Weekly Wrap Up!

Well, another week has come and gone… Tempis Fugit as the Latin saying goes… or if you prefer the English translation, Time Flies! We’re rolling into November and the United States, Presidential elections, will be held this coming Tuesday. Who will win and where will the new president take us? With the Middle East, seemingly  ready to blow, whoever is elected will have to deal with the growing tensions, in the region.      

Iran is racing toward the completion of its nuclear program and there were rumblings, in different Middle Eastern news sources, about the ‘rumblings’ in Iran. Apparently there were two earthquakes only about 7 miles apart from each other this week. Some observers speculated that they were caused by secret, underground, nuclear tests. If that is the case, that somehow Iran has already acquired the bomb, perhaps through the help of the Russians, lets say, then how does that change the balance of power in the region? Can some sort of confrontation be far off?

          Syria, still has its troops surrounding Lebanon. Is this maneuvering, a pretext for an invasion of Israel? The Russians continue to sell arms to Syrian, Iran and now Libya. Hmmm, looks like Ezekiel 38, to me. We’ll keep watching and see what happens. 

         There is also talk, in Israel, about handing over the Golan Heights, back to Syria, as well as reducing the country’s boundaries, to the pre 67 war boundaries, which means handing over Jerusalem. I don’t think that will happen, as Netanyahoo seems to be the next in line, for the presidency and he’s a hardliner.

          Today is October 31st, and this is the day, according to Prophet Yahweh, that a UFO will manifest over the skies of Las Vegas. If this doesn’t happen, does this make P.Y. a false prophet? I think it does. As many of you know, the Prophet was on the Q-Files show, which I guest host on Wednesdays. The interview will be linked to this site soon, and I would encourage you to take a listen to it. I had lots of positive feedback on it. I’m not going to include his picture again as I think we’ve seen it enough times…

         Oil dropped to a record low, for the last several years. OPEC has decided to cut production by 1.5 million barrels a day.

         The October News Magazine will come out this Saturday. Don’t miss the interview with Dr. Lynne Kitei. She has done a documentary on the Phoenix lights and comes, on the record with me, for an in depth interview. It’s only $1.50 per month and you can cancel at any time. There’s lots of goodies in this months issue.       

          There is also the Turkish UFO footage which has hit the NET and YOUTUBE. It looks convincing, but who knows? Earlier this month the U.K. released classified information about their UFO sightings. One that made international news, featured the ex-pilot, who publicly went on the record saying, that the UFO he saw, was as big as an aircraft carrier. 

        Well, I could go on… See you on Monday. Why not be a big spender and sign up for this months news Magazine. It’s interactive with links and web addresses and it helps keep all of this going! It’s only $1.50!

Prophet Yahweh: Recap

Yesterday, on the Steve Quayle show I interviewed Prophet Yahweh. I came away from the interview, with the feeling that all was NOT as it should be. Let me explain. P.Y. is operating in one of three paradigms. 1. He’s mentally ill. P.Y. admits this and he did so yesterday in the interview. He says this, because he admits he hears voices and as we all know, this is construed by mental health professionals as a sign of mental illness. 2. He is an MK Ultra operative. There are sites that I visited on the NET, that offer proof of this. 3. He is demon possessed. This later one, is what I think we’re dealing with. P.Y. would never answer the question that I put to him form a listener. “Is Jesus the son of God?” P.Y. went into a diatribe about how Jesus wan’t the correct name and that it should have been Emmanuel. I also asked him at the end of the show, what he thought about the Blood Of Jesus. This seemed to cause a certain amount of confusion on his part. He also would not admit that if the UFO didn’t show up between October 31th & November 11th, then he was a false prophet.

        P.Y. is a messenger a spokesperson for what I would call, THE COMING GREAT DECEPTION. I use this term because he believes that these so called aliens are in fact, our gods. This is what I write about in all my books. It is the return of the Nephilim in our modern era. This is what Jesus warned us about when he says, “AS in the days of Noah, so it will be when the son of man returns.” The only event that differentiates the Day’s of Noah from any other in history is the presence of the fallen angels and their demonic offspring the Nephilim.

