Blossom Goodchild: October 16th… Time to Move on.

Here’s the latest link to the Blossom Goodchild -for lack of a better term – an apology. 

I’ve watched the video several times and I have to tell you that I feel sorry for Goodchild. She still believes in the channeled information, she received and wonders why the information from, The Federation Of Light, didn’t manifest. She is clearly at a loss for words, as to why, The Federation of Light, didn’t show up as they said they would. She is mystified as to why she was chosen to give the message, that there would be a huge ship (UFO) over Alabama, only to have it NOT materialize.

         Here’s what I find of interest. She says that as of right now, no matter what, The Federation of Light, would say to her – via channeling – it wouldn’t cut it for her, because ‘they’ said that they would be here, and they didn’t show up. She then proclaims that she asked them over and over and they assured her that they would be here. In short the beings that call themselves, The Federation of Light, lied to her. Lying is a very destructive trait with dire consequences.

         That being said let’s walk through it. But before I do, I must give you some back ground. There are some of you who will read this and scoff, at what Im about to put forth. That’s OK. But before you do, consider this. I have come face to face with evil. I have seen it manifest. I have talked to others who have encountered it, and their stories are similar to mine. More importantly, it fits the biblical narrative of what it’s like when humans have encounters, with Demonic entities. I will refer to the enemy, of the human race – Satan – who the Scriptures tell us, comes to rob, kill, and destroy. The hallmark of the enemy is one of lies and deceit. In scripture, Satan is called the FATHER OF LIES. That being established, it is safe to say that, in regard to channeling and the source behind it, there is no doubt that Goodchild was deceived – lied to. She then goes on to say that she has been made a fool of. That is what the enemy of the human race does, among other diabolical things. In the end she still believes what she did was right. I can’t fault her for her honesty and her perplexity, as to why the information and subsequent information she received, turned out to be a canard, a ruse. I will however, stand on what I wrote in my earlier Blogs. Channeled information, no matter who it is from, cannot EVER be trusted. It is from a source, that what the scriptures call, a familiar spirit. We are warned to stay away from this kind of contact. The reason for this has now become very clear, in that Goodchild has been left swaying in the wind. I can’t stress this enough, the enemy of the human race, Satan, wants to rob, kill and destroy. He is the father of lies and is a master of deceit. The aftermath of the October 14th debacle, is the ruin of a woman who trusted, wrongly, in what she believed were beings, of light and love. Satan, can appear as an angel of light, so we must learn to discern the spirits. We must not open our front door to anyone, as Andy of the EDGE, so succinctly put it. Finally for those of you who are believers, we need to pray for Goodchild, that she would receive the real truth, light and love she is searching for. In my opinion she needs to meet Jesus.

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11 thoughts on “Blossom Goodchild: October 16th… Time to Move on.

  1. I’ll pray or her. Her life doesn’t have to be ruined, This doesn’t have to be a final chapter etched out in failure and misery. We can all pray for her to receive the same gift of salvation we were once without. How miserable and hopeless did our lives look before Yeshua saved us? How many lies did we fall for? I look at all the movements within the church today that are not of God and realize there is no immunity to deception for anyone. We need to stay in God’s word and study it every day, but this woman is still searching. My own road to the Truth was a hard one, replete at every turn with humiliation and failure. The devil is a liar! But, that isn’t always such an easy lesson to learn.

    Can you even begin to imagine what a powerful testimony would be hers if she came to Him? I’ll always pray for her.


  2. OK then…No UFO…No definition of “Channeling”
    So this leads me to belive,Blossom Goodchild is a scam artist.I never gave any money or bought anything,Mainly because im a skeptic.(we win!)
    I wonder if “Channeling” means Chemical imbalance?
    There is a lot of actual scientific info on the web about UFO.Crop Circles,2012…and the like.
    I would urge these follower’s of others (who hear voices in their head) to stop drop and roll,before your completly consumed.
    Paranormal,angels,ghost’s,and entities of the like ,are for God and God alone to sort out.
    Leave the “Let’s Play Pretend” game for the chilren to play.
    Peace and love to all

  3. When watching Blossom’s plea on behalf of the “Federation of Darkness” I found her so likeable and authentic personally. How sad that she has been so spiritually kidnapped by satan’s army! Her testimony definitely would be powerful if she will respond to the One True God of the Bible and His Truth and Light!—Will definitely pray for her—along with many other Believers!

  4. BLOSSOM GOODCHILD sould RETURN EVERY CENT she EARNED frem the people that bought her books,cds and dvds DURING THIS HOAX PERIOD.

    The public apologize is the first step.Now…where´s the MONEY???

    Is she really so sincere and brave to have the courage to return the money????

    Let´s find out.

    After returning the money she move on or go on a ship space wherever she wants!

  5. While I too believe that Blossom was duped into spreading a false word, I cannot honestly say that I agree with your Satan theory. I watched the video as well and found it odd that she would be disappointed in the fact that the aliens didn’t show up. This tells me that she truly believed that they would show. the problem is that she believed they didn’t show because they lied to her. You believe they didn’t show because Satan lied to her. Here’s the real reason they didn’t show: They Don’t EXIST! Big surprise. I don’t mean to offend and I certainly don’t wish to downplay your beliefs but what do you think is more logical? The fact that Blossom was lied to by aliens, Blossom was lied to by Satan, or that Blossom put her beliefs into something that she subconsciously made up in order to make herself, and possibly others, feel better? I don’t blame, or wish to chastize her for spreading her beliefs, I myself am doing it right now as I type. The problem is that she did not go about this in the right way. She put her word out there without taking into account that people some are so desperate for some sign of extraterrestrial life that they cling to every single word that merely hints at contact. She should have had a contingency plan in place for the inevitable backlash that she received. Oh, and by the way, at the end of the post you said, “We must not open our front door to anyone…” then you go on to mention that Blossom needs to meet Jesus. If I recall correctly, didn’t Mary and Joseph come across a lot of locked doors the night Jesus was born? What if that inn keeper had taken your advice? Would your savior have survived the night?

  6. I think Dr. Remo F. Roth’s explanation for the whole UFO phenomena is very interesting and worth to look into (since it makes certainly more sense than the common Extraterrestrial explanation and even the interdimensional hypothesis):

    I think it is possible that Goodchild was deceived by the beings that inhabit this world that Roth describes.

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