The Richard Syrett Show!

I was on the Richard Syrett show last night and we did an hour and a half. He started out the show by asking about the  Indiana Jones- Crystal skull movie. I gave a brief overview of what the plot offered and then bloviated about how I believed it linked to the coming great deception, that of the revealing of the E.T. and the announcement that they were the ones behind all of the worlds major religions.

           Richard then moved topics and we discussed the Vatican announcement a few months ago. This is when a spokes-hole for the Vatican announced that, “the Extraterrestrial is our brother.” How’s that for some nice advance PR, for the coming great deception!

                 I then gave a brief summary of the UFO flap in Stephenviille Texas and discussed Edgar Mitchell’s announcement, regarding the existence of ET, and that the Roswell crash of 1947 really happened.          

             When we step back and take a look what has happened this year, so far there has been, what I would regard, as baby steps toward full disclosure. Think about this. Mitchell makes his statement on KARANG radio and the story is circulated and picked up by much of the main stream press. Most people yawn and act like, so what, big deal, we’ve always suspected that. Have we grown that desensitized? Are we under a hypnotic stupor brought to you by the pabulum, that the so called news media serve up to us nightly? I wonder what Paris Hilton had for breakfast this morning? Better turn on the Telly and get the latest update. Even the FOX news network had a segment called, The Daily Brittany, which tracked the daily antics of the troubled pop-tart! It would seem to me that with the admission of UFO’s and ET’s by Mitchell, that there would begin to be some serious discussion about the UFO / ET presence. What about Fyfe Symington, the former Governor of Arizona, who admitted on the Larry King Live show, that the Phoenix lights were indeed an extra terrestrial craft, not of this world. His words not mine. He also apologized to his constituency for making light of the affair when it happened.  

              Finally we settled into a discussion about what is going on in the Middle East and how I believe it is setting the stage for the coming war there. I told about the currency of the Luciferians, which is FEAR, and how a nuclear exchange in the Middle East, which I believe is eminent, will create the perfect climate of fear, which will then be the trigger that the Luciferians will use to usher in the Great Deception. All one has to do is look at Iran, Syria, Russia and Israel to see that the situation is grave at best. Remember also that we have beefed up our military in the Persian Gulf, while Hezbollah has claimed that they have rockets that can reach Tel Aviv. It’s a crazy world in which we live in. On one hand we have the marvel of the athletic competition, of the Olympic games, and on the other, a nun who is burned to death in India… 

           Jesus said, “As in the days of Noah, so it shall be when the son of man returns.” 

         What differentiates those days is the manifestation of the fallen angels. Are we in those time now? Are we going to see the so called ET / Fallen angels manifest again? Are we in the window of time of the Great Deception?


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PART TWO: Maitreya… False Christ

IT WAS 1980. I was a knew Christian and was immersed in learning about the scriptures. A friend called me on the phone and told me about a full page ad in the Los Angeles Times that boldly claimed, The Christ is Now Here! The ad also ran in the New York Times, The London Times, and a another paper in Europe. Below is the the lead line from the story.

He has been expected for generations by all of the major religions. Christians know him as the Christ, and expect his imminent return. Jews await him as the Messiah; Hindus look for the coming of Krishna; Buddhists expect him as Maitreya Buddha; and Muslims anticipate the Imam Mahdi or Messiah.

           The story caused quite a reaction throughout the USA, as pastors renounced him as a false Christ, but some people believed the claim and placed their hope in this false messiah. The ad claimed that soon Maitreya would communicate with everyone on the planet, simultaneously through telepathic means. We’ve been waiting for this to happen for almost 30 years! Furthermore, Maitreya’s handler, a person named Benjamin Creme told a very bizarre story of how he found Maitreya. I’m not certain of the story’s authenticity, but it had to do with Creme being taken for a ride in the backseat of a limo in which he found himself in the presence of what we would call ‘the Grays’ – so called aliens. This part of the story is very bizarre and if true would add a further dimension of the demonic to it.

           Maitreya apparently appeared, out of thin air, in a variety of far off places and healings were attributed to him. Share International, which is headed up by Creme, has a web site and you can check out the link that I have provided below.

          Maitreya is a perfect example of the fulfillment of Jesus words, saying that false Christ’s would appear. In my opinion Maitreya is a precursor of what the Anti Christ might look like. He will draw people to himself and proclaim himself God. The claim that is in italics above, states that all the worlds religions have been waiting for his return. Is this the type of deception that we will see when the Antichrist appears on the scene? I think it will be, only we will see real signs and wonders that will dazzle those who are not rooted and grounded in the word…   



Im appearing tonight on The Richard Syrett show @ 7:00 PST. He’s out of Toronto

To find out about Maitreya here’s the link:

False Christ’s: Part 1

I’m going to do a series on false Christ’s as I think this is timely and pertinent on a prophetic level. I want to begin by setting the stage, and to do that I must quote from the words of Jesus, found in Mathew 24:24 For there shall arise FALSE CHRIST’S…

