raptureI’ve gotten quite a few posts concerning the rapture. For those of you who might be new to this, here’s a simple explanation. The word ‘rapture’ is not mentioned in the ancient manuscripts. It is from the Latin, Rapturo that we get our word for rapture. The texts sates, that, “we all shall be changed in a twinkling of an eye, at the last trump, and those who are dead, shall rise up and be with the Lord, then those of us who remain will be also caught up and so be evermore with the Lord.”

             Let’s walk through it. First off, I believe in the rapture. I believe that there will be a generation that will experience this. I also think we might be it! Now as to the times and season. There is so much infighting with WHEN it’s going to happen. I was recently asked, on the set of a television program and, ‘off air’, when I thought it would happen. In other words, was I, Pre, Mid, or Post. I cracked a slight smile and commented, I’m pan-trib. The host of the program looked at me with a confused look? He had never heard of the most illusive of positions, concerning the rapture. The one position that the great biblical sages of old, had struggled to embrace. I beamed a full set of pearly whites at him as I said, I’m pan-trib… meaning, it will all PAN out in the end. Folks, I know it’s a bad joke, but let me explain. There is so much infighting amongst Christians, as to when the rapture will happen that many are not engaged in what we are told to do. We’ve taken our eyes off the ball. We are told to watch and be ready. We are told in the Gospels to know the signs that will preclude His second coming. The fact is, that I can find brilliant theologians who could wax eloquent on all three positions. I’ve been to some of these lectures with charts, graphs, books. time-lines, and the certainty that the speaker, who is being featured, position, is the correct one.

         There was a post in the comment section that nailed it. It was a quote from Keith Greene. He was a Christian musician that died, in a plane crash, well before his time. His comment that was quoted was this. Pray for Pre, prepare for post. I think there’s a lot of wisdom in that. The fact is this, know one knows for sure. We only know that it’s going to happen at some point. 

          Here’s a few points to consider. The Noahic flood and the saving of Noah and eight members of his family are considered, by some, to be a type of rapture. Also, before the destruction of Sodom & Gommorah, Lot was saved. This is another type of rapture. What is overlooked is that both Noah and Lot were immersed in the evil of the day. With Noah it was the presence of the Nephilim. With Lot it might have been an incursion of the fallen angels once again. (That’s a subject for another post) Both men saw things that they probably would not have wished to see, if they had had a choice. With that being said, I’m not worried about the rapture and when it will happen. It will occur when it’s supposed to and If I’m alive, then I’ll be included. 

        There is so much that is going on in the world today. We should be watching and warning those who have no idea that prophecy is being fulfilled and that the world is inching toward that terrible day of, ‘Jacob’s Trouble’. Watch and be ready! Let’s use our time to tell others of what may be the enemy’s end game, the revealing of the so called extraterrestrial presence, and the Great deception that it will cause!

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  1. Good posting here. Watching and being prepared for the unexpected is excellent advice.
    We are warned to be ready and to watch for His coming. Anything that takes from that would remove the scriptural imminency factor of Christ’s return.

  2. ah yes, the rapture…

    I dont think any other doctrine causes such panic or foreboding…
    probably because the most natural way to conceptualize the rapture is to associate it with death…
    in other words, one second your there, the next second your gone…
    but that is the way our natural minds think…
    its impossible for our human understanding to comprehend the rapture…

    wow, yes that is kind of a scary thought, about the days of noah…
    also about sodom…
    i believe what we are seeing right now is a preview of fallen angelic activity…
    certain groups who are rather puzzlingly (and supernaturally) agitated and full of rage over the past elections and who are now threatening violence against Christians…

    how bad will it get before we are raptured?

