Skeptics and UFOs


flat-earthYou have to love the picture to the left! Just glancing at it makes me start cracking up. The reason I posted this is because of something my wife said to me today.

“Do you realize that none of our friends really believe, in what you write about?”

I took a sip from my coffee mug, and replied, “You really think so?”

She nodded the affirmative.

Then I remembered a ‘friend’ of mine telling me after he read Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural, that if he didn’t know me, he would assume that the author was, “One sandwich short of a picnic.” Thanks a lot. I feel so reassured.

        Take another look at the picture. A few hundred years ago, people believed the world was flat, period. The skeptics of the day mocked those like Columbus who believed otherwise. It was the prevailing wisdom of the day. It’s not much different now.

        Until just recently UFOs were not reported in the main stream media and when they were it was tongue and cheek. A classic example of this is former Governor Fife Symington and his official press conference regarding the mass sightings of the Phoenix lights. He had a guy in an alien costume parade around in front of the cameras and yucked it  up for the press. Meanwhile thousands of Arizonians, who had seen the phenomena were insulted. A few years later, on the Larry King Live show, Symington apologized.

        It seems that no matter how many reports by credible witnesses are filed – by witnesses I mean police officers – it’s never good enough. Even video, like that which was shot a few years back in Mexico during the eclipse. Over 15 seperate people took videos, from different locations, of the UFOs the appeared that day. Yet the skeptics dismiss it as a flock of birds, or malfunctioning of the camera lens, or my favorite, Venus.

        My wife is right though. We don’t talk about the UFO phenomena, to many of our friends. Some of them just don’t want to hear about it. Others become agitated and argumentative. Others smirk and say, “Do you really believe in that?” Still there are those who get frightened and have nightmares when I tell them about the connection with Biblical prophecy and the return of the Nephilim. I have said this before. If something else was manifesting, I’d be writing about that.

       When we examine the phenomena, that is occurring almost daily, in our skies, we must begin to come to grips with it. Last week the United Kingdom released, classified documents, on their UFO sightings. This made international headlines, yet, most of the people that I came in contact with, just shrugged it off. “Oh well, just another day, where’s my Starbucks?”

         It will take an event that is in broad daylight, where a UFO hovers over a city, and just hangs there, for hours, allowing it to be filmed, in order for the skeptic to believe. Even then, there will be some who will doubt it. I’ve said it before and I’ll use this famous quote to close today’s BLOG.

 For those who believe, no explanation is necessary. For those who do not believe , no explanation is possible.




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  1. Lynn,

    I don’t know if you would consider me a friend, but I definitely believe what you write. I found PP&S compelling reading. I have seen this scenario coming for years, and it is all coming into focus. I think with the election of Mr. Obama, it has really accelerated the convergence of politics, prophecy, and the supernatural.

    As I have stated before, I appreciate your ministry.


  2. Lynn,
    Yes i was laughing when i read about “one sandwich short of a picnic”, lol 😀

    but yeah i know what you mean when you say you cant talk with most of your friends about UFOs…
    Im in the same boat- even though there are mainstream theologians like missler who subscribe to the nephilim school of thought-

    My friends are pretty conservative theologically and UFOs are not considered to be a hot button topic-
    Plus even though i am quite interested in UFOs im not sure that i would say so in front of new Christians for fear that they would go off on a tangent-

    Whenever i have brought up the issue my younger brother simply scoffs at it and dismisses me, hehe

    However i think its better to have friends who serve as an anchor rather than those of the non-believer “tin foil hat crowd”, lol
    I was thinking about you the other day and it must be weird because you probably have to live in two worlds, one in ufology, the other in theology…
    and just like when there was an outrage over when someone DARED to proclaim at a UFO conference that the Blood of Jesus can stop abductions…
    youve probably been stung over and over by non-Christian ufologists who hang on to the “benevolent space brothers” concept-

    But even people like imbrogno have come to the conclusion that say for example the activity in the hudson valley is demonic in nature- even though he is a (i think) not a Christian he knows about shapeshifters like the jinn, tricksters, as he puts it…
    And he connects the UFO activity with the druidic structures built in the valley, where not only UFOs manifest, but hooded figures (large and small) alien greys, orbs, and massive triangles-

    just as jaques valle also came to that conclusion –

    oh well, keep up the good work Lynn!!! keep fight the good fight!!! We are praying for you!!!

    wow yeah, and to think that the aliens voted for obama! hmmmmmmm 😀

  3. Just read “Politics Prophecy & The Supernatural”. Great read.
    It occured to me that the appearance of the UFO’s might be the Anti-Christ’s explanation of the disappearance of millions of people throughout the world–The Rapture. That’s going to cause quite a stir–and he’ll explain it away that the UFO’s took them. I believe in the Pre-Tribulation Rapture.
    What do you think?

  4. I believe that God has given us a gift…an understanding and a little time to integrate this into our very soul’s. The peace we have because we “know” what is about to happen will be translated to others in the very near future. The work that Lynn has done has helped to bring a core group of saints together. We cannot worry what “others” think of us, but trust that God who has called us will indeed use us for His purposes in these last days. Just like Jesus equipped the apostles, and who indeed had the New Testament in those days??? but God used His Own whom He called, to write the New Testament. We are the last leg of the race, TRUTH will prevail, be prepared for God to use you in the most amazing ways.

