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    Yesterday I had a post from someone who was curious about the Nephilim. They had never read about the phenomena described in Genesis 6, which is the basis for the Nephilim Trilogy which then served as a spring board for Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural. As I said in the PP&S, most of us are uncomfortable when talking about the supernatural. Recently, there has been an explosion of television shows discussing the supernatural. Physics like John Edwards are seen daily by millions of people. New television series are emerging as well, like Ghost Hunters Internationall, UFO Files, Monster Quest, Alien Abductions, Weird Travels and others, all explore the possibility of the supernatural. I have often raised the question, when talking to folks who are interested in the supernatural, “what is the litmus test that we use to determine whether what we are experiencing is benevolent or malevolent?” My question is more often than not, met with a shrug of indifference. Yet, when dealing with supernatural events we have a manual to guide us, so that we will not be deceived by every manifestation. There is a scripture found in the New Testament that declares,”Even if an angel appears and preaches a different Gospel, let him be cursed.” Fairly strong language that. It also implies that there is a possibility of just that happening.

           In PP&S I have put forth the theory that in there will be a coming Great Deception. So much so that even the elect would be deceived. What is coming is supernatural in scope. What is coming has never before witnessed by the human race. I believe it will be so overwhelming and majestic in scope, that most of us will will be deceived.

            We are told, in the Bible to test the spirits. This implies that dealing with the supernatural, at least when this scripture was written, was something that was expected. In other words it was the norm. Most of our churches have relegated the gifts of the Spirit to the dust bin declaring that these gifts were only for the beginning church. This has created a vacuum in the church and consequently in most of the pew sitters lives. People are hungry for the supernatural. Sadly, because a greater part of the church has put a lid on this, people are looking elsewhere. Because we have not been taught Biblical standards, many of us become sucked into the deception of cults. What litmus test will we use? If we haven’t been taught Biblical truths, then we are open to DECEPTION.

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  1. On Discovery channel today they had an interesting program line-up. First they showed a special on Area 51. Next they have a program entitled “The REAL Noah’s Ark”. I imagine programs like these will be the litmus test people will use if they haven’t the gifts of the spirit or biblical teachings.

  2. I agree with you. I have seen a downward spiral even in spirit filled churches that won’t welcome the gifts of the Spirit or speaking in tongues. So many churches are becoming politically correct in an effort to be more “relevent” to society. There are few with even the gift of discernment. How will they know if an experience is Biblical or not? I have heard many sermons that are totally “me based” and self-centered rather then God or Christ centered. There is a subtle difference that sneaks in and most people are unaware. Does something draw you closer to Christ or farther away from Christ? Does it focus on Him and God’s Word, or on yourself? Is their conviction or leading to repentance, or does it just make you “feel” good? Is their a sense of Holiness and purity? In the Bible, Angels always direct worship toward God and not themselves. We must know God’s Word and compare everything to it.

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