The Elections and Prophecy.

Our Country is about to vote again for a new president. I think it may turn out to be the most important election of our lifetime. I look at this event, as I do everything, through the lens of Biblical prophecy. How will the changing  political landscape correlate to prophecies, written thousands of years ago? Are we in a time, that the Bible speaks of, where we will see the fulfillment of prophecy regarding the nation of Israel. How will the next president deal with the ongoing tensions in the Middle East. As of this writing, Syria has now completely surrounded Lebanon with tanks and thousands of commando’s. What is Israel going to do?

          News agencies last week ran stories, that the ‘earthquake’ in Iran, may in fact, have been secret underground testing, of a nuclear bomb.

           Joe Biden, announced that the new president would be tested, much like J.F.K. was tested in the Cuban missile crises. I agree with him, the new president will be tested. With the global financial crises, still in what some experts are calling a free fall, whoever is elected, will have much to deal with.            

          Our country is split along moral and ethical lines. There are those who are traditionalist. They believe that abortion is murder, marriage is between a man and a woman, a welfare state, with cradle to grave entitlements is wrong, and that there is a God. Then, there are those who are what some – like Bill O’Reilly – label as, secular progressives. They believe in abortion on demand, gay marriage, cradle to grave entitlements and keep God out of the public dialogue, at all costs, or worse, that God is dead. This is the great divide. We are in a culture war and that war is getting nasty… period.

          Obama supported partial birth abortion, a procedure that might be one of the most horrific procedures ever devised and carried out by doctors who take an oath, to preserve life not destroy it. The Nazi’s would have loved it. On just this one issue alone, I cannot give my support to anyone who would condone such a vile act. I’m aware of the arguments, that seek to justify it, but in my opinion, they fall of their own weight.

          We, as a nation, either embrace the sanctity of life, or cheapen it with abortion. We’ve totaled over 40 million abortions, in our country and from my perspective, this is nothing short of a holocaust, of the unborn.

         There are many who I beieve have lost their bearings and replaced what was, at one time considered good, with what is evil. Don’t believe me? Ask your grandmother, what she thinks of abortion. 

         Some of you who are reading this, will castigate me for taking a stand like this. You’re entitled to, that’s your right, as a citizen, in this wonderful country that we live in. I will, however, point out that the acceptance of partial birth abortion, by many in this country, has brought us to, what I would consider is the nadir, of our civilization.

       If God is dead, and there are no absolutes, than there is nothing to worry about. If on the other hand, his handiwork surrounds us, as I think is illustrated by the picture above, how long will His patience last with a nation that condones and practices the slaughter of the innocents?

         I will vote for the candidate whose world view is closest to mine. I will cast my one vote, to the man that I believe has a similar moral compass, as I do. With that being said, I will vote for John McCain, and even though his chances might be slim, he has my support…

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  1. Lynn,

    I will not comment on the two previous comments. I will just say that I am glad that we live in a Country that gives us the freedom to disagree and still be civil to one another.

    I too support John McCain. Not because I agree with everything he has ever done or says or stands for, but because I cannot support a man who holds to the ideology that Obama represents. Like it or not, not all “change” is good. I believe that Obama’s policies are Marxist in nature. Do you really want the government spreading the wealth and taking more of your hard earned money? Do you really want government health care? If you really examine these issues and others, I think most would answer no.

    If Mr. Obama wins tomorrow, God help us. We are going to need it more than ever!


  2. Thanks Mr Marzulli for your great blog today.

    Our nation was founded on the understanding that our rights come from God and that we all are under the authority of a God.

    The unborn child’s right to life comes from God. That should be obvious to all, except for the fact that the spirit of the antichrist continues to deceive so many.

    As Scripture tells us, the devil is a liar and a murderer. He must be laughing with unbridled delight at the fact that he can so easily convince us to murder our own children by disguising the freedom to do evil as ‘freedom of choice.’