    um sorry to say, but Jesus said in this world we will have tribulation…
    nowhere in the Word are we promised a cake walk up to the time of the rapture-

    but Jesus also said be of good cheer for he has overcome this world! 🙂

  3. I am amazed how many in the church don’t want to hear that JESUS is and will be coming SOON! Even at at work I will talk about the news of the day so start a conversation, not being over bearing. I keep hearing what Jesus said about the weather. How many can understand the weather, but the not the signs of the time. if I may share a vision I saw at work. I was taken to a church, here in cheyenne, Wy. I was inside and saw everyone having fun ect. I saw god up front as the school master tring to get everyones attention, but they would not listen. Then I was taken out high above the U.S. and saw all the churches and everone living in the Country. Then I saw to the east coast a brown cloud moving east. inside was horses racing so fast and above them was this sign that said,”too those who will not listen Judgement”. Anyways for what it worth, that is what I saw. L.A.M. Thankyou for your post/radio interviews/ news letters. Thankyou so much barry Meyer

  4. I believe in the Pre-Trib Rapture, but that is not the point of my comments today.

    When seeing events that are happening in this world today, to me it is just like reading out of The Book of Revelation. Regardless of a person’s belief on when the Rapture happens, the birth pangs leading up to the End-Times are coming at a break-neck speed.

    I encourage everybody to be prepared. How does a person be prepare? By accepting Jesus Christ as your personal Savior! A lot of people I’ve talked to believe they are going to Heaven because they consider themselves “good people.” I think they are being deceived by Satan. In truth, a lot of good people will go to Hell because they did not accept Jesus as their Savior. Ultimately it is false pride that will keep a person from accepting Jesus.

    As for myself, I figure that I will either be “Raptured or I will rupture” — either way I will be with my Savior. Being a Christian is about WHO you know…

    Tony Cladin

  5. lynn in regards to your reference of fallen angels in sodom…
    we are already seeing it…
    why are the sodomites of today railing in such an agitated, aggresive way?
    what were the characteristics of the sodomites during lots days?
    yeah they have the same characteristics…
    they are energized demonically…for anyone who doubts this:

    watch as the little old lady gets her styrofoam cross stomped on…

    heres an article on it:

    its time for Christians to not be afraid to call a demon a demon…
    have we been so bullied and harassed that we are complacent?
    are we that afraid of being politically incorrect?

    we are already seeing days like lot saw…

  6. I beleive we will be raptured right before the outpouring of
    God’s wrath which will be sometime during the 70th week of Daniel. I don’t think we will be taken at the beginning of the
    anti-christ’s rule.

  7. I firmly believe that the next event on the prophetic timetable is the catching away (Gr. Harpazo, Latin rapturo), transliterated as “rapture.” While rapture is not in itself a Biblical word, it does describe a Biblical experience. We are to be watching and waiting for His return. What a glorious day that will be!

    I do believe that there are some rough days ahead for Bible believers. I believe that there are forces at work, a political climate if you will, that is going to prove quite intolerant to people who will dare to hold to a Biblical world-view. If you are not totatlly sold out for Christ, it is time to get there. Are redemption truly does draw near!

    Thank you again Dr. Marzulli for holding forth the light in this dark and deceived world.

  8. When you look into the past as a guide to the future we see many examples of when the Lord went through tribulations with those who followed me. But I cannot find a single account of anyone being raptured. Because of this (and because He has said He is an unchanging God)I do not believe in any form of a rapture before the last trumpet. But I do believe that as part of the Great Deception millions of people will disappear suddenly and those who will be left behind will call it the rapture. I will stop right there at saying where all of the missing people will be going, but it isn’t going to be heaven. But imagine the effect will be on rapture believe Christians who have no choice but to believe that they have been left out. How many of them will turn against the Lord. How many people know that the concept of the rapture wasn’t “discovered” until 1837 by a well meaning minister who wanted his people not to go through the tribulations? Since 1837 it has saturated virtually every aspect of Christianity eventhough they were is no scriptural backing for it.

