The Abduction Phenomena: From Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural!

The Abduction Phenomena
The abduction phenomena have been explored in detail by Dr. Jacobs in his books Secret Life and The Threat. I have read both books and found the accounts, if true, to be extremely disturbing. For those of you who are not familiar with these phenomena, the short version of what happens goes something like this: 
You are laying in bed next your spouse, when suddenly you have a feeling that someone is in your room. You awake to find next to your bed a group of short creatures (now incorporated into our Lexicon as “Grays”) with large, black, almond-shaped eyes. You also discover, much to your horror, that you are paralyzed. Every fiber in your being is screaming in fear. You discover that the entities are communicating with you telepathically. They tell you that you have been chosen and that they need to perform experiments on you. While they are saying this,“they” float you out of the room by taking you through the closed window; yet, the glass is not broken! You next find yourself in what appears to be a ship of some sort, and you are lying, without clothes, on a cold metal table. “They” begin to probe your genital area, and you find that it is very painful. . . .
The above scenario is of course a fictional account of what abductees report. In actual cases the information is most often gathered by way of hypnosis. Of course the problem with hypnosis is that it is unreliable. In fact, researchers have found that the hypnotized person is in a VERY suggestive state, and therefore, there is no way of knowing to what extent the information given is legitimate. 
I have actually written about abduction phenomena in The Unholy Deception, the second book in the Nephilim Trilogy. One of the characters, Helen, has been abducted since her childhood. The book chronicles her trying to find a “way out” of the cycle of abduction.
In real life, I have had the pleasure of interviewing Corina Saebles about her abductions. Contrary to most abductees, Corina has not found it necessary to be hypnotized in order to remember her abductions. I met Corina recently at a UFO seminar in Denver, where both of us were speakers. I found Corina to be a warm and great communicator. However, I cannot verify that the information she has given me is true nor can I verify that the events described herein actually have transpired. 
A short Bio of Corina Saebles: 
In 1956 I was born in Belgium, Bruxelles, where my father was then enlisted in a nearby Military Base. Not long after, my parents decided to move to Quebec, Canada. This is where my experiences started. I was only five-years-old when they began. I have had many experiences over my lifetime, and then when my children were around five-years-old, they began to have experiences as well. My background involves nursing in private hospitals with the elderly and teaching special needs children. I have also really enjoyed doing volunteer work for most of my life. I am a spiritual individual with a very open mind. Having had a near death experience a few years ago, I truly believe that we are all here to love and help each other. This is just a little bit about who I am. 

                                                       Interview with Corina:

“When was your fist abduction? How old were you, and where did it take place?”
“I was five-years-old when I had my first experience. It was in Quebec, Canada.”
“Who took you? What did they (‘the aliens’) look like?”
“I am not sure if they took me at that time, but I was terrified of nighttime, specifically, bedtime. I would always ask my parents to check for monsters under my bed and in my closet. This bright, bluish-white light would then appear outside my bedroom window. But the scariest part was this scary, gray-looking face that would be staring at me with these huge, black eyes. It had a slit for a mouth, two small holes for its nose area, and no hair. The next morning when I would try to talk to my parents about it, they would always come back with ‘Oh it’s just a nightmare honey!’ Or ‘It’s probably just a wild cat from the forest behind our house.’ 
“And then I would say, ‘But the kitty had no ears Daddy!’”
“Can you describe what happened?”
“Later on in my life, I had other things take place where I recall beings about three to four feet tall with large, black, almond-shaped eyes doing ‘experiments’ or medical procedures to me. They had me on a cold steel table and used different ‘tools’ to do a variety of different procedures to me. In my book, I explain some of the things that they did.”
“Were you inside a ship?”
“Sometimes but not always.”
“What did the ship look like?”
“I have seen many different ships. Some were saucer shaped, others were shaped like boomerangs, and there were even cigar-shaped ones as well.” 
“Did they examine you?”
“Yes they did. They remind me of our own scientists in a way. 
When they discover new species of animals, they will sneak up on them, put them to sleep, and then proceed to take some blood samples, skin scrapings or remove a tooth, etc. Then last but not least, they will ‘TAG’ them so that they may follow them for the rest of their lives to know more about them.”
“How many of them were around you at the time of the examination?”
“Which time? Usually for us, it is at least three to five of them at a time.”
“How did they communicate with you?”
“Totally telepathically.”
“Did you fight them?”
“You bet! I tried many times, but most of the time, to no avail. They somehow render a person physically unresponsive. I am screaming in my mind and try to move, but no voice escapes me, and I am unable to move, except for my eyes.” 
“Did they show you anything of what might happen in the future?”
“No. Whatever visions I have had about the future . . . has been through my own intuition. I have been intuitive since childhood, but things have progressed since my NDE (Near Death Experience).”
“Where did they say they came from?”
“They have never told me.”
“What do you think their agenda is?”
“I believe that different ones have different agendas. Some are making hybrids. I have seen them with my own eyes–hundreds of glass containers filled with a strange liquid and fetuses floating in them. They looked half human and half ‘them.’”
“Did you see anything else while on board the ship that you remember?”
“Other humans sometimes.”
“Did they ever impregnate you?”
“There is actually one unusual pregnancy (1984-85), which went missing overnight. The doctors had told me that it would be impossible for me to conceive, but when I did they were amazed. At three and a half months, during the night I had a nightmare . . . woke up and all was gone, fetus and all. There were no explanations for what happened.”
“How often have the abductions happened?”
“I am not sure, but my children tell me that I have gone missing during the night on at least four different occasions.”
“Do they continue today?”
“The last serious ‘abduction’ was on July 31, 2003. My friend and I had at least one hour of missing time and also suffered bruises and burn marks on our bodies. There were at least nine eyewitnesses to what happened.” 
“Have you ever tried to stop them?”
“I have prayed, tried to fight them, but they are in control, unfortunately.”
“Do they mention religious figures like Jesus? What do they say about him or other religious figures?”
“My own experiences have never included them asking me anything to do with religious figures of any kind.” 
“Do you think they will reveal themselves to everyone?”
“Yes I do. They are already in the process of doing this, but they will do it at a very gradual pace, which will increase as time goes on.”
“What do you think their ‘end game’ is?”
“I am not sure what their final intentions are, but I can tell you from experience that I do NOT believe them to be here for our greater good. At least not the ones that have been in our lives.”