OCTOBER 14th: What if they do SHOW UP?

What if for whatever reason Blossom Goodchild has the inside track, with these ‘beings of light,’ and a craft of giant proportions shows up, and stays in one place, for 72 hours? How is that going to affect all of us? I’m not saying this is what will happen, but let me add that if by some remote chance, a mother ship manifests, you better believe that folks are going to have to adjust their world view! Here’s the reason I bring it up. In my monthly news letter – which by the way is more like a magazine @ 26 pages – I linked this story to a man who calls himself, Prophet Yahweh. This guy is all over YOUTUBE and I’ll give you link, so you can check him out for yourself, at the bottom of this post. His big claim to fame is that he was able to summon a UFO, on live TV. No kidding. A news crew from a local Las Vegas News network sent out a crew for a closing piece to their nightly news program. The crew and the reporter went out to see the ‘Prophet’ and have a few laughs, and basically yuk it up. What happened stunned them, as the prophet actually was able to deliver the goods. Way up in the sky, over head, there appeared a disk shaped, metallic, object – a UFO! The news crew was blown away and so was the television station that aired the footage.

         I bring this up to prove a point. I believe that Prophet Yahweh was operating with the same sort of familiar spirit that Goodchild is operating with. Let me explain. In one ancient text, we read a story about Moses, who goes before Pharaoh. Moses throws his staff to the ground and it becomes a snake. The Pharaoh’s magicians, are able to duplicate this miracle. Heady stuff, huh? The point is this. The supernatural is real, and why I hold fast to the tenant that both Goodchild and Prophet Yahweh operate with a familiar spirit, nevertheless, they may have a degree of power behind them. I have gone on the record, at this BLOG, stating that Goodchild’s communication with this entity, is something that we should run from, as it is demonic in nature. Many of you have weighed in on this, some agreeing with me and others not. 

         I was recently on the EDGEAMTHURSDAY show and Andy, the host, made a comment concerning channeling. He pointed out that we wouldn’t open the front door, of our house, to just anyone. So that being said, why in the world would we open ourselves to a spirit – Goodchild claims to channel the spirit of a dead Native American – that we’re not sure of? Why would we allow something to posses us, or contact us without TESTING THE SPIRIT FIRST! And furthermore, we are warned not to allow this sort of contact at all!

         With the financial markets melting down, on a global scale, this has created a climate of fear. Fear, as I have pointed out, is the currency of the Luciferians. It just might be that this UFO does manifest, as this is what ‘they’ have been waiting for, a climate of fear and uncertainty. If by some remote chance we see Goodchild’s prediction happen next Tuesday, then we are witnessing the beginning of the Great Deception, that I have Blogged and written about for years. Watch and be ready!  


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12 thoughts on “OCTOBER 14th: What if they do SHOW UP?

  1. How about this? While most of the countries of the world are worrying about fixing money issues Iran, Russia, and friends decide it is time to take Israel off the map. Wouldn’t that give Blossom’s friends a real chance to ‘help’ like they want to do? They might even take away all of those who aren’t ready for the ‘next step’.

    Not saying that will happen but just random thoughts.


  2. IF THIS “PREDICTION” DOES HAPPEN (on tuesday 14th october 2008),

  3. “Prophet Yahweh” was scheduled to take part in a local talk show which features paranormal investigators. I can not find any record that he ever did. The investigators pointed out that he chose the time and place for the Las Vegas reporters to witness his “UFO”, which only appeared at a great distance, and could never be conclusively identified. The investigators planned to ask him to repeat the feat at a time and place of their choosing. Again, I can find no evidence that he did so. This might indicate that “Prophet Yahweh” is nothing more than a stage magician creating an illusion. I personally think this is far more likely than him being actually involved in the supernatural.

  4. Will it happen or wont happen? Is the earth going to experience an alien “First Contact”? My heart is telling me it’s a deception and if alien craft do appear in the sky, the deception becomes an illusion of reality, an illusion that will play into the hands of the nefarious, controlling elements. Bush and his neo-con sympathizers (including other world leaders) will stop at nothing to finally administer Orwellian control over this planet in the guise of the New World Order. If this October 14th event takes place, and 100s of craft appear in our skies, rest assured that the very real prediction of Martial Law will occur. Maybe we will see the round up of agitators, freedom protagonists, broadcasters like myself and true spiritually minded people. In any event, if this major occurrence takes place, the mechanism of Martial Law will begin to turn – of that there is no doubt. It will be instigated to keep public order.

    The question is, who will really be behind it? A common sense mind-frame suggests that the culprits will not be a peaceful and loving race of entities, for an advanced and supposedly highly evolved race will know that the consequences of their actions will lead us all into Martial Law and the subjugation that follows in its wake. History has proven that when governments see Martial Law as viable form of keeping order, individuals suffer immense abuse, forced incarceration and genocide.
    When a stranger knocks at your door and this stranger beams a wide friendly smile and speaks words of peace, is this a recipe for ultimate trust? No it isn’t. Smiles and words of peace are the initial actions of deceivers – serial killers and child abusers smile all the time before they lure their victims with the narratives of poets. However, we cannot condemn or ridicule the likes of Blossom Goodchild if we think she has been deceived, for we have all been deceived in the past and we all know what it is like to be ridiculed. Individuals stand or fall by their own actions, this is a fact of life. If the “Federation of Light” supporters see this as a turning point for peace on earth – let them. I am sure that these so called, highly evolved entities will understand my right to say “no thank you” – “I don’t trust you”.