        While I don’t think anything will happen with P.Y. and like Blossom  Goodchidl’s prophecy,  this one will fall of it’s own weight too. When that happens what will P.Y. say. Will he admit that he is a false prophet? WIll he have an excuse that will cover himself?

       Here are some of the feedback I got from the interview. I have left out the names to protect identity. There are some disturbing posts….

Yes he must be the real prophet… or perhaps his inability to hear you was due to a ringing in the ears just maybe caused by Hell’s-Bells! All-in-all, prayers for his soul are in order.  


That was off the hook! You nailed him! The guy is false, that should be very very clear. Man I can’t wait until 11/12/08. That was fantastic… You are doing an EXCELLENT JOB.


 Thank you for trying to hold this man’s feet to the fire of his beliefs and predictions. I do believe, however, that you bit off a little more than you bargained for in that interview. Did he surprise you with his cogency? I am a strong believer in Christ Jesus myself and do not agree with him, but there you go.

I believe the very last question was the most telling. When you mentioned the “blood of Jesus” it almost sounded like he was answering and them “something” else took over and then he gave another answer. Mind Control? Hmm. Listen to the recording at the very end.

L.A. Marzulli Interviews Prophet Yahweh Today – ON THE Q-FILES!

Today on the Q-Files, our guest will be Prophet Yahweh. We had a snag, as the Prophet gave us a wrong phone number by mistake, so Steve, our producer, was not able to do a sound check. That being said, I emailed P.Y. and he apologized and gave us the correct number. We should be OK, today @ 7:00PM EST. I’ll give you the link at the bottom of the page. Remember to Email with your questions at, lmarzulli@aol.com 

      I did some more research on P.Y. and found that he makes some bizarre claims regarding Christians, Jesus and the Jews. I won’t go into it here, but if  you GOOGLE, P.Y., an assortment of articles and posts come up. 

     After spending almost 30 years researching UFOs and the Nephilim, I believe that the so called extraterrestrials, are fallen angels. I realize that to blurt out a statement like that can cause a lot of folks to be taken aback. That’s fine, so why some of you are regaining your footing, let me explain. I have seen nothing in my research that would indicate that these E.T.’s are benevolent and are here to usher us into the next level, in our spiritual evolution. I do however, find the abduction phenomena abhorrent and criminal. Taking someone against there will is kidnapping and in every culture, that I’m aware of, it is treated as a crime. Probing someones genitalia, without their permission, is also regarded as crime. Subjecting someone to unmitigated fear, as many abductee’s claim, is akin to physiological torture, which again is criminal. Not much good, here. While P.Y. may have some connection – which I would deem a familiar spirit – that at times allows him to contact these beings, in my opinion he is opening himself up to forces that are malevolent and in the end, will betray  him. 

     The Bible is actually a manual for dealing with the things of the spirit. In fact, we are told that the natural man – one who is not, ‘born again’, cannot possibly understand the things of the spirit. I know that our weapons are not carnal and we fight unseen principalities and rulers, of darkness. The good news is that we have authority, in the name of Jesus. By His blood we have the victory. I remember when I interviewed Lawrence Gray, he was the Missionary that the ‘Mothman,’ appeared to, one night, in his bedroom. He was paralyzed with fear- and who wouldn’t be – but then he began to say to himself, “The Blood of Jesus.” It’s not that those words are some sort of magical formula. They’re not, but in the hands of a believer, who knows that he, or she, has been saved, by the blood shed on Calvary, those words become lethal weapons! That confession of believing on Him who was sent, opens the doorway to eternal life. It is with that mind set that I go into this interview today.


The Q-FIles…   http://stevequayle.com/

Prophet Yahweh to appear w/ L. A. Marzulli on the Q-Files Wednesday

Tomorrow on the Q-Files at 7:00 EST, I will be interviewing Prophet Yahweh. It should be interesting, as I plan to ask him a variety of questions. Before I continue with todays’ BLOG, I would invite you to post any questions you might have me ask P.Y., in the comment section. We have only one  hurdle to go before the interview is final and that’s a telephone check with the producer. If that is OK, then we’re on for tomorrow.

