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Weekly Wrap Up…

Posted by lamarzulli on October 24, 2008

I’m trying something new here. Doing a quick recap of some of the weeks stories and how it relates to the Poolitical, Prophetic & Supernatural climate. That’s why I’m using the book cover (Shameless PR) 

In the political, the financial markets continue to slide as the DOW plunged 500 points on the opening bell this morning. The 700 Billion dollar bailout, may just turn out to be a band aid, on a wound, that severed an artery. In other words, this thing may not be over yet and it could get a lot worse. Foreclosures were up 75% in my state of California.

OPEC, has cut production of oil by 1.5 million barrels a day. Oil fell below $70 a barrel this week. Mark my words, within the next six months oil will be up around $200 a barrel. We’re gonna get hosed…

          The Russians are negotiating arms deals with the Syrians and the Iranians. In  my opinion this just adds fuel to the tinderbox that is the Middle East. Although we haven’t heard much about Georgia and Ossetia- I’m not talking one of our southern states – the Russians lightning response a few months ago, is a reminder that the Russian bear is alive and well. This may figure into the Prophecy of Ezekiel, that I BLOG about ad nausea. The Russians also were practicing military maneuvers by flying there long range bombers… hmmm, I wonder why? Here’s a link to the story.


There’s still postings on the NET that Obama wasn’t born in the USA. I wish somebody would nail this story down so I wouldn’t have to be bothered with frantic Emails from people! Of course what is the rumor turns out to be true? Hillary would have her shinning moment and be hailed as the savior…  just a thought…

I also wish that the press would focus on something other than the expense of Gov. Palin’s clothes… It amazes me how selective the reporting is. Enough already, why not go after Barney Frank who did nothing to warn Americans that Freddy & Fanny were in danger of collapse. Or perhaps do an expose on the known terrorist Bill Ayers, and his relationship with Obama. And what of ACORN and voter fraud? It’s going to get nuts here in a few weeks… Here’s the link to the Obama not, “born in the USA,” song… I mean link.



Of course this weeks wrap up would not be complete without another look at my favorite UFO summoner, Prophet Yahweh. I received an email from him yesterday. He agreed to an interview, so that’s my assignment for the weekend. More on P.Y. to follow. We’ve had a lot of comments about P.Y. and it’s going to be interesting on October 31st. If anyone wants to donate some $ to me, I’ll drive there and cover the story live!


This week we also were privy to formerly classified documents from the UK. It amazes me that what should be the story of the century, is thrown together with all of the other 12 hour, news cycle, items and then you don’t hear about it anymore. It’s like it never happened. Are we that desensitized that when a former pilot, who has remained faithful to his oath of security clearance for over 40 years, goes on the record and tells us that he chased a UFO that was the size of an aircraft carrier. Oh well, pass the Brittney please… (no pun intended)


Well, have a great weekend. I’ll be on Ghostly Talk this coming Sunday evening. Booo!



Also the Prophecy in the News television show is starting to air go to http://www.prophecyinthenews.com for details


That’s it for now unless something happens over the weekend, I’ll be back on Monday.


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9 Responses to “Weekly Wrap Up…”

  1. Tamara said


    According to a report in ‘Israel Today’ dated today (10/24), Iranian President Ahmadinejad is seriously ill causing him to cancel a routine cabinet meeting along with other numerous recent engagements. The report originates from Iranian web sites and can be found at israeltoday.co.il. If there is credence to the story and Ahmadinejad is actually that ill (poisoned, maybe?), what would be the ramifications of his absence from world affairs?

  2. Tamara said

    Thanks for your take on the story, Will; very interesting to say the least. The story of Ahmadinejad’s reported illness is being covered in the Jerusalem Post as well. All supposition aside, I think this bears watching.

    Also, I’ll mark Lynn’s projection of $200 per barrel for oil, but note that, at least for now, the price of oil continues to decline despite the cut in production agreed to.

    And, because the news doesn’t take weekends off; there’s a story out of ynetnews.com reporting that, at a middle school in a suburb of St. Louis, 6th grade students held a “Hit A Jew Day”, apparently after organizing other unofficial themed days. Students responsible for hitting fellow students (there were some 10 students struck, one in the face) will face suspension with mandatory counseling. The several additional students who knew what was going on and remained silent face lesser punishment.”Hit A Jew Day”??? By 6th graders???? WHAT is wrong with us? God help us!

  3. travis said

    yes, i agree, certain people seem to be trying to distract from your message, using satans age-old ploy of mixing a bit of the truth in with subtle mockery…
    gee, i wonder what they are so afraid of?
    maybe…the TRUTH?
    i believe it is because you have supernatural insight and it makes the trolls…


  4. jimbot said

    regarding py…
    yes, i would imagine that he is an amiable, engaging, charismatic sort of guy…
    typical of his sort, conjurers, i mean…showmen…magick practitioners…
    well, we must remember that in the days of moses, the magicians in pharaohs court were able to imitate almost all of Gods miracles…
    and during the days of noah, it is said that certain “black technologies” existed which were “enabled” demonically…

    so, no, it does not surprise me that py would be able to conjure up a ufo…
    however since py is not a prophet of Jesus Christ, his power source would have to be of the infernal variety…in other words “black science”…in other words, luciferic…

    as things stand right now, however, the Holy Spirit and the prayers of the saints are a hindrance to the powers of the “black technologies”
    and evil cannot manifest itself into our dimension in the form of UFOs but for a few seconds/minutes…
    this will all change of course after the rapture, the constraining power of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of Christians will be removed from the face of the planet…
    and all lying signs and wonders will be allowed to run rampant on this earth…

    i would imagine at that point the people left on earth will be seeing MANY motherships…

  5. lamarzulli said

    JImbot, Good post in regard to ‘black technologies.’ I agree the enemy can only do so much and PY is powered by the dark forces.

  6. Stephen said

    Hi greetings from Scotland/UK

    I received your book yesterday and have read quite a bit.I have been listening to sermons(more like studies on ufo,nephilim, witchcraft, real up to date stuff) which ties in with what I have been reading in your book, his name is Dr Scott Johnson.
    here is a link to his page.


    sorry its such big link

    have a nice weekend

    your brother in Christ

  7. lucky said


    i know you have discernment, so please be careful, as i know you are, with those who would proffer “management”-

    some of these so-called “agents” would feign interest, however their true intentions are of the luciferic persuasion-

    i know you are already aware of this but just thought i would point it out.

  8. lamarzulli said

    I’ve just been informed by P.Y. that he has consented to an interview. I’m going to do this on the Q-Files on Wednesday @ 7:00 pm EST…

  9. lucky said

    yes its true that we as Christians are accused daily of being narrow minded and biased.
    however, this is satans favorite strategic ploy against us.
    it is very interesting to note that some would use the salem witch trials as an example,
    as if perhaps they are involved in witchcraft?
    it is also very interesting to note that the satanists favorite lie is to say that God does not exist, and that satan is a fairy tale…
    satan and his minions never cease to amaze me at their ineptitude because satan shoots himself in the foot every time!!! :D

    and so it will be at the final trumpet…
    as the lightning flashes from the east to the west,
    so shall the coming of the Son of Man be…

    Yes, we do pray for and Love all those who are deceived in their spirit…
    more-so than they could ever know, or understand, because satan has blinded them…

    the only way thay can ever find out is if they would turn to God, and he would open their eyes! :D

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