The Grays

           The picture on the right is by Doug Chaffee. He’s been gracious enough to allow me to use it in this post. It is a picture of what has become known, as the Grays. They have become part of our culture. They are depicted as ‘friendly’ and somewhat needy as they hang out with the energizer bunny. In fact, the Grays are so fond of him that, that after they whisk away, in their ship, they return, moments later and beam the furry little rabbit up, into their ship, in what can only be described, as the classic abduction scenario. Then there’s the gray’s that dance and shake their collective alien booty, on the Internet, in hope of enticing you, to click the link and refinance your home. I wonder if one of them works at my local bank?

            Of course the History channel has run a special regarding the grays, and authors such as Dr. Jacob’s, who by the way we interviewed for our monthly newsletter, have written books, on what he believes is the sinister agenda, of the Grays. So what are they doing here?

        There are those who refuse to take seriously the sightings, by hundreds of witnesses that have had encounters with these creatures. Abductee’s describe them as void of emotion and focused on their task at hand. They kidnap unwary citizens from their sleep, float them through walls or glass windows and take them to their ship, where they perform medical examinations. Most of these are reproductive in nature. 

        In my opinion this is a mirror of the Genesis account, in which the Fallen angels manifested, on the earth and engaged in similar behavior. Is this what ancient manuscripts warn us about? That there would be a return of these fallen one’s? Are we living in the days when we will see a revealing of these creatures? What about the October 14th event that I have Blogged about? As I have previously stated, I don’t believe in channeling as a source of information. How can you ascertain whether what you are hearing is the truth? Added to that, is the admonition to avoid contact with someone who has a familiar spirit. This is the same thing as someone who is channeling a ‘spirit.’

        But what if someday they do show themselves. Take a look at the eyes that Mr. Chaffee drew. They are hypnotic. In my book PP&S I did an interview with Corina Sables, who has been abducted for decades, and so far, has been unable to stop them. She has written a poem about their eyes. Chuck Missler and Mark Eastman wrote, in their book Alien Encounters, that if you encountered one of these beings, you were to avoid looking, in their eyes at all costs. In the Nephilim series, Art Mackenzie has an encounter and as he unable to look away, his mind explodes with images that he’d rather not have to deal with. 

         Corina Sables poem says it all, and I post it here. It can be found in Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural on page 151.

                                     Your eyes like black infinite pools

                                     Definitely your best tools!

                                     You cannot look away,

                                     you are hypnotized…

                                     You want to scream

                                     and turn away

                                     but you cannot.


4 thoughts on “The Grays

  1. Dr. Marzulli,

    Many years ago, when my wife was fourteen years old, (she is 61 now), she was visiting her aunt & uncle’s farm in Redfield, IA. She was sitting on the front porch on a warm summer evening when a large, what appeared to be, “cigar” shaped craft suddenly was above the barn. My wife estimates the craft was about 200 ft. from her, silently hovering. It appeared that there were lighted portholes around it.

    She says looking back on it, it appears this craft and whatever was inside, was listening to her. She was sitting on the porch in a rocking chair singing, “In The Garden.” She feels that they intended perhaps to abduct her, but that the presence of God within her and around her hindered them from doing so. She went for many years without telling her story, and has shared with very few to this day. She gave me permission to share it here.

    Interestingly, she says when the craft appeared all birds and bugs suddenly were silent. She went to call her aunt and uncle to see what she was seeing, and by the time they came to the screen door, it suddenly whisked away.

    We are not whackos, we serve the Lord as Pastors of a small house church today. Most in the Body of Christ don’t want to deal with this phenomenon. I’m glad that you, Chuck Missler, and others are willing to. There are indications of these things in the Word, but most are not spiritually discerning enough to grasp them.


  2. Thanks for your comment and story. I know you’re not a ‘whako’! So many people are afraid of being ridiculed that they never come forward. Thanks for feeling safe here. All the best. L. A. Marzulli

  3. I recently took my youngest child to the movie “Space Chimps” which has a G rating. I thought it would be a good choice. (I avoided taking either of them to the latest Indian Jones Kingdom and the Crystal Skull Movie because friends said it had a theme of aliens which come down and make contact with mankind). Much to my surprise, “Space Chimps” not only introduced it’s viewers to space aliens creatures but presented the ‘grays’ in a much much ‘kid friendly’ way. The space aliens were to be funny but if you watched with discerning eyes then you would discover they pushed the ideas of evil, deception, selfishness, worldly, desirous power and murder. The ‘grays’ were to be “needy” of the young space chimps and that the chimps could help them overcome evil if they would help them. They were telepathic also. Oddly enough, the ‘grays’ were small, pink, glowed from the inside if helped by the chimps and had hypnotic blue eyes. Oh did I mention the large head and spindley limbs?

    After watching this I thought Wow! They are appealing to the children and not even in a subtle way!!

    Earlier in the summer, we took them to see “Wally” which has an alien/outspacer element to it but I came away feeling that humans are THE ’cause of everything environmentally wrong with our earth regarding the global warming false religion that has been rammed down our throats through media and other sources.

  4. Yo L.A… what’s up. Yours is a website i visit daily. G_D bless you and keep you through these latter-years as a good and faithful servant of our beloved King. I’ve followed you and Thomas Horn’s work for some time… I find it all extremely interesting. I’m convinced of the GREAT END TIME DECEPTION. Hey,… check this trailer out. Tell me what you think. More “hidden” UFOlogical propaganda. Aliens coming to invade or maybe save… during the trailer, notice the “light” of the Alien craft overshadowing the dark and gloomy Church.


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