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  1. I was just thinking when you would have a new book coming out, I am excited. I saw your interview on prophecy in the news, really good. I have been telling my friends that own a Christian TV station about you. They would really like to interview you, I am on there board. We are in Cheyenne, Wy. the station is KGSC- God’s Station Cheyenne – here is there web site -www.thespiritofthelordministries.org/index.html- they have A LIVE PRODUCTION STUDIO – I just did a hour long show on the news of the day, on end time events
    If you feel God’s leading to come if your in the area like Denver, we would love to have you. They would like you to come. In Jesus Christ Barry s. Meyer
    The TV station reaches about 100,000 people

  2. Lynn, I, too, cannot wait to read your book. Do you plan on going on Coast to Coast to promote your book? I know that George Noory would have you on as you are such a big hit on his show. Thanks for all you do for us.

  3. Hey Kim, I do believe Lynn already made an a appearance on his show this year… could be wrong but I’m pretty sure… oh yeah everyone tune watch the sci-fi channel tonight at 11pm… it starts on Sunday and runs through to this Thursday… the sci-fi channel is doing an hour long of coast to coast show… they are giving George this as a test run… hopefully it gets good ratings and they decide to make it a regular show…than Lynn can be on that… getting his message out to many more people as well!

  4. Gail,

    I’m with you on the 7 Churches in Revelation & have studied it quite a bit.
    You know Todd Bentley’s 1st Angelic encounter & confidant was “Emma”? The very one which the guy w/the fake jewels
    talked about? She may also have been present in his abduction 3rd heaven experience but I don’t remember any names connected when he retold it. After people started to question his angel “Emma” & recited scripture where angels have only been male-Todd ditched “Emma” and started dealing with another one – I forgot the name- but it was a male Angel this time. (At the time I found it so funny I couldn’t stop laughing.)It seemed like “Emma” got rather perturbed because Todd couldn’t perform the same supposed “miracles” (gold dust, gem stones, angel feathers, teeth to gold,etc..) after that & he would continue to call out for “signs & wonders” & nothing would happen. He started to then blame the Christian naysayers for his problems & his ministry quickly went down hill from that point.

    I was warning those who I could at the time & was being called a Pharisee & someone who was blaspheming the Holy Spirit.


    No problem-If I can get over being accused of blaspheming the Holy Spirit & a Pharisee-I can forgive an occultist remark. Maybe I should start getting used to it.

    I do appreciate your general input & comments.

    That is a freaky looking Picture! Yuck!
    (Is that a real one?) Speaking of Advertising. Has anyone seen the Comcast commercials lately? Some are about “Aliens.” They also have an “Alien Planet” channel on demand.


    I saw a British commercial lately & I think it was “AT&T” of a guy literally getting beamed up from his home into a UFO. In looking for that I ran across this:” Computer company chief Jack Shulman argues that the transistor could never have been invented so suddenly at AT&T in late 1947 without input from top secret Government projects, that some have identified to him as being from alien spacecraft.” Which is interesting.


    But who cares about the advertising? Well it has been said that more of these things are coming out to condition the public in order to desensitize them. Kind of a pre-cursor to full disclosure? Who knows.

  5. Lisa. I sounded the warning with Bentley too. The EMMA thing sounded more like an abduction than anything. I too was scoffed at and mocked and called a Pharisee. I watched the revival almost every night. i was taken aback by what I saw… We need to pray for Bentely…
    This new book is something different. It’s an Ebook. It has lot’s of links to web sites and thus, will be used as a tool to inform those who wish to know what is happening. It will be available around December 1st. I’ll have a link up on PAYPAL and the cost will be $4.99. No shipping and other charges and folks will get the book ASAP! There are 20 interviews and comments by yours truly as well as something special and new at the end…
    L. A. Marzulli

  6. Hi Lynn,

    Excited about the e-book! I will get it for sure. I wanted to make a quick comment on Todd Bentley. I think the fact that so many in the Christian Church “drank the kool-aid” with Bentley is a sad testimony to our utter lack of discernment in the Church. I watched a few of the services on GOD TV. Something just always “turned” in my spirit when I watched them. Weird, wacky, bizzare, and unscriptural to boot.

    I personally think that Rory and Wendy Alec owe an apology to the Body of Christ. Instead, they labled anyone who spoke out on this so-called “revival” as being in league with the devil. Interesting.


  7. in all fairness on this todd bentley thing…

    there are many, many people who are desperately ill and have no other recourse than to go and in their last hope try someone like todd bentley…

    so, within that context, its not so much a question of their discernment…

    but more a question of a LACK of TRUE supernatural power and miracles in the Body of Christ in the US…

    my friends who are pastors that travel to africa for instance say that there is no lack of ACTUAL healings of blindness, deafness, etc. over there…

    but here in the US we have a lack of Faith, plus other spiritual factors involved…

    of course we always HOPE that someone like bentley is for reals…

    (however the Holy Spirit is a gentleman, and he speaks in a still, small voice… Christians often have a gut reaction about someone, but you cant just accuse them, you have to allow God to expose them in due season)

    and for the poor people who were ill and went to him, i cannot fault them at all…

  8. “late nite lisa”
    yes! well im glad to hear that you are serving God! and i also appreciate your input- 🙂
    in all fairness, i was asking a question, and not making a statement about you…

    no, i really was not aware of bentley until you pointed him out-
    i myself tend to tread those waters very delicately because i have had an experience wherein a very close pastor friend of mine had a moral problem and quit his church!
    my experience is that to accuse a man of God, even if he is messed up, is a two edged sword… those that accused this friend of mine did not end up faring any better themselves…

    i am not saying that in bentleys case what would have been most appropriate…

    yes, there are times when i can discern that someone is demonically oppressed or possessed while i am praying for them-

    and yes, there are times when i can discern that a current world event is significant prophetically…

    i think that for myself, however, it is more expedient to use discernment to have a word of encouragement for someone who is perhaps down in the dumps…

    one Good encouraging Word can change a persons life! 😀

  9. Sorry to be ignorant of this but living in Australia, I have not heard of Todd Bentley. Could someone tell me who is and his call to fame?

  10. Who is this Bentley person? I feel like I completely missed something here. I read this blog every day…what’s the story?

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