UFOs and the Post-Disclosure Worldview

Here is a link to an interesting article that I read over the weekend. It is by Glenn Gould. Towards the end of the essay Gould comments that are four positions that one can take regarding the E.T. presence, that they are the enemy, they are our benefactors, they are our gods or they are not there at all. I would like to add a fifth. That they are part of a demonic deception that has been foretold in ancient prophetic writings i.e. The Book Of Revelation and other Biblical narratives. While Gould alludes to the spiritual aspects of UFO when he points out that there are those who embrace the occultist Helena Blavatsky’s view, that these beings (E.T.’s) are the ascended masters here to assist mankind into a higher evolution. He avoids the Christian perspective altogether.

           I think the Blavatsky view, was embraced by Blossom Goodchild with her channeling the so-called, Federation of Light. She believed erroneously that these beings were telling her the truth. According to her own statement that was aired on YOUTUBE, on October 15th., she asked them repeatedly if they were really going to show up and reveal themselves. The Federation of Light assured her that they were going to. Of course now we see that the Federation deceived Goodchild, they lied to her.

        I see everything through the lens of Biblical scripture and prophecy. I have a Christian world view. I realize that for some, this is unpopular. It is often misunderstood as being religious, or narrow-minded. I would submit that this view has real answers to the UFO enigma. Here’s an example. When Joe Jordan, a Christian, had a dozen or so people come on stage, at this years Roswell UFO convention, he blew much of his audience away. The reason for this is that these people were able to say that they had stopped their abduction experiences by calling out the name of Jesus. Or saying, The blood of Jesus.” 

      Added to that is the testimony of a retired missionary who went on the record in our news magazine, as he shared about his victory over what was the Mothman apparitions in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. He evoked the name of Jesus and said, “The Blood of Jesus,” and the entity, which he described as the embodiment of, “wickedness,” vanished.

      We are in an unseen war. We are surrounded by forces that are seeking to bring about the manifestation of the Antichrist, if we are in the time period when he will manifest. Once again the source for that statement is the Christian scriptures.

      So why not include the fifth possibility, that the UFO, abduction phenomena, crop circles, cattle mutilations are part of a demonic deception? It certainly has as much merit as the others. I have found a bias, in the UFO community against the Christian world view, and that bias was reflected in the article by Gould, whether intentionally or not. It seems to me that this is the same sort of mind set that Ben Stein exposes in his movie, Expelled. Briefly put, according to Stein, the concept of creationism is not even allowed to be discussed! But when Stein presses, Richard Dawkins, the evolutionist,  for answer, in regard to where did life originate, Dawkins is unable to provide one.

       The bottom line is this. We need to keep all options open regarding the UFO enigma. I will continue to put forth my view that UFOs are demonic in nature, and will act as the catalyst that will cause the great falling away that is mentioned in 2nd Thessalonians. It is part of the bizarre end-timed mix that we will see.  Jesus himself declares that, “Even the elect would be deceived if that were possible.” Strong words or warning those…

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  1. Dr Marzulli,

    Way back in the 70’s I read the works of Eric Von Daniken (sp), and I saw the movie “Chariots of the gods.” At the time I thought his explanations might have had some validity. Of course basically all of his positions have been proven bogus.

    Now looking at things from a Biblical worldview, and reading your works and others, and understanding that Jesus taught a two kingdom system, one of light; the other of darkness. Everything that manifests in the three dimensional physical world originates from one of the two kingdoms. It clears things up and simplifies things considerably.


  2. Lynn,

    yes i went and read the Glen Gould blog you mentioned…

    one point he makes is the dramatic shift of financial resources that is occurring at this very time in the world markets…

    and yes, unfortunately he is correct in stating that ever since the fed took over our currency has been effectively based on faith, because the gold standard has been removed…

    my personal take on the current financial crisis, and one which i read yesterday on a link from drudgereport by a financial analyst they have dubbed “dr. doom”…

    he predicts a free fall of such mammoth proportions that the world markets will close down for up to a week…


    i believe that the current market crisis will serve as an excuse by the IMF boys to seize more power…
    i believe they will try to eliminate checking accounts and go to an all-electronic money system as much as is currently possible…

    Gould also makes the point that our so-called ascended masters will be able to help us, once we make the “paradigm shift” in consciousness…that this would occur “post disclosure”

    i find it quite fascinating how much “post disclosure” is interchangeable with “post rapture”…

    the non-believers perspective is interesting because they LOOK for the appearance of the aliens, because they reject the “religious” teachings of Jesus Christ…
    and the “ascended masters” will not impose any kind of morality on them…

    Yes, i believe that the post rapture world will be a paradigm shift in consciousness…
    for those that are left behind, it will mean some will repent…
    others will stubbornly gnash their tongues, and curse God…

    but the face of the planet earth will be changed forever…

  3. I find it increasingly hard to believe that “full disclosure” will happen BEFORE the rapture of Christs church
    I personally tend to seek Jesus and HIS insights a heck of a lot more than some idiot alien, or some bafoon who channels the greys agenda.
    Yes, there will come a time when satan will be able to call fire down to earth in all lying signs and wonders,
    but that time is not now-
    as witnessed by the so-called “galactic federation of light” debacle (derisive chuckle, lol)
    the Power of God is FAR greater than satans ufos.
    one little prayer from one of Gods saints is enough to give satan a dead battery too when he climbs into his ufo to fly around and harass the planet- this forces him to call one of his smaller demons (in an orb) to come and jump start his battery- hehe
    of course i speak facetiously, but in reality, this is what really occurs right now in the spiritual realm!
    The Blood of Jesus is that powerful!!!

