ABC & UFO’S… My Story!

When I was around 12 years old I was involved in the boy scouts. I loved scouting, as it taught me lots about the outdoors, camping and wildlife. During the fall, my troop was at a weekend camp out, at Camp Horseshoe, in Rising Sun Maryland. One afternoon myself and three other boys were headed back for lunch. We took a shortcut and headed up a dry creek bed that was, in a small ravine. As we climbed, from one rock to another the lead boy yelled, “Wow, what’s that?” The other boys looked where he had pointed and they too began to exclaim, “Wow, what is that?” I shouted, “where?” The boy next to me pointed to the sky and yelled, “Right there!” I looked where he was pointing and there, in a clear blue sky, was a metallic disk. It was motionless as it hovered above us. The suns rays glinted of its surface. We looked at it, mesmerized, for perhaps 15 to 25 seconds and then, it shot straight up into the air. It moved so fast that my eyes could barely follow it. The disk just vanished somewhere high above where we were standing. “Wow, we saw a flying saucer!” One of the boys shouted in his excitement. “Wait ’till we tell everybody back at camp,” another said. And with that being said, we sprinted up the trail and made our way back to camp. We burst into the center and shouted as one voice, “We saw a flying saucer!” The other boys and several of the scoutmasters gathered around as we told our tale. We were for the moment, the center of attention.

              We went to the dining hall and ate lunch. Here’s the part of the story that in some ways has had a greater impact on me than seeing the UFO, in the first place. By dinner that night the other three boys denied that they had ever seen anything. They recanted their story. Why? Because of the ridicule from the other boys and our leaders. I, however knew what I had seen and refused to back down from what I knew was the truth. I was called all sorts of names and was teased relentlessly, for the rest of the weekend. It was my first lesson in what I came to call, ‘herd mentality.’ Simply explained, this is when people will change their point of view and what they believe in, in order to stay part of the herd, or group, or club, or whatever organization you want to pencil in.

              In the ABC program, Seeing Is Believing, there was a segment about how, supposedly our government had set about to ridicule anyone who came out saying they had seen a UFO. This was the case when Edgar Mitchell recently spoke out, saying that UFOs were, in fact, real, and that their existence had been covered up, by our government. Mitchell got lots of ridicule and bluster for his statement, but there were many who listened and believed him. At least ABC’s show explored the UFO phenomena and, in my opinion, wasn’t skewed or bias in its presentation.

              The phenomena is not going away. In fact, it is burgeoning. There are more sightings in a single month, then there were in a year during the 1940’s & 50’s. BRAVO, ABC for your courage and forthrightness regarding UFOs. Have a great weekend everyone. I’ll be back on Monday unless something of great importance happens over the weekend. Here’s a link to a site that has the statistics regarding UFO sightings.

4 thoughts on “ABC & UFO’S… My Story!

  1. I suspect that the other 3 have had problems taking a firm stand on anything since and so went on to become politicians. 🙂

    Thanks for all the info you, Tom Horn and others are getting out to us. Many of us have seen things and had experiences and are just now, with your help, beginning to make sense out of it all. Strange thing when your a kid and your world suddenly becomes one of baseball, chocolate cake and………ufo’s.

  2. Thanks for the post and laugh! It’s important that the word gets out as the churches are not doing it. Most of the sheeple will be blind sided by what is coming…

  3. I also saw a UFO as a youngster. I can not understand why people do not believe in UFOs when there are so many credible witnesses, film, and pictures that have not been “doctored”.
    If, in a murder trial, there was as much evidence as we have about UFOs, the defendant would be found guilty, and put to death.
    Why not have have a legitimate televised trial to prove the reality of UFOs? We could find sponsors to pay the cost,have the military, law enforcement, pilots, air traffic controllers, and everyday citizens testify in front of a genuine jury with the films, and pictures admitted as evidence.
    How could the jury not vote for the reality of UFOs? What do you think about my idea? I would like to get feedback on my thoughts. Thanks..

  4. there’s a preacher down in p-cola florida named peter ruckman that has a 16 hour study on the subject of ufo’s. he answers a lot of the questions that came up in your interveiw with george noory on coast to coast. the name of the study is UFO’s, Advanced UFO’s, UFO’s and the global Conspiracy. the product number is DS 40755. he’s at

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