  3. I went to the site that was posted above. How can anyone in their right mind defend such a thing… this is how far we have fallen. The video backs up my assertion that if someone supports this they have aligned themselves with a culture of death. If they think otherwise they are only deluding themselves. Partial birth abortion is murder and ifanticide, in it’s most horrific form. May God have mercy on us…

  4. Dear Everyone,

    In the end, God is in control and all will work to His purpose.

    Whatever happens, just be sure you know Whom you serve and, if called upon, are ready to stand up and bear witness to Him.

  5. I registered as a Democrat when I was 18 years old. At my present age of 51 I have decided tochange my registration to Republican. I feel that I’m not leaving the Democratic Party – they left me!

    I am supporting McCain in this election. The left has gone too far to the left. And lies? Who is telling more lies – I’d have to say that with everything I’ve looked into there are more lies on the left and more hatred.

    I agree with # 3 Kevin….

  6. You can’t justify bad behavior by pointing to other bad behavior. The war is a mess, however Saddaam was a monster that slaughtered hundreds of thousands of his own people. You speak of butchering Iraqi’s by US military. That is over the line and pure left wing propaganda. Those in the military who have violated their office have been punished. The issue however, is that here is a man who supports Partial birth abortion. This is so over the top for me, I can’t really understand why we as a culture are discussing it. It is graphic proof of how far we have fallen. It is beyond the theater of the absurd.

  7. After reading the first comment, I had to write. Wesley I was in the AF for 21 years and gave the people like you the ‘right’to be able to ridicule your leaders! You are amazing with your rhetoric. Who pray tell, will support Isreal if we leave the Middle east? And no, I’m not happy with Bush but you must be a femininist and you detest Sarah because she is a threat to you and your libs. You libs are so full of hate.

    I love your work LA and in my opinion I believe that Obama (who was not even born here in the US and has his great aunt living in poverty) is the anti-christ. It’s scary when you turn on the tv and see young children singing and worshiping obama like Jesus in their classrooms. No we are being deceived LA, and it’s about to be revealed. Open your eyes Wesley and I’ll pray for you and my fellow libs.

  8. It really doesn’t matter who becomes President or which party is in charge of the reigns. Both have a shadow government behind them, both have their controllers.

  9. Lynn,
    YES! you hit it right on he money when you called out propaganda! (its about time somebody did!)
    I was expecting at any moment to read the term “imperialist swine” from some commenters hehe xD
    But the problem is that the media has conditioned us to accept the propaganda as an “alternative viewpoint”
    when in fact, it is pure unadulterated poppycock and twaddle-speak!

    I was in West-LA (Hollywood) today for an appointment, and the vibe there is SO weird!
    Everybody there is so self-assured in their intellectual elitism- they live in a cloistered environment-
    Everyone slapping each other on the back with a wink because they are so much more “informed” than the bourgeoisie-
    As do the “media elite”
    I mean, these elitist people think they KNOW WHAT IS BEST for the average joe, and feel quite justified in ramming it down the general populations throats!

    Many pundits on the web have stated that 2008 is the year that the media died- because every last vestige of balanced journalism fell by the wayside- the mask finally came off, and the media unabashedly admitted just how biased they really are-

    I personally do not own a television set, initially out of financial priorities, but now, out of choice.
    What could i possibly want with a television? When the media outlets are constantly unleashing a torrent of outright lies and propaganda?

    When the media does not tell you the TRUTH, but they try to tell you the truth as they wish it to be?

  10. We live during times that even the unbeliever understands to be very significant historically
    What many unbelievers miss is the spiritual dynamic behind everything that happens on the face of the planet.
    (Whether politics, or stock markets)
    It will take spiritual discernment to be able to go through these times and emerge with a clear and accurate perspective which remains intact.

    Lynn I believe God has given you have that gift of discernment, and that is why I visit your blog every day!

    Whoever gets elected, the unseen spiritual dynamic of this country will have changed, and already has changed, as those with spiritual insight can tell-

    The handwriting is on the wall for this country, as any financial analyst will tell you, and it will take extraordinary Spiritual Power (Jesus) and character to be able to withstand the times that are coming!

