UFOs – Mother-ships and October 14th…

This month, in our newsletter, I’m interviewing Dr. Lynne Kitei. She has produced a documentary on what has become known as the Phoenix Lights. It will be interesting to have her come on the record and get an inside view of the phenomena, that startled the city, of Phoenix, over a decade ago. Some of those witnesses who saw the craft, up close, are interviewed in Dr. Kitei’s documentary. They describe the craft, as a huge, mothers-ship, that glided, without a sound, above them, blotting out the sky.

         In Stpehenville Texas, Ricky Sorrel – who has been featured in our News letter – said that this craft was so huge, that no matter where he looked he couldn’t see the edge of it. He also told me that seeing it changed him and, that, “the blinders had been taken off.” 

         Last week on the ABC special, Seeing is Believing, another witness from the Stephenville UFO flap, a pilot, said that the object that he saw was being chased by two F15,s. Other witnesses have stated that what they saw was huge. 

         That being said, there was a post that came across my desk this morning pointing to a YOUTUBE video that announces the revealing of a huge Mother-ship, that will take place on October 14th. Here’s the link to it.   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8c0ppYYT6o&feature=related

         In my opinion, there won’t be any revealing, of a large Mother-ship, on that day. I have BLOGGED about this and you can read what I said about it for yourself. However, let’s run a hypothetical. What if it does happen? What if we awaken on October 14th and we see a large Mother-ship hovering over one of our cities? How will this affect you and I? How will such an event change and reshape our world view? When I interviewed Ricky Sorrel, he was still trying to deal with what he had seen. He was thinking about it and trying to come to terms with it.

         The purpose of my books, BLOG, and radio appearances, is to warn of the coming great deception. This deception, as I have posted throughout this BLOG, is the concept that E.T. were our progenitors. That it was they who genetically manipulated us from primitive man, thousands of years ago. It was the extraterrestrial that started all the worlds religions and now, that we have reached a climax, in our ‘evolution,’ they have returned to help us through this difficult time, of transition. This, in short, is the Alien Gospel, and it is a lie of the highest magnitude.

          When this revealing happens – probably not on October 14th, but at some time in the near future – people will have to deal with it, and like Ricky Sorrel, many will struggle to come to grips with what they are seeing. This event will be a Mega-lever, in that it will cause a paradigm shift, as everyone on the planet will have to adjust their belief system.

          I am not alone in this warning. There are others like, Joe Jordan, Thomas Horn, David Flynn, Mike Heiser, Dr. I. D. E. Thomas, Steve Quayle, who have written books warning of this deception. Let us be aware that, “… even the elect will be deceived, if that were possible…”


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5 thoughts on “UFOs – Mother-ships and October 14th…

  1. Lynn, you’ve done more good than you’ve known, and reached lots of people already, myself being one of them. And when things start happening, THOSE people will be able to enlighten others themselves. Keep up the good work.

    I had no clue myself, but after I read your book, it made perfect sense.

  2. I’ve been telling my kids about how the seed/linkage of Jesus had to be non-corrupt in order for Jesus to have been born. I explained to them that the giants of the bible were here on earth as a result of a corrupt seed between the demons and the human women and that is why God tried wiping out the error of man in the great deluge(flood of Noah). I also told them about the resurgence of the giants after the flood and that is why David and his friends of the David and Goliath story were wiped out in that form because of the corruption. These are easy stories that they can understand and make a distinct link in understanding all that is going on. I also mentioned how the bigfoot occurances are very similar in that the bigfoots appear to go in and out of our dimension, fear is felt when they appear, etc.

    I’ve also told them that if they are in a circumstance in seeing something that they find hard to believe or have fear, to say the name of ‘Jesus’. The bible refers to and I paraphrase the bible that mentions the demons “tremble” at the mention of his name. There is power there!

    Got anymore ideas regarding this? It’s not being taught in church/schools but we who recognize this have a responsibility to tell them. Keep up the good work. I hope you’re wrong and Jesus intervenes to give us many more “normal” years on the earth.

  3. I read your previous post about the possible revealing of the giant UFO on October 14. The words the aliens, or rather demons, said channeled through that woman made the hair stand up on the back of my neck. I told my husband, “That’s it! That must be the “lie” that even the very elect would believe if it were possible!” It makes the most sense and connects the dots with all the cults, pagan religions, secret societies, evolution, environmentalism, atheism, socialism and humanism- all the lies of the devil throughout the ages will be brought together for the most gigantic lie since the Garden of Eden. It seems to be the most plausible theory for how the One World Government/Economy/Religion will come together. And yet tragically, many will fall for it.

    By the way, I thought October 14 was an interesting day for this “revealing” (if it happens at all). It is Tishri 15-That is the first day of Sukkot-The Feast of Tabernacles. Also the same day of the dedication of Solomon’s temple AND the second temple (see 2Chronicles 5:2-3 and Nehemiah 8:14-18 and some say even the true date of Yeshua’s birth. Maybe this date was chosen on purpose to make a statement to God and His people? We need to pray and watch.

    Thanks for your insight.

  4. I just wanted add a personal note. That before I became bornagain, I had a dream, but it seemed more than a dream. I saw this ship come down with these greys outside my window, but they never came in. I became born again right after that GOD’S Provedence in Buena Vista, Co. I did experance twice in my sleep two differernt demon forms. I remember one a dog face started to come down to me. I remember both time in my sleep, what I spoke was in the the name of Jesus leave and it did both times, that was awile back . Thankyou so much for your lastest book, and for talking about (Alien Encounters). I know this is really real. God help those in the church who are asleep. Thankyou Lynn (-:

  5. I don’t know what “normal” life on earth that is being talked about in the above post. We have people killing babies, abuse, divorce, kids being transferred back and forth with the kids suffering and becoming adults with a confused view of family. Then we have the gays and lesbians pushing for marriage that further tears apart the family. Politics are increasingly dividing up the actual family unit. Couples treating each other terribly. We are not just at war with other countries and terrorism but our families are under attack and have been for quite some time. That is scary.

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