    If 14th October happens the probable reasons could be as follows:

    1 – Project Blue Beam and Government hoax (likely) – Result = Massive civil unrest, Martial Law, NWO

    2 – Illusion hoax (Likely) – result – Massive civil unrest and Martial Law and NWO

    3 – Lying alien beings (maybe). The latter begs the question: Why would a race of beings, who claim to have the interests of humanity at heart lead us into Massive civil unrest, Martial Law and the NWO.

    Andy Radford

  5. Hi Andy – Thanks for posting a great comment!
    Thomas – Can you find a link that will bolster your claim about Prophet Yahweh?
    October 14th is only a few days away. We’ll see what shakes loose…

  6. If a ship does appear in the sky and later on actual contact takes place, could these beings really be demons if they have physical bodies? If all that were to happen, we would need to be extremely cautious, because their words on Blossom Goodchild’s website are decidedly new age – so they may not be demons, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t demonically influenced (just as humans can be).

    There are a lot of skeptics out there who don’t believe for a second that this will happen, but if it does they will immediately accept that these beings are aliens that come in love, which is dangerous in itself. If anything happens, we need to be vigilant and judge any beings by both their words and actions (long term and short term) and not give an inch just because they might speak about peace and have a pretty ship. As Andy says above, if they are highly evolved entities, they will certainly understand this cautious approach. And of course, we would also need to rule out Project Blue Beam first.

  7. HI T.
    Thanks for your post. The book PP&S has been written for just such a time… Once again, I will be amazed if anything happens on Oct. 14th, but just in case, I’m ready!

  8. If this event indeed happen, you can be 100% sure that the Revelation book in the Bible just began.
    Come on people, if the anti-Christ is somebody who is coming to dominate all nations with incredible solutions and world peace and love like the Bible says to deceive the human heart, but later will destroy everyone, how much of sense would it make if he appears in a simple man format?…everyone knew that the world is watching for that especific man and would be too obvious if someone (man)show up with peace and love for the world. BUT, if something out of nowhere, that we think have a high advanced tecnology, much inteligent than us, offer to our politics and the world, solutions for peace. Isn’t it OBVIOUS? If that indeed happen in 2 days, Apocalipse will be on its way. I have no fear in my heart, I will fight against it until I die.
    BEWARE, why such a being would care about us? There is no excuses for that. If they are too inteligent, there will be something behind the good faith.

  9. Hi,
    You might try the website http://www.speakingofstrange.com, but you may need to get in contact with Joshua Warren, whose contact information is on the website. I found out from him that “Prophet Yahweh” was a guest on his show, but never did his summoning UFO stunt for them. Joshua is of the opinion that “Prophet Yahweh” employed an assistant to release a mylar baloon for the Las Vegas reporters’ benefit.

  10. Comet 17P Holmes exploded on 10/23/2007, add 1 biblical year (360 inclusive days) and you get 10/16-10/17/2008. Perhaps this was a warning from God? Details on why this could be important to Christians: http://theopenscroll.com/holmes.htm

    This puts us at the center of the Feast of Tabernacles. Now, read http://www.fivedoves.com/letters/oct2008/lisat102.htm

    Cape Town, South Africa is now identified as being the potential location. http://www.10-14-08.blogspot.com/ Using Google Earth, if you look a bit North of Cape Town, North of Wellingham, you’ll find a red dot in the middle of a field, called HERMON.

    Interesting, this dot is 66.6 degrees from the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. (For reference, Stone Henge is 33.33 degrees from the Temple Mount.)

    Mt. Hermon, according to Enoch is where the fallen angels, AKA Watchers, descended to corrupt the human race before the flood. (Located near Damascus, Syria, just north of Israel.

    Mt. Hermon and Roswell are on the 33 degree latitudes, btw.

    AND Hermon, South Africa is close to the -33 degree latitude.

    So, question, if there’s no town called Hermon in South America, why is there a label there exactly 66.6 degrees from the Temple Mount?

    I recommend David Flynn’s latest book, “The Temple at the Center of Time” for more details on measuring things. (Several people in the Bible are told to measure the earth or temple, btw.)

    So, based on these and other patterns, I’m thinking that the fallen angels may indeed begin their great deception. Use this evidence to demonstrate so and keep people from being deceived.

    If nothing happens, well, we have more time to repent, witness and spread the Gospel…

  11. 14th October came and went without incident, although sources are now saying that the 15th October is the day to watch the skies, due to the earth’s different time zones. If you have read my previous post on this blog you will know my opinions regarding the said event.

    OK, it is obvious the proponents of the Federation of Light were way off the mark with their belief for this particular day, but there are many on the internet who have begun to gloat arrogantly, and reports of death threats levied against Blossom Goodchild are prevalent also. Our humanity and understanding toward others can be gauged by the way we react and interact with others, more so when faced with a clash of belief systems and subjects we do not agree with.

    There is no doubt whatsoever that we can all be wrong at some point/s, it seems to be a facet of human nature. Out greatest personal test, I feel, is they way we react to these situations and to the individuals who appear to get it wrong. Arrogance, ego, gloating and words of violence is a language fuelled by demonic forces. This idiom can lead us down a murky path of intolerance and hate toward our neighbour, which ultimately can lead to physical and spiritual destruction.

    Andy Radford

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