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Over the weekend, a report was issued, that declared that the collapse of Building #7 was the first time, in history that a modern, sky scraper collapsed due to fire… The Olympic games were on, so please pass me the potato chips and dip, as I’m really not that interested in what happened to Building #7, of the World Trade Towers, seven years after the event…. or am I? You bet I am! I’m the guy that writes about UFOs, Big Foot, and the Shroud of Turin, and I also believe that Kennedy was killed by more than one gunman, so this is right up my alley, as it were.

            For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, let me give you the thumbnail sketch. Building 7, was in the World Trade Tower, complex of buildings and was damaged by the collapse of the Towers. Fires started in the building and about 8 hours later it suddenly collapsed. There are many sites, on the NET that are devoted to the exploration of this. Of course there are certain parties that scoff and bluster, if you even mention the idea, that the collapse of the building could have been anything other that the official explanation. Some people who have attempted to bring about a discussion of the collapse, of this building, are immediately dismissed as kooks and nutcases.

            I don’t particularly care for Rosie O’Donnell. I find her annoying and self serving. I do, however agree with her that there is something fishy, in the way building 7 collapsed. Why does it take seven years to come out with a report, that informs us that a fire caused the collapse? This was an unprecedented event, in that no other building, has collapsed, due solely to fire, in our modern era. On the site that I’ve linked to below you can examine some of the evidence for yourself. There is a qoute from Dan Rather, who comments, in real time, that the collapse of Building 7, looked like controlled demolition. If that is true, that the collapse of Building 7 was somehow an inside job. i.e. controlled demolition – and please remember that Hitler burned the Reichstag – what is to gain by this? In the new book I’m working on, I discuss the Mystery of Iniquity. (Hidden evil)

            Two thousand years ago, Paul the apostle wrote about this mystery. Is this Mystery of Iniquity somehow linked to 911? Consider this. Shortly after we invaded Afghanistan. Why then in 2007 did Afghanistan produce a bumper crop of Opium? Who profited from this? Here’s a link to the bumper crop harvested in 2007 in Afghanistan.   

            This begs the question, why can’t we control the Opium fields? Can’t we just wipe them out? I  guess we don’t have good satellite coverage in that part of the world, just like we can’t seem to find Bin Laden.

            Then there’s the war in Iraq. Remember Babylon, that ancient city that just might figure into the end-time mix, lies in that country. Is there a connection? Is this all part of the implementation of the one world government, that the Bible predicts will come upon the earth in the last days? Is 911, The Afghan and Iraqi war, the modern manifestation of the Mystery of Iniquity? I don’t have all the answers, but I’ll say this, that I want to read the official report of the collapse of building 7. I would like to see professionals that have degrees in physics, examine the report and weigh in on it. I would like to see a discussion of what slammed into the Pentagon and what happened to the two engines, on the 757 Airplane? Did they just vanish? Did 12 tons of metal disintegrated without leaving a trace? No bodies, no wreckage and a hole in the building that measures only 16 feet across? And what about the surveillance cameras that were confiscated? I could go on, but enough for now…   



Here’s a great link that details what may have happened that day… to Building #7

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  1. Very thorough explanation of what happened with not only building #7 but ideas on the others as well.

    Prof.Steven Jones, who is shown on a video in the last link on this blog entry, I believed, was forced to retire in 2006. He single handedly was out front in the media showing evidence based on his 20+ years of experience, explaining why building #7 didn’t come down on it’s own. See article: BYU professor in dispute over 9/11 will retire Jones had been placed on leave 6 weeks ago with link:,1249,650200587,00.html

    Also another book out that might be a good read to add to your book list by Robert Chandler regarding the current socialistic bent facing our country and the world:

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