Mothman Revisited!


I did a show on the POWER HOUR this week and the hits on the BLOG have set a new daily record! I’m returning to the POWER HOUR next Wednesday morning @ 9:00 EST. Because this post, on the Mothman, has received the highest amount of traffic, and because of lot’s of new viewers, I’ve reprinted it here! Hope you find it as interesting and sobering as I do. Below is the transcript of the interview. God bless and have a safe weekend.    L. A. Marzulli

An Interview with Lawrence Gray! This is the man who saw the ‘Mothman’, a little to up close and personal. He goes on record here in an exclusive interview. (This article first appeared in our monthly news letter)

L. A.: Can you give us some background on your life, specifically what you were doing in Point Pleasant way back in 1966?


L. G.: In 1966, I felt called to the ministry and to missionary work in Papua New Guinea. So, I enrolled into Bible School at Frankfort Pilgrim College in Indiana.  Prior to this time, I worked in a supermarket in Pt. Pleasant, WV. I was married and had a young daughter. We served the Lord waiting for His directions for our future. We attended the Pilgrim Holiness Church at that time.

It was in the early seventies that God gave me a definite call to PNG while reading the book Perish for Their Saving. It was not until 1977 that we left for PNG with Evangelical Bible Mission out of Fla. In between the call and going, I graduated from Marshall University and supervised the Gallia Co. Children’s Home just out of Gallipolis, Ohio.


L. A.: What specifically did you see while you were a missionary? Supernatural in Papua New Guinea.


L. G.:  This is what was told to me by the people. They had a lot of stories that related to the spirit. One boy was in the living room of a missionary. This thing comes to the door and asks him to come and sleep in the cemetery. It was a spirit. It had form and was very convincing. The Boy was afraid of it, but he would go with it. This happened several times… sleeping in the cemetery. Finally the boy slept with the missionaries and the spirit stopped visiting him. One time this spirit got the boy and put him up in a tree… on another occasion and the spirits came and took a woman and put in her a little cage. People came and got her but this thing had power over her. These things would happen regularly. In another region of the country, ‘Wally’ (the name of a demon or spirit) would walk around in the swamps and he would put curses on people.

Masalias were spirits that would manifest at night. They would walk around and torment people and cause illnesses and fevers.

They had spirit houses. When they worshiped the spirits, which I thought, was the devil. They would sacrifice a pig and ask for favor. The men would go into the Tombuna house and pray to the devil. They believed that there was a god in heaven and would occasionally sacrifice to him. Oggle Nuk Nukwas his name. They all had different twists and turns in their relationship. From one tribe to another there were different beliefs.

 L.A.: So you were immersed in the spirit world, which is different paradigm, than what we see in the states?

 L.G.:  I think we have it in the states but the devil works differently here. It’s different here. It has another quality, a different dynamic than over there. There are demons and the approach here is different. The devil uses worldliness and luxury. Over there it was right to the point because they had been into it for many generations. More of a reprobate spirit here than there.

 L.A.:  How would you describe your worldview?


L.G.:  I’m a born again Christian believer that believes in the second coming of Jesus. I graduated from the Methodist University and served in the mission field. I believe that we’re right on the very edge to the tribulation. I believe that what we’re doing in the Middle East is wrong. What we’re doing in Israel is wrong. It’s not going to bring peace.


L. A.:  Can you describe the events that happened in Point Pleasant in 1966? I’m assuming that you had heard of this Mothman manifesting before your encounter with it.

 L.G.:  I heard about it, but I gave the devil the credit for it. I had it all figured out.

 L.A.:  What do you mean by all figured out?

 L.G.:  The bible says that the devil can change his shape and walks around as a roaring lion. He can manifest in whatever shape he wants to. It can be ugly or beautiful or whatever he wants it to be. I just figured that the devil was manifesting himself in whatever way he wanted to. The devil was manifesting himself.

 L.A.:  At this point you had already been in New Guinea?

 L.G.:  No, I hadn’t been to Bible school yet. I went to New Guinea later.


L.A.:   So you later drew on your experiences in New Guinea to explain what you saw in Point Pleasant?

 LG:  No, I thought Point Pleasant was it. When I went to New Guinea it was more of the same.

 LA: Ok, tell me about what you saw.

 LG: I came out of a church and across Jefferson AV. We lived in a house right across from the church. I walked up to the door and had a sense that somebody was in the house. I didn’t say anything to my wife. But I felt that there was somebody in the house. I opened the door and went into the living room and walked around in the bedroom and bath and other bedrooms and looked around and didn’t see anything. I turned around and went into the kitchen. We had a basement door and hooked a wire hook that locked it and that night that hook was not hooked. I thought that whoever was in the house was in the basement. I opened the door and went down in the basement and looked all around and still didn’t see anything. I was wondering and thinking and went to bed that night. At about 3 in the morning I was awakened from sleep. I woke up wide-awake. I looked out the window and saw a car come up to the intersection.

