Prophet Yahweh to appear w/ L. A. Marzulli on the Q-Files Wednesday

Tomorrow on the Q-Files at 7:00 EST, I will be interviewing Prophet Yahweh. It should be interesting, as I plan to ask him a variety of questions. Before I continue with todays’ BLOG, I would invite you to post any questions you might have me ask P.Y., in the comment section. We have only one  hurdle to go before the interview is final and that’s a telephone check with the producer. If that is OK, then we’re on for tomorrow.

         I’m looking forward to this. It should be fascinating. Yesterday, on the Q-Files there was someone who emailed me, in regard to having P.Y. on the show. He asked me why I was giving P.Y air time. It’s a good question. Here’s what I replied. P.Y. claims to be able to summon UFOs. Allegedly he has done this on several occasions, the most famous being the one he did for a Los Vegas News crew. (I’ve Blogged about this previously) The question is, what is he operating under? Is it a hoax, as some people believe? Does P.Y. have someone who release weather balloons in the sky? Does he have power? If so where does this power come from. It is demonic in nature? I think you know that I believe. P.Y operates with a familiar spirit that is demonic. These beings lie and are master of deception. It is this deception that I want to try to expose, on the show.   

         I’ve been doing some background on P.Y. and although he was able to summon a UFO in front of a news crew, when he tried it again, at a later date, nothing happened. In August of 2005, P.Y. announced in a press release, that he was going to call down UFOs over all 50 states. This, didn’t happen. Here’s a link to the Press release. 

        Why didn’t it happen? It’s because of the same deception that befell Blossom Goodchild. With that said, I’m not expecting much to happen on October 31st either. Like Goodchild’s October 14th prediction, this will more than likely be, a non-event, in that P.Y will not be able to summon anything. If nothing happens then we will receive a series of excuses, as to why nothing materialized. 

        P.Y. claims to hear a voice in his head that calls itself Yahweh. Like most others who have had these experiences, there is a certain degree of power that may manifest, at certain times. I keep going back to the story where Moses throws his staff, to the ground and it becomes a snake. Pharoah’s magicians are able to duplicate the ‘trick.’ The point I’m trying to make, is that, I believe the supernatural is real. P.Y. is most likely operating under, a familiar spirit. The voices he hears, are that of this spirit / demon. It will be interesting to see if he will state on the show, how he knows this voice is ‘good.’ This is one point that I’m going to challenge him on. Please remember to Email me your questions @

10 thoughts on “Prophet Yahweh to appear w/ L. A. Marzulli on the Q-Files Wednesday

  1. Though I am preaching to the “choir” here….when you are aware of a familiar spirit present; then binding that spirit BEFORE the interview would be wise. Binding the spirit to P.Y.’s stomach should open an opportunity for a true dialoge if you must…just a little Spiritual Warfare on the backside..

    Still praying for you and your family…Janet

  2. Lynn,

    One thing that i was just thinking about is the fact that we, as believers, have access tho the “real deal”- the genuine Holy Spirit-
    Whereas those who are non-believers do not, and that makes them very susceptible to counterfeits, scammers, occultists, satanists etc…

    Now dont get me wrong, i like to yuk it up at a charlatans expense as much as the next guy…

    However these people are deceived, and will be judged as such, and are on their way to hell with the best of intentions-
    I believe that is why Jude talks about how the Angels of God will not offer a railing accusation of the fallen angels- because the angels understand the judgement and horrible future that awaits satan and those that he has deceived…

    The trickiest part for you will be to initiate contact with said channeler WITHOUT opening up a “contact point” or “portal” or “vortex” if you will…
    Those that are sensitive to the Spirit and have discernment will know what i am speaking about-
    Within that context, my experience is that even an email can create a contact point…
    In the same way that an ouija board can…

    Jude 1

    8Likewise also these filthy dreamers defile the flesh, despise dominion, and speak evil of dignities.

    9Yet Michael the archangel, when contending with the devil he disputed about the body of Moses, durst not bring against him a railing accusation, but said, The Lord rebuke thee.

    I will be praying for you, Lynn! 😀

  3. well this kinda touches on a subject which is good to ponder upon-
    as Christians, we research and study a subject (ufos) which is obviously infernally powered.

    speaking for myself, i know that when i go to pray and all i can see is ufo vids then i know it is time to give it a rest 😀

    i never thought of it but- i suppose one could say that ufology is a subset of demonology-
    and includes the dangers and risks inherent in demonology-

    this brings to mind a favorite quote of nietschze…

    “if one fights too long against dragons, eventually one becomes the dragon”

    yeah speaking for myself, it was quite appropriate-
    in other words, sometimes i have to take a step back and try to maintain my Christian perspective
    it helps me mellow out when i get into the subject too much!

  4. Even as there are lying and deceptive spirits in the world there are lying and deceptive false prophets as well. Before having this interview call upon the mighty arch angel Michael in the the name of Jesus Christ to surround you with mighty and powerful angels so that this spirit of deception has no power.

    Always stand with the Lord…Randy

  5. I find it a bit disconcerting to ponder the prospect that UFO occupants can read our thoughts. I would be interested in the “prophet Yahweh’s” opinion as to whether this is an ability that the UFO occupants can apply uniformly through the human race, or does he believe he has personally been gifted with some ability akin to mental telepathy to interact and communicate with the occupants? Also, what useful significance does he place on this ability, if indeed, it is even true?

    Your show is the best thing to happen since Steve left the air. I hope you take as many days weekly as are available to you. I have a very parallel subject interest and belief structure, and find you right on target.


  6. Glenn, I was also under the impression that demons cannot read our thoughts, but my experience with a channeler before returning to the Church taught me otherwise. They can in fact read our thoughts.

  7. ooh boy these people makin these mocking comments sure enough like to sound like they know what they are talkin about-

    but it dont amount to a hill o ants down here in these parts- no sir, theyre all talk!

    not until theyve had a reptilians claws stuck on their backs, screamin in their ears at the sound of that name-

    the Name of Jesus!

    anyone who tries to tell me that aliens arent demons dont know their own tailpipe from a hole in the ground- no sir.

    only the Blood of Jesus could get me out of that one, yessir. ONLY the Blood of Jesus!

    why are aliens SO AFRAID of that name?! i mean if theyre really from zeta reticulli or some such nonsense?

    yessir THAT name of JESUS!

  8. Looking forward and praying for the interview. It will be really interesting. I will be suprise if he(P.Y.) shows. I liked your reference to Moses and the pharoh’s magicians. Remember sometimes you just throw the staffs down and let God sort it out.

    God Bless


  9. As of last night the interview seems to be on… Please keep me lifted up in prayer…
    Blessings to all.

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