         I’m looking forward to this. It should be fascinating. Yesterday, on the Q-Files there was someone who emailed me, in regard to having P.Y. on the show. He asked me why I was giving P.Y air time. It’s a good question. Here’s what I replied. P.Y. claims to be able to summon UFOs. Allegedly he has done this on several occasions, the most famous being the one he did for a Los Vegas News crew. (I’ve Blogged about this previously) The question is, what is he operating under? Is it a hoax, as some people believe? Does P.Y. have someone who release weather balloons in the sky? Does he have power? If so where does this power come from. It is demonic in nature? I think you know that I believe. P.Y operates with a familiar spirit that is demonic. These beings lie and are master of deception. It is this deception that I want to try to expose, on the show.   

         I’ve been doing some background on P.Y. and although he was able to summon a UFO in front of a news crew, when he tried it again, at a later date, nothing happened. In August of 2005, P.Y. announced in a press release, that he was going to call down UFOs over all 50 states. This, didn’t happen. Here’s a link to the Press release. http://www.prweb.com/releases/2005/5/prweb243327.htm 

        Why didn’t it happen? It’s because of the same deception that befell Blossom Goodchild. With that said, I’m not expecting much to happen on October 31st either. Like Goodchild’s October 14th prediction, this will more than likely be, a non-event, in that P.Y will not be able to summon anything. If nothing happens then we will receive a series of excuses, as to why nothing materialized. 

        P.Y. claims to hear a voice in his head that calls itself Yahweh. Like most others who have had these experiences, there is a certain degree of power that may manifest, at certain times. I keep going back to the story where Moses throws his staff, to the ground and it becomes a snake. Pharoah’s magicians are able to duplicate the ‘trick.’ The point I’m trying to make, is that, I believe the supernatural is real. P.Y. is most likely operating under, a familiar spirit. The voices he hears, are that of this spirit / demon. It will be interesting to see if he will state on the show, how he knows this voice is ‘good.’ This is one point that I’m going to challenge him on. Please remember to Email me your questions @ lmarzulli@aol.com

UFOs and the Post-Disclosure Worldview

Here is a link to an interesting article that I read over the weekend. It is by Glenn Gould. Towards the end of the essay Gould comments that are four positions that one can take regarding the E.T. presence, that they are the enemy, they are our benefactors, they are our gods or they are not there at all. I would like to add a fifth. That they are part of a demonic deception that has been foretold in ancient prophetic writings i.e. The Book Of Revelation and other Biblical narratives. While Gould alludes to the spiritual aspects of UFO when he points out that there are those who embrace the occultist Helena Blavatsky’s view, that these beings (E.T.’s) are the ascended masters here to assist mankind into a higher evolution. He avoids the Christian perspective altogether.

           I think the Blavatsky view, was embraced by Blossom Goodchild with her channeling the so-called, Federation of Light. She believed erroneously that these beings were telling her the truth. According to her own statement that was aired on YOUTUBE, on October 15th., she asked them repeatedly if they were really going to show up and reveal themselves. The Federation of Light assured her that they were going to. Of course now we see that the Federation deceived Goodchild, they lied to her.

        I see everything through the lens of Biblical scripture and prophecy. I have a Christian world view. I realize that for some, this is unpopular. It is often misunderstood as being religious, or narrow-minded. I would submit that this view has real answers to the UFO enigma. Here’s an example. When Joe Jordan, a Christian, had a dozen or so people come on stage, at this years Roswell UFO convention, he blew much of his audience away. The reason for this is that these people were able to say that they had stopped their abduction experiences by calling out the name of Jesus. Or saying, The blood of Jesus.” 

      Added to that is the testimony of a retired missionary who went on the record in our news magazine, as he shared about his victory over what was the Mothman apparitions in Point Pleasant, West Virginia. He evoked the name of Jesus and said, “The Blood of Jesus,” and the entity, which he described as the embodiment of, “wickedness,” vanished.

      We are in an unseen war. We are surrounded by forces that are seeking to bring about the manifestation of the Antichrist, if we are in the time period when he will manifest. Once again the source for that statement is the Christian scriptures.

