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Well, another week has come and gone… Tempis Fugit as the Latin saying goes… or if you prefer the English translation, Time Flies! We’re rolling into November and the United States, Presidential elections, will be held this coming Tuesday. Who will win and where will the new president take us? With the Middle East, seemingly  ready to blow, whoever is elected will have to deal with the growing tensions, in the region.      

Iran is racing toward the completion of its nuclear program and there were rumblings, in different Middle Eastern news sources, about the ‘rumblings’ in Iran. Apparently there were two earthquakes only about 7 miles apart from each other this week. Some observers speculated that they were caused by secret, underground, nuclear tests. If that is the case, that somehow Iran has already acquired the bomb, perhaps through the help of the Russians, lets say, then how does that change the balance of power in the region? Can some sort of confrontation be far off?

          Syria, still has its troops surrounding Lebanon. Is this maneuvering, a pretext for an invasion of Israel? The Russians continue to sell arms to Syrian, Iran and now Libya. Hmmm, looks like Ezekiel 38, to me. We’ll keep watching and see what happens. 

         There is also talk, in Israel, about handing over the Golan Heights, back to Syria, as well as reducing the country’s boundaries, to the pre 67 war boundaries, which means handing over Jerusalem. I don’t think that will happen, as Netanyahoo seems to be the next in line, for the presidency and he’s a hardliner.

          Today is October 31st, and this is the day, according to Prophet Yahweh, that a UFO will manifest over the skies of Las Vegas. If this doesn’t happen, does this make P.Y. a false prophet? I think it does. As many of you know, the Prophet was on the Q-Files show, which I guest host on Wednesdays. The interview will be linked to this site soon, and I would encourage you to take a listen to it. I had lots of positive feedback on it. I’m not going to include his picture again as I think we’ve seen it enough times…

         Oil dropped to a record low, for the last several years. OPEC has decided to cut production by 1.5 million barrels a day.

         The October News Magazine will come out this Saturday. Don’t miss the interview with Dr. Lynne Kitei. She has done a documentary on the Phoenix lights and comes, on the record with me, for an in depth interview. It’s only $1.50 per month and you can cancel at any time. There’s lots of goodies in this months issue.       

          There is also the Turkish UFO footage which has hit the NET and YOUTUBE. It looks convincing, but who knows? Earlier this month the U.K. released classified information about their UFO sightings. One that made international news, featured the ex-pilot, who publicly went on the record saying, that the UFO he saw, was as big as an aircraft carrier. 

        Well, I could go on… See you on Monday. Why not be a big spender and sign up for this months news Magazine. It’s interactive with links and web addresses and it helps keep all of this going! It’s only $1.50!

16 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up!

  1. Several years ago when I was a licensed EMT-Paramedic/Firefighter I attended a regional EMS conference in which one of the topics was the recognition of occult ritual injury and human sacrifice. This was put on by a joint effort between the New Mexico State Police and Texas Office of Public Safety (Texas Rangers). During this two hour class we were shown Satanic influences that are prevalent in modern art and music. We were also shown candles made from human fat and little tools made from human skeletons. We were shown cooked down human fat in jars that been found in one Satanic Cult in Texas. And were shown where the skin had been removed from human sacrifices and was proudly worn as a matter of Luciferian worship during the four high black masses of the year.

    One of these black masses begins at 12:01 am on October 31st to consecrate the new year to Lucifer. In it coven members will take a large bowl and pass it around. Each of them will urinate and defecate into the bowl and then the contents will be mixed with the blood of a human sacrifice and each of them will drink from it. This represents the corruption of the sacrament of Christ. Then the body of the human sacrifice will be cut up and they will eat the flesh. These are mostly babies delivered by coven females, but sometimes these are children that are abducted. This is the ultimate destruction of innocence.

    Christians should not celebrate Halloween since it is the time of the high mass of evil. To understand why we should not celebrate this you must understand where the term “trick or treat” comes from. Lucifer has always been the great trickster. In the Celtic roots of Halloween Satan would call down terrible tricks on people but they could buy him off for a year with an appropriate treat. So fallen angels would go to the doors of a community masquerading as human and tell the people “treat me or I will play a terrible trick on you.” And we are not talking about outhouse tipping. We are talking about plagues on farm animals, blights on the land, and roving bands of demonic inspired humans that would rape and pillage. We, Christians, tend to think that Lucifer and his followers are bad now. They have had better days. Now they use technology to carry on the deception of the nations.

