Fatima: Part 3 – What The Witnesses Said

Here is Part 3 on the Fatima apparitions. This is taken directly from my book Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural. ARe the Fatima apparitions the harbinger of the deception that is going to come upon the earth? You be the judge.

Today’s post deals with the witnesses who were there. There testimony is relevant and revealing, as it presents another dynamic that has been obfuscated by the church and those who would rush to embrace the supernatural or paranormal without a litmus test to, “prove the spirits whether they be from God or Satan.”  


Eyewitness Testimonies of the Event as Taken from Heavenly Lights 


Moments before, the sun had broken overhead through a dense layer of clouds that would have otherwise hidden it, allowing it to shine clearly and intensely. I turned toward that magnet that attracted every gaze, and I could see that it was similar to a disk with a distinct and lively border, luminous and lucent, but harmless. 

NEWSPAPER, BEIRA BAIZA: The sun uncovered itself, and had a diverse gradation, appearing sometimes like a solar globe . . . enclosed by an aureole of flames, other times a metallic disk as if of silver. 


MARIO GOHINO, AN ENGINEER: In a radiant sky, the Sun could be looked at straight-on and with eyes wide open, without blinking, as if we were looking at a disk of polished glass illuminated from behind, with a rainbow of iridescence on its periphery, seeming to have a rotating movement. . . . And the Sun did not have the brilliance that hurt our eyes on normal days, as it was a majestic disk, magnetic, which attracted us and sort of revolved in the immense sky. . . . 


TIME: Suddenly a luminous disk, the size of a great host, but one which could be gazed upon as one gazes at the moon, appeared, as if it stood out from the Sun, descending visibly… 

GILBERTO DOS SANTOS: I saw the Sun, seeming a dull, silver disk, but more luminous than the moon. 

MARIA ROMANA: The Sun gave the appearance of a globe of dull silver fire, surrounded by a very dark purplish disk. 

ANA MARIA CAMARA: I saw a very clear, silvery blue disk, without rays . . .

5  More eyewitness accounts could be cited, but I think the point has been made. The official version of the story was packaged in the religious terminology, specifically Catholic dogma, of the day. What I mean by Catholic dogma is that the apparition was declared to be Mary, the mother of Jesus. Authors Fernandes and d’Armada have researched this aspect and, according to them, they believe that there was a rush to judgment in this regard. They have interviewed a fourth witness to the events that until recently had been overlooked. However, based on the multiple descriptions of a “silver disk” and a “sun” that did not have the blinding qualities of the sun, it appears from the eyewitness accounts above that what people were looking at was a craft of some sort.


“Politics Prophecy & the Supernatural is packed with vital information! L. A. Marzulli has done his homework!”

2 thoughts on “Fatima: Part 3 – What The Witnesses Said

  1. Very interesting indeed. As the Word says, the spirit of anti-christ and lawlessness has been working in the world for a LONG time now.


  2. I am 2/3 of the way through your book. I have come to know in my own life experiences that most of what you claim appears to be an accurate depiction. There is 1 area in the book The study of Ezeziel where I strongly feel you are missing a lg pc of the puzzle. If you follow the thread from Abraham to Jesus. You will see that when God Speaks of Isreal he is not only speaking of the Jews but the other 10 tribes that scattered the earth ( Judah and Benjamin are todays Isreal) I believe that God will reunite Ephriam (the other 10 tribes) and Judah,into the Promised Land in a bold supernatural way that will knock the socks off of entire world. Do you know of a single person who is aware of their ancestory all the way back to King David or Joseph or Abraham?(God promised him countless seeds) Only the modern day Judah can accurately trace their ancestory…This was an approx 5 yr study done by my sister, after her trip to Isreal. For more indepth info feel free to email me. Israel is a dual kingdom. Judah and Ephriam.(Isreal)
    So when I read Ezekiel and apply all of Isreal, it becomes even more supernatural.
    I would love to hear your feedback. I will now finish your book.

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