  11. Calling Obama a Marxist? He had an actual “Marxist” banner hanging over his desk. The power players he admires are Muslim terrorists. His spiritual advisors are reverse racists & promote Black Liberation Theology. His agenda is socialism if you agree w/it.

    If that is not enough then you add in his gay marriage stance & partial birth abortions to his list of moral fiber & we have a recipe for disaster.

    I really have to believe that people who call themselves “Christian” and vote for this man do not realize what “prince & principality” is driving him.

    Sure he’s likeable & charismatic. From afar I even admire him. Strictly from a media standpoint & world view he appears ok. But have you checked up on his background? Who he has associated himself with & what they believe?

    Then someone is going to stand there and tell me that he didn’t know who or what he was dealing with? How dumb would I have to be to believe that one for one second? He hates America & what is stands for. When he placates to the other nations of the world & gives them humility $$ & cowers in patriotic embarrassment-they may actually like us again?

    McCain has his negative traits as well & I’m not fooled by those either. He is also a Globalist so either way you go the political engine is heading into a “New World Order”/ “One World Order” as prophesied so no great surprise there. Obama will certainly take the US to the OWO table at warp speed. The entire political system is completely corrupt.

    If I did not vote for McCain then I would write in a candidate or vote for someone else entirely. A friend of mine took a great picture of this man wearing a 2 sided billboard.
    It said “I’m Voting for Jesus!”

    Let’s keep our eyes focused on the Kingdom of God & His righteousness and not upon which ever “man” is elected into office.


  12. Im so sorry but its still kinda buggin me that the aliens would endorse Obama, lol ;D

    This item would underscore the fact that in the spiritual realm there are UNSEEN principalities which are waging war for the souls of this nation!

    I would also like to advance the hypothesis that one candidate will accelerate the dark forces’ agenda more quickly than the other-

    Make no mistake, there is a spiritual battle going on right now! So, the devils tactic is to influence people to vote one way more than the other-

    I would imagine that as soon as the new president comes into office that-

    Our enemies will “test” him by “heating things up” in the middle east! (EZ 38)

    Im afraid that i have to say that neither candidate will be up to the task, and that our country will succumb to the same fate as other great empires that have unraveled due to corruption…

    (hint-hint) Im also afraid to say that the USA is not included in end-times prophecy…

  13. Yes, I have a one track mind, because everything else and I mean everything hinges on this one point. The fact that Obama would sanction partial birth abortion speaks volumes. In my opinion it’s just a small step away from the Nazi’s who condoned the extermination and murder of 6 million Jews. Remember they thought as you did. The Jews aren’t really human. They’re vermin, therefore we can exterminate them. Hitler wrote of his intentions in Mein Kampf. It amazes me, in way’s I find hard to even articulate, that there are people who are defending this, or have such a laize fair attitude toward the horrors of this practice, that they give it a pass and move on to other issues. How can you go to step two when step one is rotten to the core!

  14. Wesley,

    thank you for your comment! 😉
    On the surface i would say that your comment makes sense, and if i were an unbeliever, i might be inclined to agree with you!

    However the prophets like Daniel (where the vision of future great kingdoms comes from) were not constrained by the geographical considerations you speak of-

    If you understood spiritual matters, and the Power of God, you would know that God calls the end from the beginning, and speaks the future into existence by his Word…

    And If you further had spiritual insight, you would know and see that things are not business-as-usual in the world today…

    And that many of Gods prophets today (such as David Wilkerson, and Lynn) are spiritually aware of the imminent return of Jesus Christ!