  9. lynn during your interview you mentioned your belief that there are already dirty bombs in the US.
    this article talks about how 16 somali pirates died of radiation poisoning after being exposed to an iranian cargo ship…(which appears to be a dirty bomb itself, or contains dirty bomb ingredients)


    btw i found the reference to this incident in Hal Lindseys latest video:



  10. These are great comments. I am blessed to be in a forum with wonderful men and women of God who can discuss this rationally.
    I would suggest that we pray specifically for L.A., his site, and the community of believers that the Holy Spirit has brought here.

  11. Great column as usual. I really enjoy everything that you write. Thanks for your perseverance and common sense and clarity. Keep up the good work.

  12. Did you ever follow Todd Bentley’s ministry? He is the reason I found out about the alien Nephilium.

    If you have not-it would be quite an intriguing book plot how a minister gets caught up literally into an abduction experience just like Todd Bentley did.

    He didn’t start out w/any tattoos until the “angelic” experience started occurring.

    Then you see a bizarre transformation take place. He had quite the false revival going for awhile but it recently blew up. The “prophetic” movement is still trying to carry the torch but I haven’t been following what they are up to lately.

    There was a Part 1 & Part 2 Utube video describing the details of his abduction experience he claimed were from God but I don’t know if you can find them now somewhere.

    In part 2 He described this beam or pillar of light coming through the roof of his church and transporting him up to the 3rd Heaven. He is strapped to a table while these people perform an operation. He’s paralyzed but this doesn’t hurt. Then they split him open and lay his guts out beside him. They proceed to replace his guts with little white boxes. He asked them what they are doing? god reply’s and says in these boxes are gifts of spiritual knowledge which would take an average person 40 years to learn. We don’t have time for that now. You can use them in your Revivals.

    This is what he looks like now:

    The entire situation was quite dangerous @ the time. People were being transferred demonic spirits via laying on of hands. Even people who touched their computer screens were oppressed thinking they would be “healed.”

    He might be an interesting interview but I would certainly plead the blood of Jesus first.

    There couldn’t be better proof that these “angels of light” are evil than to witness the rotten fruit of a preacher who was abducted.

  13. To say that the world rapture doesn’t appear in the ancient manuscripts makes about as much sense as saying the word church doesn’t appear in the ancient manuscripts. There is a word translated “church”: ekklesia. And there’s a word that could be translated “rapture” (as a verb) but is usually translated “catch up” (in the sense of “snatch”): harpazo. It’s in 1 Thessalonians 4:17.

    This seems to be an inadvertent misstatement; however, we need to be careful about how we represent the Word of God.

    In Him,

  14. UPDATE:

    I forgot to mention a lady from my church:
    who told me she had a dream about the rapture…
    and in the dream she could see it coming…it was coming like a “wave” as she put it…
    one of the interesting things that i got out of it…
    you could definitely see it coming… just like us, we KNOW that it is coming, even at the door…

    i just had a dream this morning, and in the dream i was in the mountains,
    and as i looked around, there was water surrounding us, up to the mountaintops!

    yes, as in days of noah, indeed…

    and we were running through this campground, but nobody seemed to be paying attention to the rising water!

    very much like today…

    nobody wants to take away from their recreational time to look at the signs that are everywhere…

  15. if Christians get mad at one another for holding different rapture views, that’s stepping out of love – not a cool thing to do — anyway, i wonder if some of the demonic beings aren’t all ET lookalikes – maybe some of them are wearing jackets and ties (???):o) – well, i figure Jesus didn’t tell us to pray that we would be worthy to escape unless there was something really bad to escape from – i.e. tribulation

  16. Dreeemland08,

    That was a pretty snide comment to make off the cuff.

    I know many Christians but not any who would say such a thing. The simple fact that you would post such a remark makes me think you’re the one needing deliverance.

    Yes Jesus is my savior-The King of Kings & Lord of Lords.

    If you have some presumptions why don’t you just ask in the Spirit of Christ about your concerns? It’s far more effective.

