Positioning for the Coming War…

No one wants to hear that there is going to be another war. When Chamberlain returned to Great Britain, holding the ‘White Paper,’ in his hand and assuring the nation that there would be peace between Britain and Germany, I’m sure most of his countrymen let out a collective sigh, of relief. Later, the world was plunged in the horrors of WWII. So much for the ‘White Paper.’

             So while the United States is engaged in watching the new O.J. Simpson trial, or the antics of Lyndsay Lohan, or the earth shattering news that Clay Aiken is gay, Syria has put 10,000 commando troops on the border of Lebanon. Here’s the link to the site. http://www.debka.com/index1.php     Syria masses 10,000 commandos on border to invade N. Lebanon

             This is more bad news for the Middle East. Are the Syrians positioning troops for the coming war? Is Lebanon going to be over run by Syrian Commandos? Added to this mix is the recent announcement, by Russia that it is selling arms to Iran. Specifically the Tor-M1 Missile system, and as I have BLOGGED about the S300 surface-to-air missile system. Russia has also upped it’s ante, by sending warships into the region and supplying Syria with arms.

             Yesterday at the United Nations, the president of Iran, Mahmoud Amedinejhad, declared that, “Israel, like an airplane without an engine, is doomed.” What words of detente’ and good will…

            So here’s the picture, as I see it. Israel is now surrounded by neighbors who are arming themselves to the teeth. The threats by Iran and their vitriolic president,  I’m-in-a-jihad (Ahmedinejhad) don’t leave much room for diplomacy. At some point the ‘pot’ is going to boil over and when it does there will be an all out war in the region.

          Is this the coming war of Ezekiel, that I continually BLOG about? Is the prophecy of Isaiah 17, about to be fulfilled too? This states that Damascus will be destroyed. This has never happened and in fact, Damascus is the oldest, continuous, inhabited city, on earth.

          In a statement issued several months ago, Israel made it very clear that if Syria were to use chemical weapons against them, they would annihilate them. Strong language by the Israeli’s. 

         The hatred toward Israel,  is off the charts by Iran, Hezbollah, Hamas and Damascus. So how long before someone pulls the trigger?

          The war that is coming will be devastating. It will be far greater in devastation, than what happened at Hiroshima and Nagasaki and unlike the time period of WWII, the nations of the world will watch it unfold, in real time, as we are now linked together by Television. 

         As the positioning of troops and missiles continues in the Middle East, we must watch and be ready…

4 thoughts on “Positioning for the Coming War…

  1. Lynn,

    I think the prophetic clock is much closer to midnight than any of us realize. I have of late sensed a great urgency and excitement as I have watched all of the national un-rest and anti-semitism, coupled with the anti-chrstian bigotry; not to mention signs in the heavens and wacky weather patterns. We are there! We could be “caught away” any moment. We need to wake up and be vigilant and committed.

    Thanks again Lynn for the blog and the books. I really appreciate all that you do. Blessings brother.


  2. I agree. When it happens it’s going to take many in the church and others by surprise. The Great Deception is near…

  3. it was no ‘accident’ that I happened upon your blog and writings. I am telling everyone who will listen to me. Thank you for being a beacon in the twilight, Lynn.

  4. Thanks Susan:
    Things are heating up. I’m going to post about the coming great deception tomorrow, as I feel it needs to be driven home. We are in a climate of fear. Financial, militarily, uncertainty… this is the prelude to the coming great deception…

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