The Richard Syrett Show!

I was on the Richard Syrett show last night and we did an hour and a half. He started out the show by asking about the  Indiana Jones- Crystal skull movie. I gave a brief overview of what the plot offered and then bloviated about how I believed it linked to the coming great deception, that of the revealing of the E.T. and the announcement that they were the ones behind all of the worlds major religions.

           Richard then moved topics and we discussed the Vatican announcement a few months ago. This is when a spokes-hole for the Vatican announced that, “the Extraterrestrial is our brother.” How’s that for some nice advance PR, for the coming great deception!

                 I then gave a brief summary of the UFO flap in Stephenviille Texas and discussed Edgar Mitchell’s announcement, regarding the existence of ET, and that the Roswell crash of 1947 really happened.          

             When we step back and take a look what has happened this year, so far there has been, what I would regard, as baby steps toward full disclosure. Think about this. Mitchell makes his statement on KARANG radio and the story is circulated and picked up by much of the main stream press. Most people yawn and act like, so what, big deal, we’ve always suspected that. Have we grown that desensitized? Are we under a hypnotic stupor brought to you by the pabulum, that the so called news media serve up to us nightly? I wonder what Paris Hilton had for breakfast this morning? Better turn on the Telly and get the latest update. Even the FOX news network had a segment called, The Daily Brittany, which tracked the daily antics of the troubled pop-tart! It would seem to me that with the admission of UFO’s and ET’s by Mitchell, that there would begin to be some serious discussion about the UFO / ET presence. What about Fyfe Symington, the former Governor of Arizona, who admitted on the Larry King Live show, that the Phoenix lights were indeed an extra terrestrial craft, not of this world. His words not mine. He also apologized to his constituency for making light of the affair when it happened.  

              Finally we settled into a discussion about what is going on in the Middle East and how I believe it is setting the stage for the coming war there. I told about the currency of the Luciferians, which is FEAR, and how a nuclear exchange in the Middle East, which I believe is eminent, will create the perfect climate of fear, which will then be the trigger that the Luciferians will use to usher in the Great Deception. All one has to do is look at Iran, Syria, Russia and Israel to see that the situation is grave at best. Remember also that we have beefed up our military in the Persian Gulf, while Hezbollah has claimed that they have rockets that can reach Tel Aviv. It’s a crazy world in which we live in. On one hand we have the marvel of the athletic competition, of the Olympic games, and on the other, a nun who is burned to death in India… 

           Jesus said, “As in the days of Noah, so it shall be when the son of man returns.” 

         What differentiates those days is the manifestation of the fallen angels. Are we in those time now? Are we going to see the so called ET / Fallen angels manifest again? Are we in the window of time of the Great Deception?


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