  17. Hey Randy!
    Very interesting concept! I had NOT thought about a possibility of people disappearing and we all think we have been “left behind” certainly something to contemplate.

    There are of course many places in scripture that do point to a rapture, not using the word rapture. Myself, I have studied Revelation quite a bit and in looking at the first 3 chapters you have John describing the 7 churches. One has to wonder “why the heck THOSE churches”, I believe for the simple fact that THOSE seven churches are a perfect picture of THE church history.
    Now you have to look at the fact that Our Father God is NOT done with Israel, right, BUT he will deal with them completely separate from THE CHURCH. God can not and will not break his covenant with Abraham, but he will deal with Israel AFTER the fullness of the Gentiles, which is the church. Now look at the beginning of Chapter 4 in Revelation…..It says “After this I looked and behold a door standing open in heaven! And the first voice which I had heard addressing me like [the calling of] a war trumpet said, Come up here, and I will show you what must take place in the future.” Now you have to look at the first two words of that passage…….”After This” OK……..after what???? After the church…….the whole church history that had just been described in the first 3 chapters (and keep in mind, this book was authored by Jesus and penned by John), now what gets interesting is after chapter 3 and John is “caught up” to look down on what is going on the church is NEVER mentioned again………….why……….because the Church isn’t there………..through the end of Revelation God is dealing with Israel……..Get Chuck Missler’s commentary on Revelation, it’s brilliant…….

    Of course NO ONE KNOWS when we are outa here, we may go through 3 1/2 years and see stuff we really don’t like and endure stuff that is pretty awful, I think you have some interesting ideas, and the MOST important thing for all of us to remember is Jesus, he is our Lord and Savior, period and we will all be given the grace to endure what ever the future may bring and I for one hope I get to sit at a table with y’all at the marriage feast of the Lamb:) 🙂

    Late Night Lisa…….

    That is sooooo interesting about Tod Bentley, I heard a tape that he was on that I got from the “Elijah List”, but aside from that I did not know about his being abducted or what ever he labeled it, but some people I do know where going crazy awhile back about some big “revival” he was involved in mmmmmmmmm.

    Hey, I have read enough about UFO and such that if ANYBODY said they had been “beamed up” and strapped to a table and operated on you can BET they would NEVER lay hands on me!!!!!!!!! Good grief, that is so wacko, and brings home the point that the church NEEDS to be informed of this stuff so they recognize what is REALLY GOING ON!
    So many churches and their members are soooooo hungry for miracles they don’t sift through the garbage. My church included the people are just craving miracles, it’s sick……..
    There is a guy going around saying that when he speaks at meetings jewels fall from the sky at his feet and it’s an angle that brings them named “Emma” I had the unfortunate experience to meet this guy, and see his jewels, that by the way are sooooo fake, he said you can’t take the jewels (50 carrots) to be authenticated because if you do that they will be found to be fake because you were in lack of faith………what a bunch of crap, excuse me, there is NOTHING fake from the Lord, if it was from an angel of the Lord it would be amazingly beautiful and REAL!!!!!!! By the way this guy really didn’t like me, he knew I thought he was a joke and his stuff was soooo fake, guess what he said at the end of his service, which by the way he did not quote ONE scripture or pray once, “everyone hold up your wallet and bring what you want to the front for an “offering” and the money in your wallet will miraculously double!” No this is NOT from a “Dave Barry” book. Here is the REALLY sick part…….about half the congregation did………..:( The reason I got to talk to him in private is another story but OMG the church has to wake up!!!!! The church is looking for miracles and not the Master!

