the record stating, that in a few decades there will be those who will deny this ever happened. Eisenhower was prophetic.

          I believe that the Middle East will be a flash point for the next major conflict that we see. The vitriol is never ending and the hatred of Israel defies logic. Most Americans never see what happens every Friday in Iran. Thousands gather in Tehran and chant, “Death to Israel. Death to America.” 

          I’ve been challenged on radio shows that somehow Iran’s president really isn’t saying, that Israel should be wiped off the map. That there is a mistranslation. Nothing could be further from the truth. Ahmedinejhad, means what he says, and says what he means. He has made it very clear, what his intentions are. He wants another holocaust and the elimination of the Jewish race. 

          Here is a link, to a power point presentation about the Holocaust. It is very graphic. Seeing this last night, motivated me to pass it on to you… (Copy and paste the link in your browser, and click the lower right hand corner for full screen)

14 thoughts on “The Holocaust… Never Again

  1. lynn,

    wow yeah, i just forced myself to watch the slideshow…
    i must admit it is unfathomable for me to understand…

    yes, i do have jewish blood in my background… although the orthodox jews would reject me! 🙂

    i know i will be accused of sounding like a broken record for saying this, but:

    the jews had, at the time of the actual concentration camps, been incrementally stigmatized by the media…
    also they had been in the ghettos for quite sometime, and they were already weak from hunger…
    any kind of weapon had been outlawed… (btw obama has plans to do this…)

    most of my friends who are pastors have been buying weapons in anticipation of obamas regime…

    i asked them if the first century Christians would have armed themselves…their answer is that when the “goon squads” come for their family is when they would be brandishing their weapons…
    in all honesty, the question becomes:

    “those that leadeth to captivity, shall go to captivity, those that kill with the sword, by the sword he must die”


    now, regarding ahmedinejhad-

    YES! does anyone REALLY doubt this guy would push the nuclear button on israel if given half the chance?
    and the people who say that his words are mistranslation-
    they are the “goon squads” who promised the jews a nice, sunny relocation to a vacation spot as the jews were loading into the cattle cars…

    im just sayin that if i were israel, and i saw obama coming into office, i would know that the days of getting backed up by the US are over… obama will mollycoddle our mutual enemies, to the detriment of the US, and israel…

    i think its time for israel to make a decisive pre-emptive strike against iran…
    the longer they wait, the harder it will be to do…

    if they do not do this, then they have forgotten the lesson they learned in the concentration camps….

    let the chips fall where they may-
    We Christians know EXACTLY what will happen next…

    and i know ive read your comments on the coming Ezekiel 38 scenario! 🙂

  2. I am almost finished with all your books. Over the last few years I have been reading alot in search of MORE. One of those books was about Fatima. I was awestruck! and then I read your books and realized how nieve I truly am. How easy it is to take things at face value – which terrifies me because I am sure there is alot of people that walk in those same shoes. I find myself eager to see the next days postings. My eyes are open wider now. Looking forward to your ebook.

  3. Wesley. First of all this BLOG has nothing to do with OBAMA. It’s not a right wing Christian site either. I stand as a traditionalist, meaning that I’m pro life, against gay marriage, assisted suicide, big government, higher taxes, cradle to grave entitlements, I also believe that the current MTV culture and the junk that is on the tele, does not reflect my culture and what I believe in. There is a dividing line that is happening in this country. A little more than a century ago, this country was split apart in civil war. Today, there are more issues that divide us than ever before. i for one do not want San Francisco values… Hope that helps.

  4. wesley, wesley wesley… 🙂

    omg u r so funny! hehe ok so you must write comedy for a living, right? seriously…lol
    i mean because you have taken everything i said out of context and misconstrued and misinterpreted my comments in a rather humorous way!

    please go back and re-read my comments very carefully and s-l-o-w-l-y… hehe

    lets talk about the violence that is being threatened towards Christians as covered by CBS NEWS recently…

    oh wait…whats that you say??? its NOT being covered???
    oh yeah thats right because there is a double standard in the media today, and they have lost all credibility…

    thats why all these gay whack jobs can threaten little old ladies on the news and the reporters just stand around whistling dixie, as if nothing happened….hmmmm?

    but if somone only looks sideways at a gay, its a hate crime!!!
    omg, omg, omg! lets put it on the 5 oclock news!!!

    the main crux of my comment is: NEVER FORGET! didnt you see the slideshow, wesley?

    would you deny the jews their right to bear arms? why not? because of what they have been through, right?!

    why then would you deny Christians that right? hmmmmmm?

