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Big Foot Update…

Posted by lamarzulli on August 19, 2008

OK, so Friday came and went and the press conference that was supposed to have real evidence of a Big Foot turned out to be what I now consider a scam. The DNA testing that was done on the alleged Big foot, turned out to be Possum samples and Human hair. I’m let down. Hand me a napkin so I can wipe the egg from my face. Another portion of humble pie please! I take people at their word. Call me gullible, but I do. If someone tells me they have seen a UFO over one mile wide – I’m talking about one of the witnesses involved in the ongoing Stpehemville UFO flap, that I have spoken with numerous times – then unless I pick up on something, I believe what they’re telling me is the truth. I’ve interviewed lots of folks over the years, from surviving concentration camp victims to Professors in Colleges, to hard working blue collar people. I’ve learned to be discerning, at least I’d like to think so. In the interview with Dr. Whanger on the Shroud of Turin, I picked up on the mans exuberance and certainty, that he believed the Shroud was the real thing. New testing is being considered, and I’ll follow the story as it breaks. (check earlier postings on my BLOG below) On the other hand I had a lunch with a certain fellow who claimed to have seen a Nephilim skull 6 feet high. He showed me some fossilized teeth that could have come from who knows where, and when pressed for info, proceeded to inform me that the local residents – this was in Egypt –  had taken the bones to make sex charms. I paid for the lunch and erased the tape of the interview when I got back to my office. (But what about the elongated skulls found in Peru? Are they human or something different?) These guys in Georgia and the alleged Big Foot hunter, Biscardi, may be of the same ilk as the fellow with the purported Nephilim skull. As the saying goes. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me a second time, shame on you. The WHO have a great song, We Won’t Get Fooled Again. Biscardi and the two guys who allegedly found the Big Foot body have some explaining to do, and unless they provide real evidence, they will remain tarnished, as hucksters, for the rest of their lives. They won’t fool me again…

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  1. johnnyquest said

    The real story of the Georgia Bigfoot Hoax, Strike Three.

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