India Reeling After Terror Attacks:

This is from the November Monthly News Magazine:

As most of you know, the city of Mumbai, in India was attacked last week and the death toll, as of this writing, had reached over 120. The attack has been attributed to Muslim extremists who, without provocation, stormed the Taj Mahal palace and Tower hotel. They were armed with AK47’s and hand grenades.

         I have been on radio shows where the host refused to acknowledge the extreme element of the Muslim faith. In Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural, I make a cogent argument that terrorism is a real threat. There are those who travel in the conspiracy of 911, that it was a USA government inside job – a false flag operation by operatives who wanted to start a war. They point to the collapse of Building #7, which I will admit I have problems with. They also use the Pentagon’s lack of debris, as another example that what crashed into the Pentagon was not a plane, but a missile.

         Now what are we to think with the current crises that is unfolding in Mumbai? Are we to think that this is another false flag OP? That sinister forces are at work to bring about another war? In a recent BLOG, The Luciferian Dialectic, I propose that there are forces that are at work. I use the statement that was penned almost 2000 years ago, that says,


 The Mystery of Iniquity is at work…


          Let’s not forget that although this satanic force is at work, we cannot be ignorant of the fact, that there is an element of terrorism, in this world. Was the bombing of the USS Cole, a false flag OP? What about the buildings that were bombed in Saudi Arabia, the Cobar Towers? Hundreds of Americans lost their lives in that horrific attack. Today’s news has pinpointed the attackers, to have come from Pakistan. This complicates the tenuous relationship that India and Pakistan has had for years. There is talk on the Net that this may lead to a nuclear response from India. I find that hard to imagine.

        While the Indians will respond in some manner, let us hope that cool heads will prevail. The attacks by these radical, Muslim, thugs are absolutely unconscionable. To kill someone, in cold blood, without provocation is Barbary at its worst. On the heels of this, has been reports that another attack has been planned for the subway system in New York City. With the attacks in Mumbai, it is a reminder that this fanaticism, which Islam seems to foster, must be stopped and eradicated at whatever the cost. I have said this before and I will close with it now. Where are the moderate Muslims who are denouncing this? They seem to be very quiet, as usual.





Mumbai Terror!

Mumbai Terror Attack Updates Day 2


November 27, 2008, 2:04 PM (GMT+02:00)

– Indian forces poised to storm two hotels and Chabad center where terrorists are holding hostages, including Israelis.

– Israel-India flights continue on schedule. One carried a group of Israeli doctors for Mumbai.

– The Islamist terrorists attacking Mumbai for the second day came from outside the country.

– Indian security sources report many Israeli hostages in the Oberoi Hotel, which the terrorists still control amid sustained gunfire in the lobby.

– Heavy battles resume in the Taj Palace Hotel.

– Indian naval troops board the MV Alpha freighter suspected of having sailed the terrorists to Mumbai’s shore from Karachi, Pakistan.

– Anti-tanks missiles handed out to Indian commando force battling terrorists at Taj Palace hotel.

– Indian general: Four or five terrorists inside Chabad Center.

– Islamist shooting attacks and blasts spread to southern Mumbai away from the hotel district —

– Terrorists hurl grenades at Indian forces surrounding Chabad Center and the Oberoi hotel.

– Fighting flares up anew in the Taj Palace Hotel said to have been cleared Thursday. Some hostages escaped and many bodies were found in guests’ rooms.

– Terrorists are still holed up at the Oberoi Hotel and Chabad Center with hostages, including Israelis, under police-commando siege.

– A loud explosion at the Oberoi Hotel as some of the hundreds of hostages escape.

– A woman and child held at Chabad center came out of the building.

– The Mumbai stock exchange stays shut.

– Police sappers defuse bombs containing RDX strewn across the town.

– International airlines cancel flights to the beleaguered Indian town.

-The terrorists wear elite military unit uniforms. Each has an automatic rifle, grenades and military-style kit.

The Luciferian Dialectic: From our October News Magazine.

dialecticThe Luciferian Dialectic:


L. A. Marzulli


A Dialectic is made up of three parts. The first is conflict, (or Thesis), followed by a counter conflict, (Antithesis) then a synthesis. I believe we may be witnessing a Luciferian dialectic. Let me explain. The United States was attacked on 911. I realize that there are those who believe that a faction of our own government was responsible. They point to the collapse of Building #7, and the lack of plane wreckage, at the Pentagon site. I’ve seen ‘Loose Change’ and I will admit it raises some interesting questions. However, let’s get past the idea that this was a conspiracy, hatched by a secret government deep, in an underground, smoke filled, room. Let us instead go back two thousand years and read this, 

“The mystery of Iniquity is already at work…”

This was penned by the Apostle Paul, and can be found in 2Thessaloninas: 2:7.