    ya know wesley, you can get as angry as ya want, but it WILL NOT change the TRUTH…

    i think that is what is galling ya 🙂

    remember wesley—- re read my comment s-l-o-w-l-y… hehe 🙂

  5. well ive sat on the sidelines and held my tongue as long as i could now i think its time for me ta speak my piece-yessir.

    first of all, this here feller wesley doesnt appear to be the brightest bulb on the tree, but thats besides the point 🙂

    i think wesley has a few of problems:
    #1. his transmission seems to be slippin gears, and he barely makes sense
    #2. he jumps to many bigoted stereotypes and conclusions about Christians yessir
    #3. his panties are all in a bunch and he dont know what to do
    #4. hes been smokin them big city drugs like crack cocaine (a mind is a terrible thang to waste!)

    now around here where i live in the mountains, folks just live a very uncomplicated life. and it seems like most of the time plain old common sense that the good Lord gave us is the best way ta look at anything, yessir.

    now take fer instance a couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine, who is about twenty years old, went to a prop 8 rally in the OC (imperial hwy and beach blvd) well sir, he was by himself, with a yes on 8 sign…

    and lo and behold, here comes 3 no on 8 gay guys, who told him they were gonna “kick the snot out of him!”

    well sir, my friend just stood his ground and told them “if you try anything, ill kick the gayness out of you!”

    hahaha well me and my friend got a good laugh out of that one, yessir.

    but common sense will tell you this: Christians also say: NEVER FORGET
    yah we love the gays in Christ, but when push comes to shove, CHRISTIANS ARE NOT DOORMATS nosir.

    and in israel, they teach their kids how to handle firearms from a very young age…
    sorry but thats what we need to do here in the US…its only common sense…

    and you tell those gays for me that if they ever try anything (even decades) in the future, MY GRANDKIDS WILL BE WAITING ON THEM with an automatic…like i said its just common sense…and self defense!
    if the gays wanna rip a page outta hitlers play book, then we will rip a page out of the the founding fathers playbook!

    wesley, why does self defense make you prance around with yer panties all in a bunch?

    now ive got a friend that says if anyone would try ta lay a hand on his family, they would have to say hello to his little friend!
    his little friend is named mr. splattergun haha-
    wesley lemme tell you why its called a splatter gun…oh no never mind you probably couldnt handle it-

    yup, same goes fer me…if anyone EVER tried to touch my family…God help em…

    well i ve probably said more than my piece…i know there will probably be a bunch of cry babies whining loudly about what ive said…

    but its ONLY common sense…yessir 🙂

  6. L.A Marzulli is Alex Jones from!!! HE IS A FAKE!!! Why has Alex never mentioned his books on his radio or TV shows?

    Here is Alex Jones on a radio show pretending to be a pastor. His voice sounds slightly modified but regular listeners of Alex Jones will clearly hear that it is him. It took me about half hour of listening for the penny to drop and when it did I felt sick. Alex Jones you are a FAKE!
    Part 1

    Part 2

    Alex Jones you make me sick!!!

  7. wow how come everyone gets mad when someone mentions the fact that PY said the aliens wanted obama as president?!
    whats wrong with that? lol i mean just because the alien agenda coincidentally lines up with the al-quadea agenda?
    i mean bcuz al quadea wanted obama to win? and also coincidentally with the communist party agenda? no, im not just flame-baiting here

  8. Hi Mr. Mazulli

    I just ordered Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural (guided by the Holy Spirit). So while i´m waiting for it to arrive. Are there anything i should have in mind reading it? something that has changed in your opinion after the book been published, and so forth?
    Greetings from Sweden.


  9. Listen to these links and tell me that is not Alex Jones. Someone needs to take Alex to court as he is on a radio show saying he is L.A Mazurlli. JUST LISTEN TO IT!

    I am not in to debunking or anything like hat I just KNOW who I heard.


    Part 1

    Part 2

  10. OK. I just listened to the audio that you sent and it is L. A. Marzulli that is being interviewed. This is L. A. Marzulli that is writing this and I am not Alex Jones. I can’t make it any clearer than that. All the best.

  11. Then you are a fake. I am going to collect samples of Alex Jones as the the way he speaks in that interview is the same as he speaks on his show. I shall also add a little pitch to the voice. I can’t see how you two use the exact same sentence structures. At one point Alex says I digress and that gave it away. I know what Alex Jones sounds like and it is him in the interview. Show me a video of you speaking, your face and your words. There must be one right?

  12. +I am listening to it again. It is ALEX JONES!!!!! If any of you are listeners of Alex Jones you must listen to this. Alexs words with a slightly different voice.

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