7 thoughts on “L. A. Marzulli: Today guest hosting the Q-files 7:00 EST!

  1. Lynn, I couldn’t pick up the show and don’t have access to the archives. Do you know if Steve will post the show as he has posted his programs with Tom Horn, so we can listen?

    In defense of Steve, I remember listening to a program on Coast to Coast some months ago when Steve was the guest and the host was Ian Punnett. Ian just challenged Steve at almost every corner and he was rather gruff about it. I was getting pretty po’d at Ian but didn’t have a computer in front of me to email him and ask him to cool it. Notwithstanding, I respect the guy. Steve is a little animated to begin with and I think its because he believes so much in what’s he’s saying and wants to make sure that everyone gets the information. But, as I recall, despite Ian’s constant hammering, Steve kept his cool.

  2. I agree with Virginia…I’ve heard Steve Quayle a number of times and have never gotten the impression that he has any kind of an ego whatsoever. What does come through though, is his concern for people and that they understand the truth of Christ…even if they are not willing to accept it.

  3. To set the record straight Ian later apologized for his rant. Ian, with all respect to him, is a somewhat left leaning theologian, and I think this world reality is challenging to his viewpoint.

    As the signs of the times quicken, a natural understandable reaction is anger and to deny the reality that God does judge.

    I would point all to Christ before it is too late!

  4. Virginia and Steve, I listened to Steve Quayle EVERY DAY for about 5 years on his Q FILES show. I noticed that he cleaned up his act quite a bit when on Coast to Coast.

    On his own private show, the Q FILES, there were days when I was afraid Steve would have a heart attack if he didn’t stop ranting about someone on the internet who made negative statements about him. Only the human ego gets that angry, not the eternal soul.

    Now, we each have an ego. I sure do! This is nothing shocking or surprising. The “ego” is really psychology’s word for the “sinful self”. And when you think of it, the sinful self is egotistical, and the ego is sinful!

    So I am talking about him on the Q Files. I never witnessed him lose his cool on Coast to Coast. But if you were a daily listener to the Q Files, you got a very different version of Steve Quayle at times.

  5. Will,
    You have a point. When one’s a guest, one does tend to mind their P’s and Q’s so that they will be asked back again. On one’s own show, they are more at ease. That being said, I’ll wager Steve’s got nothing on Michael Savage. When he’s at full throttle, duck!

  6. Mr Marzulli:

    I beg to differ on your interpretation of the angels in lots home. The men were outside to have homosexual relations with them. Genesis 19:3.We must always be carefull what we say. The devil is always wispering in people’s ears: “no this is what he meant.”

    God Bless. Andy

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