The Grays: Part 2… Fear.

 Over the weekend I watched a repeat of ABC’s Seeing Is Believing. Once again I tip my hat to ABC as they treat the subject of UFOs seriously. The interviews with the witnesses are compelling, while the skeptics appear, from time to time trying to make their case that all of this is just mythos, that has been generated from decades of B movies, and Star Trek episodes. They provide no real answers of explaining what the phenomena is, and don’t measure up to the people who have actually had encounters. Bottom line is this. When you see one of these  UFOs or Grays, everything changes as you try to fit it into your world view.

          On the show, one of the witnesses had been abducted and he spoke about it with lucidity. Unlike those who have to be hypnotized, in order to recall their abduction experience, this one particular man was laying, in his bed, wide awake when suddenly, at the foot of the bed, four ‘Gray’s appeared. They took him aboard their ship and he came face to face with what he describes as the most terrifying creature he had ever seen. He described it as some sort of insect like being. (This type has become known amongst ufologists as insectoids) You can see from the mans facial expressions and body language that even recalling the memory brings such an overwhelming fear into his life, that he’s not sure how to deal with it.

           I have said before that the currency of the kingdom of the Luciferians is fear. The Grays, in my opinion are ambassadors of that kingdom. They are the thralls, and do the dirty work, as they are the ones who appear in someone unfortunate souls room and carry out the abduction. A large part of what they do is to create a climate of fear. Everything is done in a deliberate way to create that fear. In part one, there was a poem by an abductee, Corina Sables. She has grown to hate the Grays. She fears them, and with good reason, as she is powerless to stop them from abducting her. In some twisted satanic way, the grays and their overlords are fed by this fear. In the ABC presentation they borrow footage from other shows, I think Taken was one of them, that showed the typical end result of the abduction, as a young man was being held down on a table while the Grays probed and conducted tests on him. He was wild eyed and struggled to free himself, as he screamed hysterically, and who wouldn’t? The Grays conduct this with great deliberation. This is what they want. I believe that they thrive in a climate of fear.

           At some point, when they reveal themselves it will be in a climate of fear. I have put forth the theory that this will come at the end of the Middle East war that is looming on the horizon. Think of the fear and uncertainty that it will create, if that war becomes a reality. What of the financial crises that we face and the housing market meltdown? What about Russia sending warships to Venezuela? And then there’s the October 14th ‘prophecy’ that says we will have a sighting of a huge UFO that will be seen by everyone for 72 hours. If this happens- and I’m betting it won’t – how will people react?

            The currency of the Gray’s is fear, and they are relishing in it now…

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  1. You are correct, Lynn. I believe the fear is just beginning. Stocks were down yesterday $777 on Rosh Hashanah. We could now be in the beginning of the tribulation. Matthew 24 and 25 seems more real every day. Keep up the the good work, Lynn.

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