    If all of this sounds like foolishness to you, i would like to invite you to receive forgiveness through Jesus, and invite him into your heart! 😀

  15. Aww shucks, now dont you pay no never mind to them haters like wesley, lynn!
    theyre just tryin to get to ya with the oldest one in the book, the old bait and switch-
    theyre trying ta probe ya so’s they can find out how to push yer buttons, yessir.
    why folks like that are just like a loud old empty clangin cymbal in the wind.

    if wesley really didnt care and if he was so sure of himself, why would he come to yer blog and listen to your Christian teachings? thats right, because he would LIKE to be able to believe in something, or someone, in this case, JESUS!

    yessir, i know this country will have ta give an account for all the unborn blood that has been spilled here-
    i watched that video and cried my eyes out the whole time-
    how could they do that to a baby?!

    somethin in my gut tells me that time is about run out fer this good ol US of A
    Weve got ta pray for this country like never before! yessir.

  16. Good morning everyone,

    It’s been said a few times here, but it bears repeating, BOTH McCain & Obama are globalists. Both serve the NWO agenda, as both the Republicans & Democrats have for many decades. The concept of controlling both sides of the argument to get the end results you want is a painfully obvious ploy to see once you become aware of it. But the globalists use it so much because it clearly works so well. Our government is bent against God & has been for a long time. Christians should know this more than most, and it saddens me that the ones I know personally are, for the most part, unwilling for various reasons to acknowledge the true wickedness that lies just beneath it’s surface.

    Again, christians should know this, and it should not be a surprise. Jesus Christ, our king & redeemer made this plain many times. But most emphatically to me in a place not often considered. I hope that no matter who any of you vote for that you will consider it- During Jesus’ 40 days of temptation, there was the point where Satan took Jesus up to a ‘High Place’ and showed him ‘all the kingdoms of the world’, saying that if Jesus would just worship Satan, then Satan would give them to him. Our Lord rightly rejected the offer, saying that God alone should be worshipped. But notice what he did NOT do. He did not deny Satan’s *right* to do so. If the earthly governments had not been Satan’s to offer, don’t you think Jesus would have called him on it? Yet he did not. This is why Christ repeatedly said His kingdom is ‘not of this world’ (or world-system).

    Lest anyone say that this no longer applied after Christ’s ressurection, doesn’t it say in 1st John that ‘the whole world lies in the *grip* (emphasis mine) of the evil one.’? Strong word, ‘grip’. Satan has (with God’s allowance) a clenched fist around all the earthly rulers of this world. This domination cannot be fought with voting & focus groups & political manuvering. The evil of the world cannot be fought with its own weapons. Only humility & prayer, through the Blood of Christ, enables us to do so.

    May God keep those of you who love Him, safe. For those of you who do not, may God bring you to repentance, and then to salvation through the sacrifice of His son, Jesus Christ.

  17. Everyone please refer to Wesley’s #7 post.

    Wesley Says: “I think partial birth abortion is horrible.” I STRONGLY AGREE!!

    As for post #12, I am a retired military veteran who has an open mind.(Obama’s dad was born in Kenya, but he himself was born in Hawaii.)

  18. Lynn and gang 🙂

    I didn’t vote for either Obama or McCain…but if I would have had to choose between the two, I would have voted for McCain.

    I voted third party because I think Republicans and Democrats are not to the standards that I believe in. However, I hope that Republicans get their act together and realize that all the values of their forefathers are relevant today.

    I understand why someone would vote for McCain though. I went back and forth on it and even prayed about it. This was not an easy campaign.

    In fact, I’m sort of tired of it. Too many commercials…ugh.

    Another big issue for me is the same sex marriage ban in California. Major assualt on traditional values.

    Ok, I talked to much. Hey, this blog Rocks!


  19. >>It’s been said a few times here, but it bears repeating, BOTH McCain & Obama are globalists. Both serve the NWO agenda, as both the Republicans & Democrats have for many decades. The concept of controlling both sides of the argument to get the end results you want is a painfully obvious ploy to see once you become aware of it. But the globalists use it so much because it clearly works so well. Our government is bent against God & has been for a long time. Christians should know this more than most, and it saddens me that the ones I know personally are, for the most part, unwilling for various reasons to acknowledge the true wickedness that lies just beneath it’s surface. <<

    Romans Chapter 1 explains why this happens to leaders.

