UFO’s The Great Deception…

              In 2002 I published the second book of the Nephilim Trilogy, The Unholy Deception. I coined the phrase, Great Deception, and used it in that book, for the first time. Since then it has been picked up by other authors and BLOG sites. It can be found on page 111. Here’s the set up. Art MacKenzie, the story’s hero, is asking his mentor and friend, Johanen about the Mystery of Iniquity, or lawlessness, end.

         “So when will this iniquity, as you call it, end? Or does it?” Mac asked. 

Johanen checked the boat’s course on the global positioning monitor. “Mac, history will end at some point. The linear progression of humankind, as we know it, will come to a close, and the Messiah will return and rule the earth from Jerusalem.” 

“And the evil will end?” Mac asked. 

“It will, but before it does, the Man of Lawlessness will rise to power, and he will display false miracles that will deceive many. I have begun to call it the ‘Great Deception,’ a name taken from a portion of Scripture which says, ‘The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception.’” 

         So there it is. The concept of the coming Great Deception. I find it ironic that there are some sites where I’m not welcome – I won’t mention any names – but they’re using the phrase that I coined, as if they invented it. I’m not angry, just a little disapointed that my writings are not welcome.

          My Nephilim Trilogy owes a debt of gratitude to Dr. I. D. E. Thomas’ now classic work, The Omega Conspiracy. All of us who have ventured to put pen to paper, on this subject, have read and re-read this book. Why I may have coined the phrase, Great Deception, it was Dr. Thomas who linked the modern UFO phenomena with Genesis 6. My hat is off to you sir. You are indeed a trail blazer!

           We are at a juncture in history in which I believe reflects the warning of Jesus where he declares, it will be like the days of Noah, when the Son of Man returns. The UFO phenomena is not going away and there are many who believe that these so called extraterrestrials, are here to usher mankind into a new age of enlightenment. They have, in my opinion, embraced the Great Deception. This coming deception will be that the so called aliens were our progenitors, that they genetically manipulated us from primitive man and that they were responsible for the worlds religions. There are those who believe that ET created all of the miracles found in the Bible. What is coming will shake the world. What is about to befallus, is the Luciferian end game. It is one of deception, and it will, if possible, deceive even the elect. 

          The statement, that the working of Satan is one of, all power, signs and lying wonders, has alluded many. Most of us skip over this and never give it a second thought. I believe the revealing of the UFO – extra terrestrial presence will be, the Great Deception. As a witness to the giant, Stephenville Texas, UFO said, “It was overwhelming…” 


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  2. Hi Lynn,

    I read the “Omega Conspiracy” years ago. It really put the UFO pheonomenon in focus for me. I had studied Genesis 6 in the Dake’s Annonated Reference Bible years before that, so I had a working knowledge of who the “Sons of God” were. Reading Dake was the first time that I discovered that the Hebrew words, “Sons of God”, was from the Hebrew “B’nai Elohim.”

    Through reading Dake’s notes I discovered the Hebrew word “Nephilim” was translated “giants.” It was however by reading I D E Thomas’s work that I was able to tie this all together with the days of Noah returning to earth before the Coming of Jesus, and an end-time Luciferic deception.

    Then when I discovered your books and blog it tied all neatly together. As they said on the “X-files”, the truth IS out there. It’s just not where the world thinks it is. It lies within the pages of the Word of God and in the person of Christ Himself.

    Again, thanks brother. Many blessings be upon you and yours. I pray a protective covering of the Blood of Jesus over you and your family!


  3. THANKS LYNN! You’ve done a WONDERFULLY (and scripturaly supported) inspiring job of bring these realities to the forefront of Christian Literature…and deserve a HEARTY “thank you”.

    I’m pinching pennies to get “POLITICS, PROPHECY & THE SUPERNATURAL”. As well, I’m conducting classes for young Adults & Bible students, so, of course, yours, Michael Heiser’s, Tom Horn’s, & Steve Quayle’s materials & sites/BLOGS are priceless sources, (as is Dr. I.D.E Thomas’s ground breaker).

    Also, a “hint” from our Savior, as how to take rejection…expect it….embrace it…thank the Lord & Father FOR it, as it PROVES, [“make sure” you’re “calling, vocation & anointing”:

    “Woe unto you when ALL men speak well of you, for so did their fathers of the false prophets”. —

    “If the world hate you, you know that it hated me before it hated you. If ye were OF the world, the world would love “his”,[important delegation of authority], own, but, because ye are not OF this world, but I have chosen you OUT of this world, therefore the world hateth you. —

    Remember the word that I have spoken unto you, the servant is not greater than his Lord. If they have persecuted ME, they will persecute you; IF they have ket MY sayings, they will keep yours also”…I think “sayings” covers Books, & “writings” also….

    Congrats Lynn!

    WELCOME TO THE “REJECTS OF SOCIETY CLUB”…IT’S EXTREMELY exclusive, SPARSELY populated, AND COSTS “…ALL that he hath…”, [Luke 14:33]. But, the membership perks are (QUITE literally), beyond imagination, & “outta this world!” ;-)”wink!” Ya GOTTA love it!

  4. After listening to recent discussions about giants coming back, and ufo’s possibly being the great delusion in II Thes.

    I just read Jesus great discourse in Matthew 24 with that in mind, and it took on a whole new meaning.