I turned my head to the right and then I saw it. It was about 6 feet tall but I was lying in the bed. I was looking down diagonally toward my wife’s side of the bed. He had wings. Everything was bending together. There were feathers. Two wings that came out to points, like a wing. His eyes were sunk into his head. He had a head formed shoulders and wings down both sides. Down from his hips it was kind of a robe like thing. From his hips down it was different. No seams. No trousers… more like a robe.


L.A.: What did the thing look like?


L.G.: A silver glow but it wasn’t bright and sunny but it was lit up. It had the wickedest spirit I have ever felt. I couldn’t say anything my voice was chocked… I couldn’t make it work. I was paralyzed with fear. It overwhelmed me…. I knew the only thing I could was plead the blood of Jesus. I kept repeating it over and over. Little by little it faded away. It went into nothing and was gone. And all of its wickedness went with it.


LA:  Can you describe in detail what the thing you saw looked like? Did it have a face? Did you see its eyes and were they hypnotic in any way? What did you feel when you first saw it? How did your body react to it?

 L.G.:  The presence I saw standing on the right side of the bed at the foot was about 6 ft. tall. It was a dirty lunar color that glowed “somewhat”. It was a dim glow, but a glow. It had a face that had sunken places for eyes, but it was clear they were looking at me and I looked at it. I was frozen with fear from the feeling of the evil power in the room. It was the personification of evil. Evil is like a pain; you cannot see it but you know when it is there.

 L.A.:  How did it make you feel while you looked at it?

 L.G.:  I felt awful. I felt afraid. I knew the devil couldn’t get me but the wicked presence froze me. I lost control I was overcome with fear. I was totally engulfed in what was there.

 L.A.:  You mention that you had an overwhelming feeling of evil. Can you explain this? In our interview you use the word wicked … can you elaborate on this?

 L.G.:  Wicked is a term used in the Scripture and when it is used it described the condition of right and good being completely abandoned. It is the total opposite of righteousness-that’s the devil. You feel that when the devil is close by.


L.A.:  You mention that as you started to pray it was like salt being poured over a snail. What do you mean by that?

 L.G.:  It was like pouring salt on a snail… it went into nothing.

 L.A.:  Did he go into another dimension?

 L.G.:  He disappeared… He was gone. Back into nothingness a snail turns into nothing and like that, he was gone.

 L.A.:  What happened next?

 L.G.:  Here’s where my wife… she doesn’t remember me trying to wake her up. I thought that I woke her up. The night was over and the presence was gone, there was nothing in the house.

 L.A.:  Were you able to say anything to the creature, or was it mental?

 L.G.:  No, I was froze up. It was mental… A mental prayer

 L.A.:  Did you say anything else besides the Blood of Jesus?

 L.G.:  Over and over in my mind I kept saying the Blood… the blood has power… Dear Jesus, The blood of Jesus.

 L.A.:  So you used your spiritual weapons?

 L.G.:  Right. I had no defense with Lucifer. I had no defense with anything with my flesh. No weapons no defense. All I could use was the scriptures. I knew the scripture and made a stand. It all happened so fast. It was done and he was gone… Alelluhia.

The devil today. He’s around but people can defeat him through the word. That’s the only way we can defeat him.

 L.A.: Where do you think this is all heading?

 L.G. : Well, I think that right now God is letting Lucifer have his way with the morals of our nation. People can enjoy the pleasures of this world. The church is loosing their perspective. What is happening in Iraq and the Middle East ties into the end times….


L.A.:  Why do you think it went after you?

 L.G.:  Well. I’m not bragging on myself. As a young man I prayed a lot. I was trying to put into practice everything I knew. The Lord filled me with his Spirit and I was trying to get close to the Lord. I think the devil didn’t like it. The devil is trying to get in your way. People who lead lukewarm lives the devil leaves them alone and that’s my opinion. You pursue God and he will come close to you…


L.A.:  Now that it is years later how has seeing the ‘Mothman’ changed your life?

 L.G.:  I can tell, as far as changing it. It makes the Bible more real when I read it. I know there is a devil because I saw him with my own eyes.

                                                          *                  *                *

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  1. When I was a young girl I had a experience that scared me pretty darn good. I had been going to church on a regular bases and had been asking tons of questions about our Lord and Saten. Well one Sunday night I was awakened around 1am. I didn’t see anything in my room, but heard someone talk to me. It was the scariest voice I had ever heard in my life. It was scratchy and deep. It said just “hello” to me. It came from a Pink Panther stuffed animal I had in the corner of my room. I just froze like Lawrence had explained. I felt a heat travel through my body from head to toe. I just ran from my room to my parents and just told them I had a bad dream. I didn’t think they would believe me.

    I just pray to the Lord about everything. I ask for his protection. Now I’m 40 years old and that was the only experience like that I have encountered.

    I’ve read your book “Politics, Prophecy And the Superatural” and it all just made sense to me. My husband and I both believe in your theory. Thank you for writing a book like that and sharing your beliefs with the world.

    Dee Cagliero – CA

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