  2. Yes ive actually heard intelligence rumours about iran having nukes for a couple of years now…
    my opinion is that if anyone is to “push the button” in the middle east, ahmadinejad is the guy who would do it…
    according to the bible, its not a question of if but when…
    i think that WHEN it happens it will be similar to when the planes flew into the twin towers…
    it will be a day like any other day…
    i remember getting off the train and when i got to work (big office bldg.), nobody was there, and everyone was gathered around the tv-
    it was almost like an out-of-body experience…
    yeah, it will be like that…
    people will say “wow i never thought they would do it…”

    um wow randy thanks for SOOO much information…(yuck)…
    yes Christians should be praying against all manner of ritual abuse for tonight…
    satans power is limited, compared to Jesus…its only Gods grace that satanists are able to do what they do…
    because God loves them, he allows them to do what they do, because he desires LOVE from a free will…
    and God hopes that ALL should come to repentance…
    God knows what a horrible hell awaits those who follow satan, but he will not force people to choose Jesus..
    just as people are allowed to choose Jesus, he allows some poor misguided souls to choose satan…

    but satans time is running out-

    it will be a day like any other day…and satan knows it…

  3. Satanic symbolism is used a great deal in heavy metal albums. Many of these when back tracked have slogans such as “Satan is lord”, “my sweat Satan”, and “Master Satan loves me” on them. When I subjected to ritual abuse as a child there were places I absolutely hated. One of these was New Orleans, LA. Every time we went there I would become deathly sick — and then years later as an adult I remembered one of my abusers telling me “Remember Satan loves you while you are in New Orleans.” I was 8 years old when this happened. These groups are everywhere. They like to manipulate the minds of young people and twist them as far as they can. Rock and roll is one of their tools because it breads rebellion to parental authority and leads to alcohol, drugs, and a complete failure of any moral code. That is why there is some much use of Satanic symbolism in album art. Remember the simple statement — by their seeds you shall know them.

  4. um “randy heckler” hehe

    yah ur really a funny guy, huh?
    because the correct scripture is “by their fruits you shall know them”…

    sometimes its good to try and stay “on topic” lol…

    however if you have been a victim of ritual child abuse…i know that there has been a long spiritual fight for your deliverance…and it may very well be that you are still fighting…are you aware of “multiple personalities?”
    have you received psychiatric care?

    we will pray for you, if this is the case…
    if it is not the case, and you are merely mocking, then you are still in the right place!

    God has something GREAT for you! 😀

  5. The Bible says by their fruits you shall know them. But Lucifer et al say by their seeds you shall know them. Within this is an understanding that the Lord is the fruit of the plan of salvation, while Lucifer is the seed trying to destroy it. That is why I used the reference that I used. There is always a deeper meaning to everything. I stand with the fruits of the great work of salvation, personally. Or as I have been know to say “My house and I shall serve the Lord.”

  6. ok randy well thanks for your reply!

    is it hard for you now that you are no longer involved in ritual abuse?
    or are you still involved in it?

    ya know either way is fine because God has a great plan for you! 😀

  7. Has anyone ever noticed or commented that there was an exponential jump in the frequency of UFO sightings when prayer was taken out of public schools in the USA?
    One cannot underestimate the power of prayer, even if the prayers are being offered by a child.
    Prayer creates a covering which cannot be penetrated by satans weapons!

    And, since that is the case, a lack of prayer would create a hole in the covering over this nation.
    Any thoughts?

  8. Even when I was subjected to the ritual abuse I fought it fang and claw.
    I have since spent my life fighting it every way possible. Along the way the Lord has given me some very specific instruction on how to deal with the powers and principalities of evil and I use these weapons daily. Prayer is a weapon of great power.

  9. Here’s another reason to ignore this celebration, American’s call, “Halloween”.

    Headline reads: “SC boy shot, killed trick-or-treating; 2 injured” See full story at the American Family Association’s News Source-One News Now.


    If you haven’t already seen the video interview with the host of this blog, you missed a very good and informative one. Go to http://www.prophecyinthenews.com/ and select the “Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural”. I’ve sent the link to my book reading friends and told them to order his books and to check out the blog. If you guys enter comments on other blogs you can put his link there to get more traffic here.

    Send J.R. Church a note and let him know you saw the interview at:


  10. Randy,
    So, are/were you a generational satanist? Were you set aside to be a priest?
    Are your parents actively involved in satanism now?
    Are you aware of a link with satanism/freemasonry and UFOs?

    The Blood of Jesus can set you free! 😀

  11. Wesley,

    Wow such a passionate response! And not the least bit rambling, lol =P

    So, I take it that you are NOT in the “UFOs are fallen angels” school of thought?

  12. Madmod77,

    I am in not in any school at the present. I am open to various interpretations of the ufo phenomena. I do reject the “Benevolent Space Brothers” school 100%. This is the school that includes channeling of space brothers through humans, promising mass ufo events that never occur. They all come be demonic, but I remain open. Once you believe something with a dogmatic furvor, then you subconsciously close your eyes to any evidence to the contrar

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