  20. aww shucks wesley!

    yall really flatter me with yer big ol words about end times and politics and such 😀
    espeshully since yall are just spoutin the same ol left wing liberal drivel that the media spoon feeds the masses hehe

    now dont you get yer panties in a bunch over the end times (rapture), youll find out soon enough, and i really think it SCARES the holy gazingas outta ya, yessir.

    now ta me it shure sounds like yall have been brainwashed by the liberal media, and yer just recitin word fer word what theyve told ya to believe-
    it shure would be interestin ta see ya think fer yerself fer a change, instead of marchin lockstep to the beat of the NWO like some kind of zombie in the woods and such, hehe

    yessir, a lotta people call themselves Christians these days, even gnostics!
    but i really dont think you possess the cohones to make a stand despite wat yer liberal friends would say, no sir. hehe

    well, ive said my piece…yall have a nice day, ya hear? 😀

  21. Quite a heated debate in the comments section. I enjoy reading Lynn’s column because of our similar views. I voted for John McCain today because of his stand on abortion. I have had two severely disabled children. My first child lived four years. My third child was born with same disability as the first. I knew before her birth that there was probably an issue. I later learned that my mother-in-law thought I should get an abortion. I had the choice to keep my child knowing what I would face. I think the horrors of abortion especially partial birth abortion is America’s version of Molech sacrifices. I pray McCain wins. I know he is a globalist and all the other stuff. I also know God is in control.

  22. Yes, I voted today. Because I felt McCain’s values were more in line with what America HAS been, even though I certainly understand the dirty politics on all sides. I was tremendously disappointed that most Americans could not see the dangerous direction our country is heading into with the now Socialist/Marxist agenda that is our future. But of course, God is in control and NO human government will ever suffice. God has a plan and ANY person elected is there because He allows it. Our future is in ‘The Book’ and I’m sure Mr. Obama is only God’s tool to get us right where God said we would be at His perfect time. The wise men are losing their wisdom. Thy Kingdom come…soon, Jesus.

  23. Hi Mr.Lamarzulli,

    I have to be honest up until yesterday I had never heard of you. I happened on the show prophecy watch and really enjoyed you and I plan on getting your books and reading. I wanted to comment on this election as I sit here now Mr. Obama has been elected. I’ve read the comments above and assume that ones commenting on this blog are Christians. I had a discussion the other day with my Mother and said I did not understand how a Christian could vote for Obama. I have to be honest if neither of these candidates lined up with my values I would research a third candidate and if that didn’t work, I wouldn’t vote. I think we have a responsibility to vote not based on emotion but based on what the Bible says. I watched the Saddleback forum and heard John McCain refer to his failed first marriage, he stated it was one of the biggest regrets of his life. As I vote I realize that we vote for a man that is imperfect so I looked at McCain and thought he did this, he admitted and apparently him and is ex-wife had a friendly relationship. We all make mistakes and we all lose our way, I’ll never be able to run for public office because of all the skeletons, but I’m forgiven. I realize that Mr. Obama is imperfect, he has made mistakes such as his drug use. He stated he regretted that and I believe him. So now I have to look at what does he stand for and what is his voting record. He has does continue to support the most radical forms of abortion and infanticide. He stated that when he was elected his first order of business is to sign a bill called the freedom of choice act. This bill takes the states rights away and says for example if your 12 year old daughter gets pregnant and wants to travel across state lines to get an abotion that no-one can stop her and that her parents do not have the right to know. I don’t need to go any further than this. We can debate the war in Iraq til we are blue in face, it happend lets move on and win it, which we are doing. Abortion I believe is non-debatable. Jesus said as you do to the least of these you do unto me. I would think the most innocent among us are the un-born and the small children. I think that God will hold us responsable who we vote for. Because when we vote we condone the policies. I didn’t vote for Obama and will never vote for a candidate that holds those beliefs no matter how much he promises hope and change. I’ve found my hope in Christ. God Bless all.

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