  18. “late nite lisa”

    um REALLY sorry about that…
    i believe my intent may have been misconstrued?… 🙂

    of course that is what is SO hard about email/texting, since you cant see the persons face, or hear their voice, it is very hard to suss out their true intentions or the context with which something was meant! 🙂

    (just to give you some background i get a LOT of messages on YouTube from so-called christians telling me that lucifer loves me and that 666 is the lords number…etc…blah blah blah)

    i assure you my question was meant with ALL good will and compassion!!!

    but thank you for being so forthright with me, can you forgive me? THANKS!!! 🙂

  19. well the subject of this here blog kinda reminds me of a parable… Matt 25: …

    1″At that time the kingdom of heaven will be like ten virgins who took their lamps and went out to meet the bridegroom.
    2Five of them were foolish and five were wise.
    3The foolish ones took their lamps but did not take any oil with them.
    4The wise, however, took oil in jars along with their lamps.
    5The bridegroom was a long time in coming, and they all became drowsy and fell asleep.
    6″At midnight the cry rang out: ‘Here’s the bridegroom! Come out to meet him!’
    7″Then all the virgins woke up and trimmed their lamps.
    8The foolish ones said to the wise, ‘Give us some of your oil; our lamps are going out.’
    9″ ‘No,’ they replied, ‘there may not be enough for both us and you. Instead, go to those who sell oil and buy some for yourselves.’
    10″But while they were on their way to buy the oil, the bridegroom arrived. The virgins who were ready went in with him to the wedding banquet. And the door was shut.
    11″Later the others also came. ‘Sir! Sir!’ they said. ‘Open the door for us!’
    12″But he replied, ‘I tell you the truth, I don’t know you.’
    13″Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.

    Now in regards to this passage, i hope yall dont mind if i toss in my own two cents worth…
    Notice…ALL of the virgins were WATCHING for the bridegroom…
    does this mean that they all were “saved”? does this mean they were all “believers?”
    kinda sorta…i mean they ALL knew enough about God to WATCH for the bridegroom, right?
    but 5 were foolish…they took God for granted…they were the ones with “sloppy agape”
    they were the freestyle christians who dabbled in sin…
    and figured they could “get right” when the time came…

    but five kept their oil full plus some extra in jars…
    hmmm, what does that oil symbolize? well, the oil has always been symbolic of the presence of God…
    yup, the five wise virgins had a relationship with God that was ALIVE…
    There was an anointing that was renewed daily-

    Now notice one other fact:

    they ALL fell ASLEEP!!!

    yup, just like today, there is a spirit of slumber on the entire earth…
    we have been lulled into complacency…yessir!
    i mean, does ANYONE really know “what time it is” prophetically on the face of this planet right now???!!!
    nosir, no not one…we have one and all forgotten about God…and have spent our time worrying about the cares of this world…

    how big is my bank account? how big is my house? how much does my SUV cost? what label designer duds am i wearin? am i keepin up with the jones’s? am i livin in the right neighborhood? are my friends the right color? are my friends the right social standing? is my church a mega church? does my church have the “right kind” of people?

    david wilkerson has a good message entitled “preparing for the end of all things”
    and how does he say to prepare???


    dont hold ANY grudges…inside or outside of church…nosir…

    yessir, its gettin down to the wire-

    now dont get me wrong, im not in any postion to judge anyone else, im just sayin this to myself, yessir!

    God Bless you Lynn, and may he strengthen yer hand to wage war against the enemy! 🙂

  20. Randy Hecker wrote, “I cannot find a single account of anyone being raptured.” Well, there

    * Enoch (Gen 5)
    * Elijah (2 Kings 2)
    * Philip (Acts 8), whose rapture actually uses the same word (harpazo) used in 1 Thessalonians 4–imagine that

    I’m not quite sure why Randy would say such a thing.

    Randy also wrote, “The concept of the rapture wasn’t ‘discovered’ until 1837.” Let us hope that others will recognize that such an assertion betrays that the one making it does not rely on the authority of Scripture. The issue is always whether a doctrine is Scriptural, not whether it has or has not been neglected by the visible church. The Roman Church asserted that Luther, Hus, and others had come up with novel doctrines, but they were only going back to Scriptural teaching that the visible church had lost, obscured, and even turned against: salvation by grace through faith.

