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False Christ’s: Part 1

Posted by lamarzulli on August 27, 2008

I’m going to do a series on false Christ’s as I think this is timely and pertinent on a prophetic level. I want to begin by setting the stage, and to do that I must quote from the words of Jesus, found in Mathew 24:24 For there shall arise FALSE CHRIST’S…

In this short admonition, Jesus is warning us that there would be a time, in which false Christs would arise. The word Christ is from the Greek Christos, meaning anointed one. What is bizarre is that Jesus is warning of this, before anyone would even dream of such a thing, remember his own people reject Him as Messiah. He proclaims this before the crucifixion and resurrection, before the rise of church buildings, stain glass windows, priests in vestments and funny hats, a thousand different denominations claiming that there way, is the true way and that their church is the true church. Before man could screw it up, he uttered the warning that would echo, through the centuries, for almost two thousand years. How could He do this, unless He was who He said He was? If we just take a step back and realize that when he uttered those words there was no PR team, no press conference, no video or 30 second soundbite, no news paper headline spreading the word, there was just a group of mainly illiterate, fisherman, who had hung around Jesus and even they didn’t have a clear understanding of who He was. The statement, when taken by itself is bombastic and absurd. Who does this man think He is, anyway? By warning of false Christ’s, He is thereby proclaiming that He is the true one, the messiah, the anointed one. Of course He had the goods to back it up, as the written record proclaims, that He healed everyone of their disease, had command over the natural elements, of the earth, as well as the supernatural, and even had the last say with death, as He rose from the grave after three days in the tomb. (SIDEBAR: What I love about the Shroud of Turin is that it just might be the Calling Card of God. The shroud left a record of the resurrection, that some say, in doing so, is a form of a new, and so far undiscovered, physics. SEE BLOG BELOW) Now almost two thousand years later, we see that there are those who are claiming to be the reincarnation of Jesus, the second coming of Jesus, the new Jesus, the real messiah and on and on it goes. Tomorrow we will examine one such claim, that of Maitreya. I think you’ll find it interesting. On a last note, perhaps a C sharp. One reason that I’m doing this series is that it figureS into the prophetic fulfillment, of Jesus’ words.

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