L.A. Marzulli Interviews Prophet Yahweh Today – ON THE Q-FILES!

Today on the Q-Files, our guest will be Prophet Yahweh. We had a snag, as the Prophet gave us a wrong phone number by mistake, so Steve, our producer, was not able to do a sound check. That being said, I emailed P.Y. and he apologized and gave us the correct number. We should be OK, today @ 7:00PM EST. I’ll give you the link at the bottom of the page. Remember to Email with your questions at, lmarzulli@aol.com 

      I did some more research on P.Y. and found that he makes some bizarre claims regarding Christians, Jesus and the Jews. I won’t go into it here, but if  you GOOGLE, P.Y., an assortment of articles and posts come up. 

     After spending almost 30 years researching UFOs and the Nephilim, I believe that the so called extraterrestrials, are fallen angels. I realize that to blurt out a statement like that can cause a lot of folks to be taken aback. That’s fine, so why some of you are regaining your footing, let me explain. I have seen nothing in my research that would indicate that these E.T.’s are benevolent and are here to usher us into the next level, in our spiritual evolution. I do however, find the abduction phenomena abhorrent and criminal. Taking someone against there will is kidnapping and in every culture, that I’m aware of, it is treated as a crime. Probing someones genitalia, without their permission, is also regarded as crime. Subjecting someone to unmitigated fear, as many abductee’s claim, is akin to physiological torture, which again is criminal. Not much good, here. While P.Y. may have some connection – which I would deem a familiar spirit – that at times allows him to contact these beings, in my opinion he is opening himself up to forces that are malevolent and in the end, will betray  him. 

     The Bible is actually a manual for dealing with the things of the spirit. In fact, we are told that the natural man – one who is not, ‘born again’, cannot possibly understand the things of the spirit. I know that our weapons are not carnal and we fight unseen principalities and rulers, of darkness. The good news is that we have authority, in the name of Jesus. By His blood we have the victory. I remember when I interviewed Lawrence Gray, he was the Missionary that the ‘Mothman,’ appeared to, one night, in his bedroom. He was paralyzed with fear- and who wouldn’t be – but then he began to say to himself, “The Blood of Jesus.” It’s not that those words are some sort of magical formula. They’re not, but in the hands of a believer, who knows that he, or she, has been saved, by the blood shed on Calvary, those words become lethal weapons! That confession of believing on Him who was sent, opens the doorway to eternal life. It is with that mind set that I go into this interview today.


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14 thoughts on “L.A. Marzulli Interviews Prophet Yahweh Today – ON THE Q-FILES!

  1. um, sorry im a little awkward at this kinda thing-

    does anyone have a direct link?

    ive been clicking around on that site but im not sure if ive got the right Q file?

    is it labeled as LMARZULLI?

  2. I did a brief reading on the prophet yahweh & came across a person who summons
    UFO’s in the name of Allah.

    No big suprise that name works as well.
    Utube Allah UFO

    Interesting prophet yahweh’s beliefs tie in so well with the Black Liberation Theology which Obama obviously has interest in under Rev.Wright & Minister Louis Farrakhan.

    **Look forward to hearing your interview.

  3. L, you took chances not praising the Prophet … when the mothership comes down on 10/31/08 … fall to your knees and beg forgiveness

  4. It’s nice to know that there is someone like you who openly talks about Ufo’s and Aliens, calling them out for what they really are. Keep up the good work my friend, God bless

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