    Again, I’m not sure why anyone who believes that the Bible and not church history is authoritative would appeal to the church’s neglect of a doctrine as proof of that doctrine’s untruth, rather than by appealing to Scripture.

    For Randy to write, “They were is no scriptural backing for it,” is not only ungrammatical but also completely false. I’m not at all sure why he would say that. It is right there in 1 Thessalonians 4:17.

    In Christ,

  21. Hey John;
    Nice website or my space I should say….I understand where you are coming from, however, God does not make a covenant and break it, it was unilateral with Abraham, he put him to sleep and walked among the pieces of the sacrifice, it does not change the fact that Jesus wept over Israel and said that their eyes would be blinded till the fullness of the Gentiles, and God wishes none should perish, like I said, go to http://www.khouse.org and look into Chuck Missler’s commentary’s. Honestly none of us are too old or expert to learn more. By the way love the music you have on your site some Really great stuff, good job!
    Can I ask you one question? On your site you mention your zodiac sign…..why? Just wondering… anyway thanks for the input.

  22. To gail, the zodiac is not in my control it is part of the my space program , it tells you your a whatever ,i cant remove it if anyone knows how to remove the accursed thing please notify me at my site the Lord bless you all john b


  24. Hey John;
    Thanks, for your reply, I wondered about the zodiac thing because I have seen it on others pages…..don’t ask me how to remove it :)……
    Are you yelling with the CAPITAL LETTERS??? 🙂
    I agree Jesus is the complete fulfillment……anyway I HATE ( I am raising my voice) splitting hairs, yes the main thing is he is returning, praise God, we are washed in his blood and all these hair splitting questions will be answered soon.
    But really, go and check out Missler’s research, he has so much and is really brilliant beyond words, I am so thankful for men like him that have done hours of research and digging and I can benefit from it at the touch of a button or the purchase of a DVD or CD, so great, I think you would truly enjoy his stuff, and NOT to change your mind, there are tones of things on his sight that are so amazing…..
    I recently had a conversation with one of my best friends she is a Mormon, I love her, but we don’t go some places with our conversations because of the “greater revelation” that she says they have……I am not here to criticize, or argue, we’re here to be a light in the darkness, so that’s what I try to do, and I must say I fail often as we all do…..
    Have a great day John B, one way or another I am sure we will meet at the Lord’s return and what a glorious day that will be!

  25. Steve,

    Just in case you read this before Lynn gets to it, he deleted every Comment I’ve ever made.

    The guy just is not very bright. I’m sorry but it is true. Dim bulb. He took out all my Comments but left ALL THE OTHERS THAT REFERENCE MY COMMENTS OR DIRECTLY ADDRESS ME. Duh. The guy would never last long in a censorship bureau.

    I guess he decided his blog had to be purified so any traces of discord or questioning had to be eliminated.

    That’s fine. I was through here anyway.

    By the way, I don’t think it is your place to evaluate whether another person has a personal relationship with Jesus. That’s a bit over the line.

    Best wishes,


  26. I believe in the endtimes as prophesied in the bible there will
    be two kinds of professing Christians, the deceived Christians
    and the persecuted Christians. The deceived ones are those who
    fall away from Truth, they embraced false doctrines and pagan
    inspired spirituality while the persecuted ones are those who
    are truly followers of Christ and they were persecuted for their
    faith and testimony and belief in the word of God.The deceived
    Christians are religious in outward appearance, they profess to
    know and worship Christ but in their lifestyle and belief they
    contradict the bible, many of them belong to various religious
    organizations and movements,as in Matthew 7:21 says, they cast
    out devils and prophesy in Christ Name and perform miracles but
    Christ never knew them, they perform charitable works and
    preach in the streets but Christ never knew them. The persecuted
    Christians are those who truly know Christ as their God and
    Saviour and they abide in His words.They stand firm in their
    faith no matter what the society dictates.

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