Ezekiel 38… The ‘Average Joe’ Will be Surprised When it Happens!

I was on my run, this morning and ran into an old acquaintance -no pun intended. We see each every now and then and do the usual smile, nod and give a thumbs up. It’s safe and non-committal. This morning was different, however, in that I had finished my run and he hadn’t started his, which left that brief awkward moment, in which guys must decide whether or not to actually have a conversation; rather than the smile, nod and thumbs up -you- go-your-way-I’ll-go-mine kind of greeting. 

“How’s it going Art,” I asked, wiping the sweat pouring down my face with the bottom of my shirt.

Art nodded, “Good… pretty good.”

This kind of small talk went back and forth for less than a minute. He announced a friend of his had just won the LA Triathlon. I announced that my wife and I were  empty nesters. He added, that one of his kids just moved back in, and that soon he was expecting the grand kids to move in. We both laughed.

He then asked me how my books were coming along. I gave him a shrug and said OK. He countered with, “How do you think everything in the world is?” This opened the door and I immediately jammed my foot in it and launched into my diatribe about the Ezekiel war of 38. How this 2500 year old prophecy seems to be lining up on the world stage. That the Russian Bear had awakened and was in cahoots with the Iranians, which is the second nation listed in the prophecy. He looked at me with squinted eyes, and it was an overcast morning so it wasn’t the sun that was causing his eyes to narrow, rather it was the subject matter. Who really wants to hear that this coming war, that was prophesied thousands of years ago, will leave perhaps millions of people dead.   

           You know what? I cant blame Art’s reticence in dealing with the subject matter because Art is what I would refer to as an ‘Average Joe’. Average in the sense that he’s never opened a Bible and read the chapter that describes the war. He’s unaware of the prophecy and is clueless as how it might affect his life and that of his family. He doesn’t realize that Ezekiel 37, which prophecies the regathering of Israel, in its ancient homeland has already happened and the following two chapters describe the coming war. To him it’s a bit alarming, all of the saber rattling back and forth between Iran and Israel, but he’s unaware that all of this was written down thousands of years ago by the prophet Ezekiel. The average Joe, on the street has no idea of these prophecies, and is ignorant of their importance, on today’s political stage. As the scripture points out, “My people perish for a lack of knowledge.”

There is a new book that has come out regarding the prophecy of Ezekiel 38. The author postulates that this war will not happen until the fulfillment of Psalm 83. Tomorrow I’ll BLOG about this and give you my thoughts on his theory.