Prophet Yahweh October 31st.

The Net is buzzing with another claim, this time by Prophet Yahweh, (pictured on the left) that a UFO will be summoned and appear for all to see on October 31st. One thing to note here is the date. It is the season of Samhain – Lord of the Dead: This is a celebration of occult beliefs that date back to the 7th century. They have become modernized and most of the meaning lost on the average person. We celebrate it, in the United States, as Halloween. I find it interesting that P. Y. (Short for Prophet Yahweh) is choosing this night to demonstrate his summoning abilities. I have e-mailed P.Y in hope of getting him to come on the record, as I have lots of questions for him. Apparently, Rob McConnel, of the X-zone radio show, along with James Randi, a debunker, will be on hand as well. I would love to be there too, but funds prohibit me from attending, at least for the moment. I BLOGGED about P.Y a few days ago and not much has changed since that BLOG. 

          Here’s what I think might happen. P.Y. has  been able to summon UFOs, at least that is what one television station claimed. There have been skeptics, that have put forth the theory that P.Y. is using weather balloons, but according to one site that I checked out today that theory does not hold water because the sightings are to complex – whatever that means.  Here’s a link to the site below.

         We live in time when the supernatural is looked at in a derogatory way. The age of reason and the scientific method have been set up as the standard by which phenomena, of any sort, is judged. We have thousands of pictures of UFOs and testimony of credible, trained witnesses, yet, this ‘evidence,’ somehow is overlooked or dismissed, by the skeptics. P.Y. might be under the direction and guidance of a familiar spirit. This is the same dynamic that I believe Blossom Goodchild used to receive her channeled information. The difference between Goodchild and P.Y., is that P.Y. might be able to manifest something, as he seems to have done this in the past. What if he does? Then what? Let’s say a UFO manifests and it is there for everyone to see. How will people react to it?

          I have gone on the record in Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural, stating that the coming great deception will the revealing, of the so-called Extraterrestrial presence. The U.K. released classified documents this week, that seemed to reinforce that we have been, and are now, being visited by UFOs. When you stop and think about it, it’s pretty amazing that the U. K. would admit this. Are we looking at full disclosure soon? I believe we are. Too much has happened this year, with the Vatican saying that E.T. is our brother, to the mass sightings in Stephenville Texas, to Edgar Mitchell’s proclamation stating that Roswell and UFOs are real. Then there’s the television specials, with re-enactments and credible witnesses going on the record stating that UFOs are real.

          If we are living in the time that was written about two thousand years ago, then we should expect the manifestation of the supernatural. P.Y. may be operating with supernatural forces that are unseen with the human eye. Here’s what the text warns us about what is coming and it is supernatural.   

“Men fainting from fear of what is coming on the earth…”

You be the judge of what that means.

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  1. The Ozzam’s Razor theorem sounds like a reasonable rule to follow as we try to discern between truth and illusion today.

    Men’s hearts fainting from fear…God said this will happen, so it will. Whom shall we fear? PY? The spirits that channel through those who open themselves to this deception? PY, Blossom Goodchild, these people need our prayers. And I believe the church needs to leave it’s own brand of deception, such as the prosperity doctrine and marketing strategies for growth, by the wayside and be the salt and light Yeshua told us to be in the deepening darkness that is pervading our world. To dispel the darkness, we need only to turn on the Light.

    But, just as an “aside”, I wonder….who shall be found at greater fault? PY and his ilk for showmanship to an all too willing audience? Or the Vatican who claim to represent “the one true faith” even as they lead millions astray. These days, we can always count on the Vatican to espouse one heresy after another. But we are the church, so we need to be out there with that all too willing audience when the show does or doesn’t go on to tell them the truth. We need to stand against every lie as long as it is day and we still can work. The Bible says the night will come when no man can work.

    But what shall we fear of things natural or supernatural? We ought to fear God. I say with Paul, “For I am persuaded that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor powers, nor things present, nor things to come, nor height, nor depth, nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8:38-39.