  4. I don’t believe there is a rapture whatsoever. God wants people here working until the very return of Christ. If we are all “taken” home before the ends comes, who will be here to preach the gospel at the most needful time in all of history? Granted I know the Bible speaks that many will blame God and perish in their sins but some will repent but they will need good, solid examples of Christ-likeness. If we are all in heaven who will be able to help those seeking a way out?

    Us Christians WILL be here when the world entirely falls apart, we will be needed by those around us. I have seen this in visions. We are here to do God’s work and we must further the kingdom during the worst times this world has ever seen. The rapture is a false-doctrine taught by the church so Christians will not be prepared for what is coming so shortly. Just picture how many Christians will lose their faith when the rapture never comes or if Satan pulls of a fake rapture where the most popular preachers and other evangelists are “taken” while their faithful followers remain here while all hell on earth is released.

    Anyways try not to freak if you don’t agree. I suppose you could say this is “my opinion”

  5. Well Digital Hero, I’m going to hope for the best, and prepare for the worst. Lynn is helping with the latter. Knowing what you’re up against is half the fight.

  6. thank you digital hero for your opinion! :
    ok ok, im tryin not to freak out 😉 lol

    i will try to explain the rapture doctrine to you:
    there are three schools of thought on the rapture-
    pre-tribulation (the majority of bible scholars adhere to this one)

    sounds like you adhere to the last one?
    in other words, that Christians will be here till the bitter end of the tribulation?
    well of course, Christians should be prepared for anything, right? right!

    some people would even tell you that we are in the middle of the tribulation RIGHT NOW
    but that is up for interpretation, of course-

    the bible does state:

    1 cor 15:

    51Behold, I shew you a mystery; We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed,
    52In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trump: for the trumpet shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we shall be changed.

    i have noticed that the rapture DOES make some people VERY uncomfortable-
    (even panic-stricken) i know because ive seen even true believers become fearful at the mention of the rapture!
    if you are a believer in Jesus, i assure you that this is not the intention at all-
    God is not the author of confusion,
    and Perfect Love casts out ALL fear-

    what do you think of that scripture?
    what is your interpretation?

  7. Well this is a breath of fresh air for me.
    I came to your blog via “Prophesy in the News.”

    I always feel like the oddball on this topic since I kind of got led into it & never gave it much thought until about a year ago.

    I have a Christian friend who had a abduction type experience @ thought it was from God. I don’t know at what time this had occurred but the entire subject was brought up @ the time of “Todd Bentley” and the Florida Revival.

    It was of great concern to me because in Bentley’s testimony he had related the same type of abduction experience & I knew he was deceived and under demonic influences.

    I had urgently prayed one evening to YHWH out of concern for my friend as I had only known that he felt Bentley was OK and doing God’s work. The next morning I came under my 1st major burden & my eyes were opened to what the UFO scenario really was.

    Only after this did I find out my friend had the same abduction experience & that was a major reason why he could not see that Bentley was under a demonic entity since he felt these abduction experiences were God given.

    So after this entire event unfolded I continued to research the UFO,Crop Circles, Galactic F, Testimonies etc… topics & came to the same conclusion re: UFO & Alien type AC events. Especially after the Roman Catholic Church just announced this year that these other life forms may be our “brothers.” That just topped it off.

    I’m also following the Ecumenical movement, Islam, Illuminati global order, & other parallel influences heading down the same path as well. I’m not sure if one will replace the other or somehow they will all work together to converge in the end.

    But I tell you-when I bring up this topic in Christian circles I sure get allot of flack about it. If it were not for the burden I experienced I doubt I would feel so strongly in defending this possible scenario.

    But if I’m here and something along these lines does indeed come to pass it will be of no suprise to me.

  8. Hi Lisa,
    Welcome to the site! Yes, there’s a lot of flack in Christian circles. My book was censored at the last church I was at, and this, along with other reasons, is why I left. The coming Great Deception, as I call it, will cause such a shock that many Christians will fall away, as described in 2nd Thessalonians… UFOs are manifesting in our skies and with the recent U.K. disclosure, can full disclosure be far off? We’ll keep watching and see.

  9. At the time I had the burden it was as if a light clicked
    on & I had said this UFO scenario will be “The great deception.”

    I listened to what some of the channelers had to say & the New Agers are right along with them. Only within the past month or so have I studied up on the Fatima & other apparitions of so called “Mary” and wow – if their message doesn’t sound all too familiar.

    (I haven’t read your books yet so pardon me if this is a repeat)
    The Roman Catholic Church is leading the charge in the Ecumenical movement & a majority of their end times beliefs are taken from what these “Marian Apparitions” have told them is going to come about.

    Messages coming from Satanic sources can’t relied upon with certainty but this delusion is already underway headed by the Vatican it’s self. The Laodicean churches following the Ecumenical movement will also fall right in line because of their willingness to compromise the Word of God for sake of peace & good works.

    So inquire w/that false prophet your meeting about the RCC. I wonder if he would have anything to say about their UFO statements & support of “Alien” life forms.

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