         We see that this mystery of iniquity or lawlessness was at work at the time of Paul. I believe that this power, which is Luciferian in nature, has never stopped working and its goal is to bring about the advent of the Antichrist. So how does this figure into 911?

         911 was the initial conflict, the first leg of the dialectic. We may argue as to who did it and why, but in the end, it really doesn’t matter. That argument is only a distraction from what I believe is going on in the supernatural. The initial event or conflict was immediately countered by the United States – the second leg of the dialectic – and a loosely formed coalition, by attacking Afghanistan. A short time later we went into Iraq. While I admit that Saddam was a monster and the world is better of without him, I found it hard to understand our excuse for an invasion. The Iraq war has become unpopular and although many of our young men and women have fought to bring about democracy and freedom to the Iraqi freedom, there may be another reason for the war there, perhaps a supernatural one. Remember, the Mystery of iniquity is at work. 

         The ancient city of Babylon lies in Iraq. It was rebuilt and restored by Saddam to the tune of around 2 billion dollars. We never hear about it in our media. It is ignored. Yet, in ancient prophetic writings, the city of Babylon is mentioned, almost as many times as Jerusalem. Is there a reason for this? Many Prophecy scholars have written off the ancient site, to the dustbin of history and believe that the United States is Babylon. This, in my opinion is dangerous, as it replaces what is written literally, with that which is conjectured.

         I believe we will see the total restoration of that ancient site, here’s why. We see from a myriad of sources that the withdrawal of our troops, in Iraq, is an inevitability. It remains to be seen when this will happen. Our presence holds the Malaki government together, there’s no doubt about it. The surge was necessary to quell the sectarian violence between Sunni and Shia Muslims and dissenting factions, like the Imam, Mouqtada Al Sadr and his militia. Saddam was able to control this complex religious and political dynamic through the use of fear. He murdered hundreds of thousands of his own people, but the result was, he remained in control.

         With the imminent withdrawal of Coalition forces, this will create a power vacuum. With the threat of an ever-increasing Iranian army, how will the Iraqi’s contend with this?

        That being stated, the counter conflict, the second leg of the dialectic is just about over. We can now turn our attention to the final element, the final leg, that of synthesis. This will come about when the coalition forces withdraw, and create a power vacuum. Here is a scenario of where I think this is all going.

        Before WWI the Turkish, Ottoman Empire controlled most of the region. After the defeat of the German’s, the Turks who had allied themselves, with the German’s, lost their empire. The British and French created the countries that we know as, Iraq, Syria, Jordan and Palestine, which is now Israel. The Hashemite Kings who claim a direct descent to Mohammed, through his Uncle, Hashem, had set up monarchies in Syria, Iraq and Jordan. When the Syrian and Iraqi kingdoms were overthrown the Hashemite’s retreated, to Jordan, where they rule to this day.  A few years ago the newly crowned King Abdullah II, offered to set up a Constitutional Monarchy, in Iraq. He was initially turned down. Here’s what I think may happen. Because Abdullah is a Hashemite King, and a direct descendant, of the prophet Mohammed, he holds great sway, in the Moslem world. Both Sunni and Shia respect him. As the Malaki government finds itself, without the backing of the U.S., it will be exposed for what it truly is a weak, enervated, administration. With the threat of Iran, and the Kurds clamoring for independence in the North, Iraq will need a strongman to hold all the diverse factions together. Such a strongman is, King Abdullah. He is westernized, intelligent, highly educated, has a military upbringing, and is an established player, in the region. He is also a Hashemite King. My theory is this. He will offer a constitutional monarchy, headed by himself, and the Iraqi people will accept it. He will set up his new capital in BABYLON – not Baghdad. He will use the billions of petrol dollars, now at his disposal, to rebuild his capital on the ruins, of that ancient city.  He then will divide his country of Jordan and give a portion of it to the Palestinians, who by the way make up over 75%, of the population. If he does this, he will have brought peace to the region by solving the 60-year old conundrum, of the Middle East, by giving the Palestinians a homeland. Next, because he is a Hashemite, he controls the Temple Mount, in Jerusalem. Nothing happens there without his direct consent. He is the only person on the planet who has the authority to cut a deal with the Israeli’s and allow them to build, on the 20 acres that aren’t’ being used for anything on the Mount. In other words the third Temple. If he does this then he can be none other than, The Son of Perdition, that has been predicted for thousands of years. While this is a scenario, it is based on research that I have conducted, that tells us, that in the later days (or end of days) the third temple will be rebuilt.