    Starting with Matthew 24:4,5 consider the entire chapter with the idea of the UFO/ALIEN invasion Where Jesus said:

    DO NOT BE DECEIVED- lead away from the truth (IN CHRIST), lead into error believe what the aliens say (doctrine of demons)

    MANY SHALL COME- (ufo’s/aliens) to come from one place to another, to make ones’s appearance, TO COME BEFORE THE PUBLIC

    SAYING- to exhort and to Teach

    SHALL DECEIVE- Lead away, fall away from the Truth

    Jesus goes on to say in verses 9,10 that they (ufo’s and aliens) or possibly nephelim, begin to bring tribulation, pain, suffering,death and war. Due to this persecution, many will then hate each other and turn on each other, ultimatly departing from the true faith. They will become converts to go out and deceive others with this doctrine of demons which looks like part of that strong delusion and falling away.

    The main thought that came to me was where we have read over this text for years, thinking about many shall come being just people and those invading armies, but I really believe now that Jesus own words in red was referring to the “many” as ufo’s and aliens which will be part of the anti-christ camp..

  5. Lynn, I have just ordered your book, “Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural” and cannot wait for it to arrive. I heard you speak on Derek and Sharon Gilbert’s P.I.D. broadcast and knew I had to have your book. Along with Tom Horn and Steve Quayle, you have much respect and credibility with me. I do not like sensationalism and you guys present your thoroughly researched facts and documentation. As regards being ostracized and kicked to the curb: if it is true “misery loves company”, then join the club. I am a member too in good standing among the disenfranchised. I have had “those looks” when bringing up this subject in Evangelical circles. Thanks for all that you, Mr Horn, the Gilberts and Mr Quayle do to prepare the world for the return of Jesus Christ.

  6. Dear Lynn, Read your Nephilim trilogy a few yrs. ago and was in awe. When will Hollywood make the movies or TV series??? Lets not hold our breath. I thank God for blessing me with discovering Raiders News Network and Tom Horn and Lynn Marzuli and other Christian writers and thinkers. I started out as a Christian and National Review Bill Buckley Conservative and sometime in the 70’s began to see the truth about most of the leaders of the”modern conservative movement” were Trotskyites or Neocons, or Freemasons, etc. and were misleading America’s Conservative Youth in wrong directions such as support for Globalism and Free-trade and amoral capitalist greed, America and everyone and everything is for Sale. Tonight America and the rest of the nations of the world financial economies are tottering on the crumbling edges of the Financial Abyss. We are about to reap the rewards for Global Laissez Fare Capitlism. Soon we will be in a new World War. I guess this is where your first book of the triology starts… Most of my friends and family think I’m bonkers with my mention of UFO’s and Fallen Angels aka The Watchers, and Transhumanism, etc.. Thank God for your Ministry of your novels and your blogs. Yours in Christ.

  7. WOW,

    Am glad to know that there are people who hve connected the dots and “Vwala”. . . . . its finally out.!! the deception has already began. The reason these UFO are going to be dispatched(in addition to all you have discssed), is to preare for the great “Slaughter” that will take place after the rapture takes occurs.

    Remember , that these are not human, therefore they dont have feelings, hearts, but will be here to complete/fulfil prophecy,.
    The stage has been set. Noah spent 100 years building the ark and in the process , warning people of the coming didaster/flood. they never listened.
    Nostradimus came and said what he said, 200 years have gone by.

    Whoever shall be left behnd after the tribulation, with the absence of the Spirit of God, wont know hat hit them. It will be a combination of the movie Armageddon,Deep impact, left behind and Hell, together.!!

    Brother, I rest my case.

  8. This guys is correct, he whole world like the bible says is controlled by satan it is the mystery of where technology suuddenly errupted throughout the ages, the gods of old are now aliens, it is funny how there message is there is no god, if u can beleive something that takes u against your will is from your mistaken

  9. The bible is the sufficient word of God, everything has been
    revealed in the Bible. Jesus is the only Way, He is God and Saviour. The salvation in Christ we receive freely is sufficient
    to redeem us from sins and to set us free from darkness and
    bondage.All we need to do is call upon the Name of Jesus to be
    saved, repent of all sins and focus on the word of God(bible)as
    our source of Truth. Most Christians nowadays seem to be dabbling
    with the supernatural-visions, apparitions, manifestations etc.but
    what they get is ‘deception’ from the enemy. It seems the bible
    and our Lord Jesus is not enough that they seek signs and wonders
    in order to believe. We walk by faith not by sight as clearly
    indicated by God in the bible. But present day Christians are
    being lured to mysticism and contemplative spirituality, they
    believe supernatural experiences will draw them near to God. Once
    a person is saved in Christ, God dwells in that person and he/she
    doesn’t need to invite Him in his life many times. Christ dwells
    in the believers, and He speaks to us through the bible-for
    correction, for rebuke, reproof and for guideline in Christian
    living. Sadly to day, multitude of Christians are being deceived
    by growing numbers of false prophets and mystics.Praise our
    Lord Jesus Christ for the Truth found in the scriptures.

  10. Dear Lynn,

    There are few things more frustrating than to hear so many people talking about E.T.’s as though they are our saviors! To add insult to injury, some of these same people are asking “the right questions” yet refusing to open their eyes to see what is actually quite vividly described to us in Revelations and throughout the bible – the real answer, about this Great Deception!

    It is indeed upon us like a spider sits upon its web. Open your hearts, minds and ears, people with conscience. With information like that which L.A. Marzzuli provides and the very scripture as your guidepost, it is a no-brainer! If, in your own opinion it is anything else – you are being deceived! We are fighting a war – right here, right now – and it is the battle of all battles with Satan himself. Our days are numbered, and soon those days will be shortened. It is not some puffy happy alien story, it is as real as the fingers on your hands. Take this help as offered by Lynn and others like us before it is gone forever.

    With kind regards,
    “The John Chronicles”

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