    Your sister in Christ Jesus,

  5. Yes I read your site and agree with it….I have always wondered though, those who believe/believed in a flat earth….what happened to the oceans? where does the water go….over the edge….then where??? ha!ha!ha!ha!

  6. I grew up seeing UFOs. But then again I was abducted repeatedly until 48 years old. Now I am 61. I have had friends who didn’t believe in the phenomenon found themselves looking at something at close range they couldn’t grasp, and even after seeing one at very close range continue to deny it. Denial is the soup of the day. In many ways denial makes the world go around.

  7. One sandwich short of a picnic…lol. Is that anything like not being the sharpest tool in the shed? I’m afraid I’d be guilty on both counts…but after watching a ufo for half an hour back in 1967, I know that it does’nt take a sharp tool or a whole picnic to see that you have definitely been given some insights.

  8. How about being two french fries short of a Happy Meal? Poor LA he’s getting all kinds of silly clinches hurled at him. I haven’t seen a ufo and really don’t care too but have witnessed supernatural miracles tho’. Does that count for something? I like the positive side of the spirit world.


  9. You said “It will take an event that is in broad daylight, where a UFO hovers over a city, and just hangs there, for hours, allowing it to be filmed, in order for the skeptic to believe…” Immediately that scene from “Independence Day” where Will Smith’s character comes out of his house, picks up his paper, starts reading and then looks over and see that humungous ship hovering in the sky. As many times as I’ve watched that movie, that scene still gives me the creeps.

    And you’re right. I think people are just going to have to be smacked in the head with the proverbial UFO brick before they believe.

  10. I definitely like the positive side of the spirit world. Since UfOs are part of the negative side I don’t like it when they are around. I use to spend my nights in dread of them. Quess what? The night is the typical time of Luciferian rule. I have never heard of an abduction happening in the day time. Maybe I just haven’t heard, but there was a time when I was heavy into UFO field investigations for agencies like APRO and NICAP. These things are definitely evil. And I know that government people are afraid of them. There is a great of paranoia in government circles about UFOs. Many years ago I was invited to a lecture on UFOs at Sandia Base in New Mexico. The lecture was given by J.Allen Hynek at the Center for UFO Studies by I got more attention than he did. For months afterward rumors circulated that I was someone from the government who was there to see who was interested in UFOs. The level of paranoia was incredible, but maybe it was justified.

  11. Greetings from Sunny South Africa Lynn!

    I have been reading your blog for a while now and always find something interesting. I have to agree with you about the friends not believing the UFO bit! I don’t even mention it anymore to avoid them looking at me like i have 2 heads! Someone mentioned here that we who believe have a peace that comes from knowing what’s coming and i couldn’t agree more. When “they” finally do decide to show themselves, at least i’ll know them for who they are and will not be deceived! When that happens i’ll turn around to everyone who has ridiculed me, stick out my tongue and say “i told you so!!” 🙂

  12. Lynn marzulli: I listen to everything your saying, and read your blog, Soon to get your news letter. I feel like I have known you like a friend. There are alot of us who believe with what you say – I just got done reading “Politics Prophecy & The Supernatural”. and now I am reading I.D.E Thomas The Omega conspiracy. My wife and I were Talking about what is happing in the world, and how it is all changing so fast. It like “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”, if you say something about Jesus ex: at work. They think your nuts, it’s like people are being conditioned. when I was born again Jesus gave me
    Psalm 18:1-31
    I LOVE You “”fervently and devotedly””, O Lord, my Strength.
    2 The Lord is my Rock, my Fortress, and my Deliverer; my God, my keen and firm Strength in Whom I will trust and take refuge, my Shield, and the Horn of my salvation, my High Tower.

    3 I will call upon the Lord, Who is to be praised; so shall I be saved from my enemies.-AMP
    Thankyou Lynn, Barry meyer Cheyenne, Wy

  13. I have been reading your blogs since I read PP&S. I can really relate to today’s comments. I attend a full gospel, spirit filled church; but I know that talking about ‘fallen angels’ and UFO’s as being in the present would fall on deaf ears. At least my husband and I won’t be caught unawares. Keep searching out the truth. God bless!

  14. Marsha, I as well go to a full gospel, spirit filled church, and I feel so privileged to have friends that are in agreement with what is happening and it is so refreshing to have “Blog Friends” as well….I first read Lynn’s Nephilim series and then the PP&S, it was so amazing to read what the Lord had been showing me for years! The Holy Spirit will navigate us through these waters in what seems to be a very troubling future, I really and truly have NEVER felt the anxiety in my spirit like I am feeling at this time! What will the president elect get sworn in on…..the Bible???? If not the Bible, I am sure NO ONE will say a word about it, I suppose it should not surprise any of us the capabilities of the enemy….

  15. Dear L.A.
    I’m a pre-trib. Christian, and I have been wondering how the anti-christ will explain the disappearance of the Church at the time of the Rapture. I wonder if these ufo sightings that have intensified since the 60’s, is a way to condition those left behind to an explanation of the disappearance of the Church? Over the last few years Hollywood has also made that suggestion plausible. The anti-christ would not have to stretch peoples imaginations too far, to suggest that those who were Raptured were simply “abducted”. What is your take on this theory?
    p.s. I found this site after seeing you on Prophesy In The News…good interview.

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