If we witness these events unfold as I have laid them out here, than we have seen a Luciferian dialectic. The conflict being 911, the counter conflict, the Afghan and Iraqi war, the synthesis, the rise of the Hashemite kingdom in Iraq, with it’s capital in Babylon, not Baghdad! And finally the building of the third Temple on the Temple Mount. It’s a tall order to fill and we will watch and see what happens.


Weekly Wrap Up: 11-21-08

iran-missile1As I Blogged about yesterday, Iran has now gathered enough nuclear material, to make an atomic bomb. This ups the ante, as far as Israel is concerned, and we will see what shakes loose, in the coming months. Will Israel opt for a preemptive strike on Iran, which would have the possibility of throwing the region into an all out war? Will a combined force of Syria, Iran, Russia, Libya and Hezbollah join forces and attack first? There is certainly no sign of peace in the region and at best we see saber rattling and the moving of troops into position. Remember that Syria has not pulled its troops away from the Lebanese border. With Russia selling its missile technology to the Iranians and the Syrians and the US arming Israel with a variety of anti-missiles, will we see an exchange like we saw during the 6 day war? Or will it be something more devastating?

stock-marketThe Stock Market took another dive this week and folks that have 401 k’s and the like, have taken yet another hit. The real estate market shows little signs of bottoming out, and there is talk of a world wide depression. Is this the beginning of a global one world, currency? Are we seeing the nascent form of this, with the recent meeting of the G20 leaders? What will happen to the auto industry? Will there be a bailout for them as well? And what is most paramount, who is going to pay for all of this?


obama3World Net Daily, is still posting its lead story, regarding the Supreme Court hearing, of a law suit regarding Obama’s birth certificate. I wish  somebody would pin this down once and for all. If he’s not a US citizen, what would this mean? Would the Bush white house continue? Would Joe Biden become the president?  This might be worse than the hanging chads in the 2000 election… 

alien-ship1Stephenville Texas has made the news again as recent UFO flaps continue in the area. I’m trying to contact a reporter, Angelia Joiner and find out, first hand from her, what is going on. The last time I talked with Ricky Sorrell, one of the UFO witnesses, which was in the beginning of the summer, he informed that the flap was continuing and that he had seen the craft several times that month. I’m going to predict that next week we will have another bit of disclosure from some country or declassified file on UFOs. It’s just a hunch, but if you notice, every few weeks something else comes out.

temple-mount1There is talk of Israel going back to it’s pre 1967 borders, which would include the division of Jerusalem. Personally, I don’t think this is going to happen, as Jerusalem is regarded, by the Jews as their eternal capital. Another dynamic would be the receding of the Golan heights, which is strategic ground for Israel, as it acts as the only deterrent on its Northern border. The elections are on the horizon and if Benjamin Netanyahu is elected, I’m willing to speculate that giving land for peace, under  his watch, will never happen. In the meantime, Hamas continues to fire Katusha rockets over the border from Gaza into Israel, so far the Israeli’s have not retaliated. let me put it this way. If you lived in a border town in Texas and several times during the week, the Mexicans fired rockets at your town, what would you do? What the United States government do? Yet there is a double standard when it comes to Israel. At some point they will have had enough, and respond…


alien-interview-jpg5The new Ebook will be available soon. It’s packed with over 20 interviews, commentaries and editorials! it also features WEB links for further information. This is an interactive book and will sell for only $4.99 in a PDF format.

I’m also going to have some Christmas specials so be on the look out for those…

Thanks for coming to this BLOG. I’ll be back on Monday unless something happens over the weekend…

L. A. Marzulli

Wars And Rumors of War…

iran-missileToday’s headlines, on the DRUDGE report, stated that Iran now has enough nuclear material to make a bomb. Isn’t that comforting to know? Of course that’s still a  long way from actually making a nuclear device that can be detonated, let’s say over Tel Aviv, but still it’s a step in the right direction. Iran should be proud that they have defied the U.N and everybody else and are only a small step away from joining, a select group of nations, that have the ability to kill hundreds of thousands of people with just one bomb. Yes, it’s quite an accomplishment. God help us! What most people, in the west do not understand is that Iran is primarily made up of Shiite Muslims. They have a peculiar theology, in the that they hold a belief in a figure, who is called the Imam Madhi. This enigmatic figure will return at a time when there is total Chaos. He will return with Jesus and take him to Jerusalem and show him how to pray. Seriously, I’m not making this stuff up. Mahmoud I’m-in-a Jihad has stated publicly that he is willing to sacrifice up to one third of his own people to bring about the advent of the Mahdi.

