Roswell and Jesse Marcel, Jr.

IN 1947, IN ROSWELL NEW MEXICO, a startling event took place that changed forever the lives of those who were involved. I’m speaking about the alleged UFO crash that took place just outside of the small quiet town. The back story is this. Mac Brazille,a rancher,  found a debris field, that was over a mile long and several hundred yards wide, while he was out checking cattle. As the story goes he loaded up some of it and then the called the Air force. This is when Jesse Marcel Sr. enters the story, as he was an Intelligence officer, of the 509 Bomber Group stationed in Roswell. He went with Brazille out to the location and saw the debris field for himself. He gathered  up some of the material and then headed back to the base, but before he did he stopped at his house. It was late at night and he awakened his son, Jesse Marcel Jr. and his wife. He showed the wreckage to both of them. Jesse Jr. remembers handling the material and one outstanding feature of the aluminum like metal was, that when you crumpled it into a ball, it flattened itself out again without wrinkle or crease. In the words of Dr. Stan Friedman, it was memory metal. The story of the UFO crash, was carried by many newspapers – as seen in the above clipping – but was soon redacted and the crash debris was identified as the remains from a weather balloon. (see below photo) I have argued the absurdity of this, as Marcell was well acquainted with what a weather ballon looked like.

           Now with the Edgar Mitchell, coming forward and claiming that the Roswell event really happened, are we looking at finally finding out the whole truth about Roswell? 

When Jesse Marcel was near death he went on the record with Dr. Stanton Friedman, who has done extensive investigation of the Roswell UFO crash. Marcell’s story opened up a decades old cover up, regarding the UFO crash and the retrieval of alien bodies. After Marcell, other witnesses came forward, corroborating his story, and now the Roswell crash story has become legend. Of course there are skeptics who dismiss the multiple, witnesses testimony, proclaiming that these people are just publicity seekers. And then there’s Jesse Marcell Jr. himself. He is the only person alive, that I’m aware of, that handled the Roswell crash material. He has written a book about it and it continues to sell well. I am privileged to announce that he will be our special guest for News Letter members in the month of August. Let me know if you have any questions you’d like to ask Dr. Marcell. I think it will be a great interview!