A Step Closer to Ezekiel 38?

There is a story running on the DRUDGE report this morning that headlines…

 Fear of new Mid East ‘Cold War’ as Syria strengthens military alliance with Russia 

Here is the link to it and I would strongly suggest a read through. 


It would seem from the article that the players mentioned in the Ezekiel prophecy are taking a bold step toward its fulfillment. As I read this, I was blown away to see the link between Syria and Russia. I have  hinted at this union for some time, but to see it become a reality is another dynamic. The article also mentions Nezrallah, the head thug of Hezbollah, in Lebanon, that is backed by the Syrians & the Iranians, who remarked that the Israeli trained troops in Georgia, were poorly trained. It is reported that Hezbollah is 5 times stronger than it was several years ago when it clashed with Israel in the summer of 2006. Is Nezrallah hinting a t a coming war? Is he saber rattling again?

The world’s attention is on the Olympics. I’ve tuned in almost every night and I’m just amazed at what these athletes can do. In the meantime, there are fears of a new Cold War, because of the Russian presence in Georgia, that may spill over into the Middle East. I would argue that the balance of power in the region is shifting. As I posted recently, the US has sent three more war ships into the Persian Gulf, and with the Iranians launching a satellite over the weekend and pursuing, with impunity there goal to achieve nuclear power, the region is a time bomb, and it’s ticking away.

         I have been asked on numerous radio shows if there is any way to stop the prophecy written in Ezekiel. The short answer is, no. Yes we have free will, but the prophet was somehow transported into the future and saw events that had already taken place! He saw what man would do 2500 years in the future, and it wasn’t pretty. Certainly no one is twisting Vladamir Putin’s arm, concerning Russian troops, in Georgia, and the newly formed liaison with Syria. Both heads of state are exercising their free will. Are their actions leading up to the fulfillment of the Ezekiel prophecy?

               Remember that if you are a being that is not bound by space and time as we are, then you truly can see the end from the beginning and the beginning from the end. Chuck Smith has a great analogy for this, I have taken the liberty to label it the “Eye of God.” He states that if you were standing on a street corner and watching a parade, you would see one float at a time. But if you were in a helicopter you would have a totally different perspective. Thus the term, “Eye of God.” As we watch the players of this ancient prophecy line up against the nation of Israel, can it be far off from happening? You decide…

5 thoughts on “A Step Closer to Ezekiel 38?

  1. Hi Mr. Marzulli
    First I want to say that I listened to your interview on Coast to Coast (I think it was last year. I know you were recently on again after the Raiders Movie) and my eyes were really opened as to the “Alien Deception”. I always knew that aliens were really fallen angels but it was really wonderful to hear a fellow Christian explaining how they could possibly use the deception in the last days. I ordered P, P and the Supernatural that night!
    I have a question about the God/Magog War. I ask this question because there seems to be a lot of Bible scholars looking for the Gog Magog War to happen in the immediate future. Ezekiel 38 and 39 talk about a Gog Magog War. Revelations chapter 20 also speaks of a Gog Magog war. In Revelations chapter 20 it actually gives a time line as to when that war will happen, which is after the Thousand Year Reign. Ezekiel doesn’t give a time line so I am wondering: are both books of the Bible talking about the same war which will happen at the end of the Thousand Year Reign or are they talking about two different wars where Gog Magog will be involved in both. In Ezekiel 38 it talks about attacking the unwalled city and a city “that is at rest and dwells safely”. I know Israel is building a wall around itself at this present time and I am sure they don’t feel very safe right now. Also in Ezekiel it talks about the army being on horseback, with swords and shields. I am sure that if the war happened now that they definitely wouldn’t be on horseback and wouldn’t be fighting with swords. But during the Millennium they are going to beat their swords into plowshares which means that weapons of war and vehicles of war such as tanks, etc will be destroyed so having to use horses and swords would be more feasible. It seems the description in Ezekiel 38 and 39 would
    make more sense after the Thousand Year Reign. What do you think about this?

  2. Sparrow, I’ve heard a theory which may be an explanation. Namely, the “thousand year reign” of Christ has already happened, and is happening now. When Christ came to Earth 2000 yrs ago, the Kingdom of God and Christ’s rule on Earth were established….for those who wanted to belong.

    The path is now open for Gog and Magog.

  3. As to the reference of people being on horseback and with swords, it could be a reference to modern weaponry and arms in the terms of the prophet. They certainly wouldn’t understand today’s technology 2500 years ago. Another thought is the possible use of Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) weaponry which would pretty much render obsolete our modern civilization and put us back on horses. I’m not sure if the military has all hardened equipment to resist an EMP blast.

  4. I agree with Nimbus that the 1000 years is not literal & futuristic , we cannot place the 1000 years outside of its scriptural context . The context is in the (spiritual realm) wherein we find , a dragon (satan) , a chain binding him , a bottomless pit , a thousand years . In the light of the Apostles teaching concerning the rule of Christ, He presently exersices all authority in heaven &upon the earth See Mat28:18 He presently is subduing his enemies rendering them to be a footstool beneath His feet Heb1:13 , 1cor15:24-28 . When Christ returns it is the kingdom of the Father which will be realized Mat13:41-43 . I believe that we are presently , in the world experiencing the time of satan’s release from the pit , in other words the restraint placed upon his deceiving power “the binding for 1000 years” (symbolical for an expanse of time in the natural realm) has come to an end . when Jesus returns satan will be thrown into the lake of fire with the beast and false prophet . The book of revelation ends with the words of Jesus ch22:12 I COME QUICKLY & MY REWARD IS WITH ME , RENDERING TO EACH MAN ACCORDING TO HIS WORK ,This is the white throne judgment (there is only one coming of Christ in glory to judge the living &the dead , among’s that is the judgment of Gog & Magog . John B

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