  2. I invite Lynn and everyone to investigate the case of a little old lady named Dorothy Izatt at the following website:

    This website contains UFO related interviews on audio programs that can be downloaded as MP3 files, if you wish. You can also just listen by clicking on the date.

    Scroll down to March 2, 2008 where the following program description can be seen:

    “The incredible story of Dorothy Izatt, who claims contact with UFOs and UFO entities for over 30 years and has taken some 30,000 feet of motion picture film showing strange objects, with Frank Longo, director/producer of “Capturing the Light,” and Peter Gutilla.”

    This lady also claims to be able to vector in UFO’s. She is not famous, and has made no money from this. It is just something that she has done much of her life.

    Of course, another famous person in UFO lore who claims to be able to vector in UFO’s is Dr. Steven Greer, who hosts excursions into the desert at night to attract UFO’s via meditation practices. This seems to also work, or so they claim.

    In some ways, PY is small fry next to some others in the UFO field, especially Dr. Steven Greer.

  3. hehe ummmm, okeee, “tamara” and “will” …

    wat are you guys, tweedle-dee and tweedle-dumb? lol jk

    … and dont you mean occams razor? doh! 😉

    yah i guess you just keep repeating it till somebody calls you on it?

    hey how do you guys feel about the rapture?

  4. Travis,

    The Rapture has no relevance to what is being discussed here. You might as well ask us how we feel about pancakes versus waffles for breakfast. I’m a pancake man, but only on rare occasions when I eat at Dennys. Usually I have oatmeal for breakfast.

    Hey, Travis, bro of mine. How do you feel about Solomon’s 1000 wives/concubines. Pretty cool, eh? Those were the days, my friend, Biblical authors thought they’d never end….think of the child support costs in this day and age!

  5. The first Book of Kings tells us that in Solomon’s gilded age, “The weight of gold that Solomon received yearly was 666 talents, not including the revenues from merchants and traders and from all the Arabian kings and the governors of the land.” 1 KIngs 10: 14-15. With such a vast amount of wealth, no doubt he easily covered his household expenses.

    But Travis, what do you feel about the number ‘666’ being recorded in relationship to an economic system so early in the Bible? Actually this first reference to the number is found in two parallel records of the reign of King Solomon (1 Kings 10 and 2 Chronicles 9) and in both accounts the number is mentioned specifically. Any thoughts?

  6. As Lynn asks, what if PY does manifest something? Well…then a whole lot more people are going to have a whole lot more questions and evangelistic opportunities will be greater than ever. I have neighbors who had I tried to witness to them about Christ would have turned and walked away but when I asked them if they wanted to know the truth about ufo’s were all ears. Suddenly, the old time religion that’s been preached by the disciples all the way down to Jerry Fallwell and Billy Graham seems to be alot more contemporary, and they want to know more. God is using men like Lynn to put all the pieces together so that we Christians will be able to answer the questions from all the people who will be “fainting from fear of what is coming on the earth”. All the pieces may not quite fit yet but they will as God reveals things in his own time.

    So whether Py is for real or not, people are beginning to have alot of questions even if they are not outright asking them…and God is providing the answers.

  7. Lynn,
    Yes as usual, you are right on!!! 😀
    one of the last lines of your blog quotes:
    “Men fainting from fear of what is coming on the earth…”
    Todays headline on DrudgeReport is: “Friday Fear” -regarding the world markets (pretty precognitive!)
    and as the Word of God states, God will not do anything without revealing it to his prophets first-
    and we will see a powerful move of God in these last days-
    and the people who put their trust in their stock portfolio will once again turn back to God…

    Yes, there is panic in the money markets, but moreso in the spiritual realm-
    i believe satan is shaking in his boots right now, because he can see that his time is short-
    satan is frantically trying to unencrypt bible prophecy so that he can be prepared for when fullfillment comes…
    but he cant decipher Gods Word, because of his fallen nature he lacks discernment…
    as do his followers…

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