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  Nephilim was my first novel. It came out almost ten years ago. It was, for me a wonderful experience, as I got to work with one of the best editors in fiction, Dave Lambert. He went against the grain and decided that the story, which was certainly considered on the fringe at that time, would be added to Zondervans list of books. It became a CBA best seller. If you go to YOUTUBE and do a search for Nephilim you’ll get lots of videos on the subject. In fact someone posted one of, ‘yours truly’ there! I didn’t know it had been posted and I learned about through an Email, someone sent me! All that to say that I wrote Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural, because people in the UFO community didn’t like fiction. I was turned away from radio interviews, UFO conferences, and treated in a condescending way. What’s more, is that ten years later the publishing world is in the greatest state of flux since Gutenberg invented the printing press. Small book stores are going out of business. Big retailers like Barnes & Noble have so much inventory that a consumer can become overwhelmed. Then there’s always AMAZON. Why drive to the book store, especially when gas is close to $5.oo a gallon, when you can shop with a click of your mouse and never leave the house! What about the concept of the E-book? You pay for the read, download it on your computer and away you go. Of course you can’t be propped up against the headboard of your bed, reading into the late night hours this way and there’s nothing to hold in your hands, it’s all on you monitor. I’m going to be experimenting with a concept that I hope to have posted on YOUTUBE in a few days. I’m going to take the section dealing with the Nephilim, from Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural and I’m going to read it verbatim, and then fly in pictures and music. Sort of like a docu-drama. Others have done this and it seems to be a worthwhile way of getting ideas into the public mainstream. Could this be a way of creating a series of books? Would people be willing to pay for this? By using the mediums of music, voice-overs, images and drama, are we creating another art form? Is this the future of book publishing? Is this a step up from audio books? I’m excited about this prospect and hope that many of you who are reading this post, will respond with a comment.

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  2. I think you might be on to something here, Lynn, with the combination of media forms. Though I still think curled up on the couch, in front of a fire, cozy bed is the best reading spot with a REAL book! Just can’t get my hands around the idea of a Kindle. I found your blog by way of the George Norry interview and have been coming here ever since. I checked all my local sources for your trilogy and am ordering it directly today. My husband needs a new series to read as he rides his exercise bike and this one will definitely be eye opening! Keep on bringing the message to this dying world.

  3. I think this will be future of book publushing. Right now, I download “briefing packs” from Chuck Missler’s website. Each contains a couple of mp3 files, powerpoint type of alides files, and a pdf summary page file. I can download it all to my palm phone’s sd card and listen as well as view the slides as he’s talking. It’s like being at a conference talk. If I’m driving, I can just listen to the audio mp3, and go back and view the slides later.

  4. Thank you so much for your timely ministry! Love the first 2 books and awaiting the delivery of the third. Also loved Omega Conspiracy.
    As unbelievable as it may be to our “sophisticated” and prideful ears this all makes sense in such a senseless world!!
    Have seen you on youtube and think this is a great idea! If you could get this scriptural interpretation of supernatural events into the main stream in as entertaining and consise a way as possible, you are on to something!
    You have apparently been gifted by God to understand and share these “seamingly edgy” ideas so that when things begin to unfold –we also can prepare others not to be deceived.
    A trilogy movie sure would beat the socks off of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” but doubt Hollywood would be so friendly to this Christian interpretation. Besides, not sure there is time for such a production!!

  5. A multi-media approach would reach out to the young people that are accustomed to this sort of thing. They definitely need to be reached.

    I read somewhere that the average young person only reads about 8 minutes per day. We Americans have become ignorant of the great books and especially the greatest book, the Bible. My feeling is that this is part of the dumbing down of the population so that they can be driven like sheep into one world government.

    I enjoyed reading all your books and found them riveting. I believe that you are right on with the “great deception” for which we are gradually being prepared. ET are fallen angels.

  6. Lynn, I’m all for whatever it takes to get the word out. Different types of media appeal to different people. I really like visuals with music. They make the message come alive. But I also love to read a book. I can highlight, underline, make notes in the margins or put a bookmark in it and go research something I have read. There were many late nights because I couldn’t put the books down. I’m really looking forward to one you are working on now.

    Don’t get discouraged. Doors, the right one’s, will open, in
    God’s time.

  7. I think it’s great you’re willing to try this new approach! It certainly will appeal to the younger generation, and will serve as good advertising for your written work. You are a good writer and have a gift for getting this idea across understandable terms.

    Yes, we are being dumbed down, but part of it is, people are exhausted. In this economy, just to make ends meet, so many of us are working so many hours, we hardly have energy or focus enough to sit down to a book. Maybe a youtube presentation will be able to hook some people into wanting to learn more.

    I always thought one of the more convincing arguments for fallen angels is, why on earth would they fly a gazillion miles, and the first thing out of their mouths (or telepathic minds), is not world peace or world hunger eradication or a cure for cancer, but rather denial of Christ.

  8. I purchased, read and was fascinated by all of your books. They answered so many of my questions about UFO mysteries. Please don’t consider less publishing. There are still so many Christians who are so steeped in the creeds of their particular religious sects that they will most certainly be the ‘deceived elect’ if they are not reached. I am buying extra copies of your books to share. Be aware, that many older (Senior)Christians are not ‘into’ the internet, and they certainly won’t find your information mentioned in their churches either!
    But..PLEASE do continue to enlarge the knowledge base of all the young people in cyberspace…they need to know because they will by the first to believe in a deception, especially those who have no Christian foundation in their lives.

  9. Thankyou so much for your books/radio shows too, I can not get enough. The church in the four walls is too asleep to see what is happing. I see how GOD-JESUS is sending a wake-up call to those who will hear his voice an TAKE A STAND, no matter the cost. I heard on your radio shows how many in the church pass you over. I myself and others have our hearts open to the HOLY SPIRITS leading thankyou for being obedient. I know GOD is leading you our prayers are with you. If I don’t see now, I’ll see you in heaven. With everything falling apart at such a fast rate, HIS coming is not to far off. I have you on Google Alert so I don’t miss a thing. Thankyou very much. (-:

  10. Great idea and a must for YouTube with so much untruth and garbage floating around.

    Have you contacted The American Family Association which has many resources via books, web, interviews etc, etc. as a break in to your via your books especially.

    They’ve stuck there necks out on plenty of things!

  11. Great idea Lynn! I don’t know that it will ever be a paid medium but you never know. Great way though to publicize your work and get the word out there. If you ever need a hand, I’ve gotten handy with moviemaker and pinnacle. God bless brother and thanks for the prayers for Jacob again.

    Your Brother in Christ,

  12. Whatever else you do, I would love to see your books available in the Amazon Kindle format. I am about to buy one and would love to see more Christian books, especially of the nature of your books, available. Nephilim, Book 1, was great. Keep up the good writing! Thank you, Robin

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