Isaiah 17, Ezekiel 38 & the UFO Great Deception!

The following paragraph is from the comment section. I’m using it to prime the pump for todays BLOG!

              Stumbled across your website by accident and am grateful for it. You and I have many of the same beliefs, especially when speaking of the supernatural realms. I see you talk alot about Ez 38&39 alot, but there is going to be a big war before Armageddon. While I believe Ez 38 may not be too far off, Is 17 has to happen first. If you look at the short history of Israel, Syria has never been one to sit out an all out attack against Israel, all the way back to the very beginning in ‘48. But in Ez 38 the guest list is announced in advance, but Syria is conspicuously missing. In reading Isa 17, it appears as though Syria may attack Israel with a WMD, probably biological, with it’s references to Jacob being made thin and the fatness of his flesh shall wax lean. Also the refs to crops and such. If Syria was to do this, Israel will retaliate with a full nuclear attack, and truly Damascus would cease being a city. With the current treaties in place between Iran,Syria, and Russia, this may be exactly what causes the hooks to be set in the jaw of Russia. They would be forced to uphold their end of the treaty in defense of their Muslim arms customers…

           In PP&S I propose that the prophecy of Isaiah 17, might be part of the Ezekiel 38&39 scenario. Are they connected? I believe that they are. Perhaps the attack on Damascus triggers the Ezekiel war. One thing I want to make clear is this. I believe that the Ezekiel war, is NOT ARMAGEDDON. They are two separate wars. In order for Armageddon to take place the third temple must be rebuilt, the Anti Christ must reveal himself, their must be a global, one-world government, and the Mark of the Beast – RDIF Digital Angel chips – must be under the skin of most of the worlds populace.

           I was back on the X-Zone last night, with Rob McConnell. He asked me when I thought the UFO phenomena would manifest openly. I proposed that after the war in the Middle East, when the world has witnessed a nuclear exchange, similar to Nagasaki or Hiroshima. People will be in a state of fear and great apprehension – that’s an understatement. What better time then to spring the deception? As I Blogged previously, the currency of the kingdom of Satan, is fear. People will be ready and willing to embrace the great lie, that the E.T.’s are here to save us! That they have waited until this moment to help through this tumultuous time in our history.

        Prophecy has been placed in the Bible for us to read and understand. it is there to warn us of what is coming, so that we will not be taken off guard. While no man knows the exact sequence of events – myself included – we can, however, know the times in which we live. We can know the season. I think that we’re in that season where the players of the Ezekiel war, are on stage. How soon before they go at it? I don’t know. And what of the attack that might happen simultaneously, on the USA, as I propose in PP&S. Once again we are admonished by Jesus himself, who tells us to WATCH!

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  1. Dr. Marzulli, when you do these podcasts/radio shows, could you advertise them ahead of time on this blog, so we know when to tune in? Also, maybe you could set up a section of the blog with direct links to your podcasts. I looked all over x-zone and could not find your interview. Thanks.

  2. interesting blog – so much end time madness – i thank God that His Word enables us to understand the times we live in + to look up for our redemption drawing nigh

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