            So let’s walk through it. Iran has stated over and over again that Israel should be wiped off the map. As I’ve said before, there’s not much room for detante’ in statement like that. It’s hard to sit down with a group of people, and have a chat, who have declared that they are looking forward to wiping you off the face of the earth. What’s more is that I’m-in -a-jihad, has stated, in a variety of ways, his intentions toward Israel.

           Recently I ran a story about the Holocaust. I did so because many of my daughters peers, have no idea of the horrors that mankind is capable of. Make no mistake about it, with a group of people who believe that they must somehow bring about a time of chaos, in order to have the Mahdi manifest, is a very serious situation. 

          Several months ago Israel conducted military exercises, in what some say was a mock air strike on Iran. We also know that Syria has surrounded Lebanon with over 10,000 troops and tanks and as of this writing the situation has not changed. We also know that Russian military and nuclear advisers have met with and have ongoing relationships with both Iran and Syria and now Libya. What I find so fascinating is that these are some of the nations that are mentioned in the Ezekiel 38 prophecy. Will Israel sit back and do nothing for fear of starting a regional war? Will Iran make the first move, with a confederacy of nations, against Israel? There’s lots of jockeying for position and it’s hard to predict what will actually transpire. One thing is for certain. With Iran now a step away from the completion of a nuclear bomb, the balance of power, in the Middle East has begun to shift. We will continue to watch and see what develops. Hopefully this will not be a prelude to the fulfillment of the Ezekiel 38 war…

UFOs Overwhelming Are They II.

new-world-orderI get a lot of email everyday and sometimes it is difficult to keep up with it all. I recently received a post that discussed a UFO sighting. According to the story, witnesses claimed to have seen a beautiful UFO, that dazzled them and made them feel euphoric. The person who sent me the story was taken aback, by the reaction of the witnesses as she said, that it fit my theory regarding full disclosure. I BLOGGED about full disclosure before and I believe that when it happens it will overwhelm the average person, as it will be likened to a ‘spiritual’ event. Ricky Sorrells who saw the Stephenville UFO said the same thing, that the event was overwhelming. I have interviewed people who saw the object that was over Phoenix in 1997 and they, too, have said that the experience was overwhelming.

alien-priest1It is one thing to BLOG and have a discussion about UFOs and what might happen when they reveal themselves, it’s another to be living one day after the event takes place. When UFOs are revealed, most people will be taken in by the deception, as they will be overwhelmed by the experience.

       I was recently contacted by a woman who wanted me to come to her area and speak. She knew that her church would more than likely not be interested, but thought that she could round up a group of people who would attend the lecture. It’s alarming that the so-called religious leaders won’t deal with the phenomena, that is burgeoning around them. In my opinion the church, at large, is asleep at the wheel. It’s unfortunate, because when the revealing comes, this may be the catalyst that will cause the great falling away, that 2nd Thessalonians talks about. (I delve into this in PP&S) There will be no time to think about what is occurring, as the event will be overwhelming in stature and magnitude. The human race has never experienced anything like it before and will have no paradigm in which to deal with it, thus overwhelming may be the operative word. Will the so called aliens become out new high priests, telling us that it was they who started the worlds religions?

             This may be the reason why the US government has put a lid, or cover up, on the UFO and alien presence, avoiding disclosure, for the good of the public. When it does finally happen, most folks will be caught up in the moment, much like the witness I mentioned earlier, who described his experience as euphoric. Will they too have a similar reaction?


     I read recently that when UFO pioneer researcher, Jacque Valee, began his research, he first thought that these visitors, were benevolent beings from other galaxies who were here to help us. He later changed his position and believed that wherever these beings came from, they were Messengers of Deception. He also postulated that they were inter-dimensional. 

      Getting back to the witness in the beginning of this entry. He said that seeing the UFO was the most beautiful site he had ever witnessed. Like those who were at Fatima in 1917, when an event happens that is outside of our paradigm, most of us will embrace what is set before us. In short, we will be overwhelmed… and therefore open for the Great Deception!

The Alien Interviews: by L. A. Marzulli

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