Fatima: Part 2

Here is part 2 from Politics,Prophecy & the Supernatural. It is a scene from the third novel in the Nephilim Trilogy, The Revealing. This is fiction and should be regarded as such. However, the scene is based on my research, into the event at Fatima, that I will bring to the BLOG tomorrow.



Excerpt from The Revealing  by Lynn Marzulli 

“I have much to show you, Fitzpatrick, and I can’t be concerned with what you might do. Bruno will see that you behave. Let’s begin, shall we? You are asking yourself why?” Without waiting for a reply the Hag continued. “It is because I want to show you deeper things, the hidden mysteries, what has been kept in the secret places for millennia, but now, in our day, will be revealed.” Fitz glanced at Bruno then at the Hag realizing that there was no choice but to listen. “Look at the screen Fitzpatrick,” the Hag said, as he dimmed the lights very low, but not completely dark as before. Fitzpatrick stared at the screen, a feeling of dread coursing through his body, like a poison. The screen flickered a few times, and then he saw a black and white movie. The quality was poor, grainy. “This was taken in 1917,” the Hag began, “In Fatima, Portugal.”   Fitz wondered, as he stared at the screen. “There is no sound, Fitzpatrick, so if you don’t mind I will narrate for us,” the Hag informed. “You see the crowd? Over seventy thousand people were gathered in Fatima. And do you know why? Because three children claimed to see an apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary. They had been told that she would appear and perform a miracle.  So on that day people gathered, peasants, workers, farmers, the intelligencia of the day, newspaper reporters. It had been raining all morning, Fitzpatrick. But the ‘pilgrims’ remained vigilant. The miracle was supposed to happen at twelve noon. But the Virgin was late. Can you imagine, late?” And he burst out laughing again. “She finally showed up an hour later. One of the children pointed to where she was. Of course no one else saw anything but the children. But watch here Fitzpatrick. You see the film—how jerky it becomes? It is because the cameraman is pointing the camera in a new direction, toward the sky. Look. The sky is parting, and what do you see now? The sun spinning? Watch . . . see it fall to the earth. Now the people fall to their knees. Everyone is terrified. The world is coming to an end. The ‘sun’ is dancing and falling down to earth. Like your Chicken Little story.” The Hag laughed again. “Stupid peasants. What do you see Fitzpatrick? It’s not the sun, is it? It’s a disk. Look at it reflect the sun off its shiny exterior. See the way it comes close to the crowd. Everyone who had been standing in the rain experienced his or her clothes becoming dry. Some even reported miracles. And here’s something that you should know. This is the only film remaining of that day. Every other photograph was confiscated. Are you aware that a Catholic priest devoted his entire life to discovering what really happened? He is dead now, and his work remains unpublished, confiscated by the Vatican . . .2 

                                                        *               *               * 

 Of course the above scene is completely fictional, but it is based on several books, most notably, Celestial Secrets by Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d’Armada, Heavenly Lights by Fernandes and d’Armada, and Messages from Heaven by Jim Tetlow, about the events at Fatima. Remember in 1917 the word “UFO” or “flying saucer” was not in the lexicon of the local inhabitants. Those terms would come later in the twentieth century. The people who saw the “Miracle of the Sun” had no reference point, nothing in their realm of experience to compare with at what they were looking. I realize that the Catholic Church has embraced the apparitions, and the previous Pope, Pope John Paul II, credited the failure of his assassination attempt to “Our Lady of Fatima.”3 He also entrusted the third millennium to the apparition as well as entrusted the world to the “Lady of Fatima.”4 However, one must remember that the Pope is a man and that the priests, bishops, and clergy who witnessed the event were also men and that all of us are, in fact, not infallible. In their two coauthored books Heavenly Lights: The Apparitions and the UFO Phenomenon and Celestial Secrets: The Hidden History of the Fatima Cover-Up, Portuguese historians Dr. Joaquim Fernandes and Fina d’Armada cite eyewitness accounts of the Fatima event. I have included these eyewitness accounts from Heavenly Lights because they add an important perspective that was not addressed in my previously provided thumbnail sketch and fictional accounts of the event.


“Marzulli has done his homework!”Dr. I.D.E. Thomas author of The Omega Conspiracy

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  1. Lynn,

    I am reading PP&S right now. Fascinating stuff! Thank you for presenting the truth on these things and for sounding an alarm.

    Kevin J.

  2. What I’ve wondered about this spinning disc is that if it wasn’t the Sun,where indeed was the Sun? Shouldn’t it have been seen by someone of the 70,000 viewers? Woudn’t it have been nice to hear that someone seen the Sun and the Disk ?

    Just a note, I don’t know if you know this or not but the belief in Fatima or any of the other apparitions that the Catholic Church proclaims if not Dogma……meaning not essential to being Catholic.


  3. Hi Ken,
    I am aware of the stance of the Catholic church on Fatima. In my opinion to much attention has been given to it and not enough scrutiny. The third secret was trumped up and dangled in front of the faithful and then never read. The ‘doctrine’ of Fatima almost usurped that of Biblical prophecy. Check out today’s third and final part…

  4. Another so called apparition of the virgina mary in Massachusetts where people gather. Imagine only what thousands’ of people viewing disks in the sky would be like, just shy of mass hysteria.

    Link and watch the VIDEO: http://www.masslive.com/news/index.ssf/2008/09/hundreds_gather_to_view_what_t.html

    Also on Paul Harvey News this morning for the second time in two weeks, has reported several people in various locations observing disks in the sky.
    Dates: Morning, Monday, Sept. 29, 2008 and Morning, Thurs, Oct.2, 2008.
    Link: http://www.paulharvey.com/index.aspx?id=3129

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