      So why not include the fifth possibility, that the UFO, abduction phenomena, crop circles, cattle mutilations are part of a demonic deception? It certainly has as much merit as the others. I have found a bias, in the UFO community against the Christian world view, and that bias was reflected in the article by Gould, whether intentionally or not. It seems to me that this is the same sort of mind set that Ben Stein exposes in his movie, Expelled. Briefly put, according to Stein, the concept of creationism is not even allowed to be discussed! But when Stein presses, Richard Dawkins, the evolutionist,  for answer, in regard to where did life originate, Dawkins is unable to provide one.

       The bottom line is this. We need to keep all options open regarding the UFO enigma. I will continue to put forth my view that UFOs are demonic in nature, and will act as the catalyst that will cause the great falling away that is mentioned in 2nd Thessalonians. It is part of the bizarre end-timed mix that we will see.  Jesus himself declares that, “Even the elect would be deceived if that were possible.” Strong words or warning those…

Here’s the link to the story:


Weekly Wrap Up…

I’m trying something new here. Doing a quick recap of some of the weeks stories and how it relates to the Poolitical, Prophetic & Supernatural climate. That’s why I’m using the book cover (Shameless PR) 

In the political, the financial markets continue to slide as the DOW plunged 500 points on the opening bell this morning. The 700 Billion dollar bailout, may just turn out to be a band aid, on a wound, that severed an artery. In other words, this thing may not be over yet and it could get a lot worse. Foreclosures were up 75% in my state of California.

OPEC, has cut production of oil by 1.5 million barrels a day. Oil fell below $70 a barrel this week. Mark my words, within the next six months oil will be up around $200 a barrel. We’re gonna get hosed…

          The Russians are negotiating arms deals with the Syrians and the Iranians. In  my opinion this just adds fuel to the tinderbox that is the Middle East. Although we haven’t heard much about Georgia and Ossetia- I’m not talking one of our southern states – the Russians lightning response a few months ago, is a reminder that the Russian bear is alive and well. This may figure into the Prophecy of Ezekiel, that I BLOG about ad nausea. The Russians also were practicing military maneuvers by flying there long range bombers… hmmm, I wonder why? Here’s a link to the story.


There’s still postings on the NET that Obama wasn’t born in the USA. I wish somebody would nail this story down so I wouldn’t have to be bothered with frantic Emails from people! Of course what is the rumor turns out to be true? Hillary would have her shinning moment and be hailed as the savior…  just a thought…

I also wish that the press would focus on something other than the expense of Gov. Palin’s clothes… It amazes me how selective the reporting is. Enough already, why not go after Barney Frank who did nothing to warn Americans that Freddy & Fanny were in danger of collapse. Or perhaps do an expose on the known terrorist Bill Ayers, and his relationship with Obama. And what of ACORN and voter fraud? It’s going to get nuts here in a few weeks… Here’s the link to the Obama not, “born in the USA,” song… I mean link.



Of course this weeks wrap up would not be complete without another look at my favorite UFO summoner, Prophet Yahweh. I received an email from him yesterday. He agreed to an interview, so that’s my assignment for the weekend. More on P.Y. to follow. We’ve had a lot of comments about P.Y. and it’s going to be interesting on October 31st. If anyone wants to donate some $ to me, I’ll drive there and cover the story live!


This week we also were privy to formerly classified documents from the UK. It amazes me that what should be the story of the century, is thrown together with all of the other 12 hour, news cycle, items and then you don’t hear about it anymore. It’s like it never happened. Are we that desensitized that when a former pilot, who has remained faithful to his oath of security clearance for over 40 years, goes on the record and tells us that he chased a UFO that was the size of an aircraft carrier. Oh well, pass the Brittney please… (no pun intended)


Well, have a great weekend. I’ll be on Ghostly Talk this coming Sunday evening. Booo!



Also the Prophecy in the News television show is starting to air go to http://www.prophecyinthenews.com for details


That’s it for now unless something happens over the weekend, I’ll be back on Monday.