In this short admonition, Jesus is warning us that there would be a time, in which false Christs would arise. The word Christ is from the Greek Christos, meaning anointed one. What is bizarre is that Jesus is warning of this, before anyone would even dream of such a thing, remember his own people reject Him as Messiah. He proclaims this before the crucifixion and resurrection, before the rise of church buildings, stain glass windows, priests in vestments and funny hats, a thousand different denominations claiming that there way, is the true way and that their church is the true church. Before man could screw it up, he uttered the warning that would echo, through the centuries, for almost two thousand years. How could He do this, unless He was who He said He was? If we just take a step back and realize that when he uttered those words there was no PR team, no press conference, no video or 30 second soundbite, no news paper headline spreading the word, there was just a group of mainly illiterate, fisherman, who had hung around Jesus and even they didn’t have a clear understanding of who He was. The statement, when taken by itself is bombastic and absurd. Who does this man think He is, anyway? By warning of false Christ’s, He is thereby proclaiming that He is the true one, the messiah, the anointed one. Of course He had the goods to back it up, as the written record proclaims, that He healed everyone of their disease, had command over the natural elements, of the earth, as well as the supernatural, and even had the last say with death, as He rose from the grave after three days in the tomb. (SIDEBAR: What I love about the Shroud of Turin is that it just might be the Calling Card of God. The shroud left a record of the resurrection, that some say, in doing so, is a form of a new, and so far undiscovered, physics. SEE BLOG BELOW) Now almost two thousand years later, we see that there are those who are claiming to be the reincarnation of Jesus, the second coming of Jesus, the new Jesus, the real messiah and on and on it goes. Tomorrow we will examine one such claim, that of Maitreya. I think you’ll find it interesting. On a last note, perhaps a C sharp. One reason that I’m doing this series is that it figureS into the prophetic fulfillment, of Jesus’ words.

Isaiah 17, Ezekiel 38 & the UFO Great Deception!

The following paragraph is from the comment section. I’m using it to prime the pump for todays BLOG!

              Stumbled across your website by accident and am grateful for it. You and I have many of the same beliefs, especially when speaking of the supernatural realms. I see you talk alot about Ez 38&39 alot, but there is going to be a big war before Armageddon. While I believe Ez 38 may not be too far off, Is 17 has to happen first. If you look at the short history of Israel, Syria has never been one to sit out an all out attack against Israel, all the way back to the very beginning in ‘48. But in Ez 38 the guest list is announced in advance, but Syria is conspicuously missing. In reading Isa 17, it appears as though Syria may attack Israel with a WMD, probably biological, with it’s references to Jacob being made thin and the fatness of his flesh shall wax lean. Also the refs to crops and such. If Syria was to do this, Israel will retaliate with a full nuclear attack, and truly Damascus would cease being a city. With the current treaties in place between Iran,Syria, and Russia, this may be exactly what causes the hooks to be set in the jaw of Russia. They would be forced to uphold their end of the treaty in defense of their Muslim arms customers…

           In PP&S I propose that the prophecy of Isaiah 17, might be part of the Ezekiel 38&39 scenario. Are they connected? I believe that they are. Perhaps the attack on Damascus triggers the Ezekiel war. One thing I want to make clear is this. I believe that the Ezekiel war, is NOT ARMAGEDDON. They are two separate wars. In order for Armageddon to take place the third temple must be rebuilt, the Anti Christ must reveal himself, their must be a global, one-world government, and the Mark of the Beast – RDIF Digital Angel chips – must be under the skin of most of the worlds populace.

           I was back on the X-Zone last night, with Rob McConnell. He asked me when I thought the UFO phenomena would manifest openly. I proposed that after the war in the Middle East, when the world has witnessed a nuclear exchange, similar to Nagasaki or Hiroshima. People will be in a state of fear and great apprehension – that’s an understatement. What better time then to spring the deception? As I Blogged previously, the currency of the kingdom of Satan, is fear. People will be ready and willing to embrace the great lie, that the E.T.’s are here to save us! That they have waited until this moment to help through this tumultuous time in our history.

        Prophecy has been placed in the Bible for us to read and understand. it is there to warn us of what is coming, so that we will not be taken off guard. While no man knows the exact sequence of events – myself included – we can, however, know the times in which we live. We can know the season. I think that we’re in that season where the players of the Ezekiel war, are on stage. How soon before they go at it? I don’t know. And what of the attack that might happen simultaneously, on the USA, as I propose in PP&S. Once again we are admonished by Jesus himself, who tells us to WATCH!

Building 7?

Over the weekend, a report was issued, that declared that the collapse of Building #7 was the first time, in history that a modern, sky scraper collapsed due to fire… The Olympic games were on, so please pass me the potato chips and dip, as I’m really not that interested in what happened to Building #7, of the World Trade Towers, seven years after the event…. or am I? You bet I am! I’m the guy that writes about UFOs, Big Foot, and the Shroud of Turin, and I also believe that Kennedy was killed by more than one gunman, so this is right up my alley, as it were.

            For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, let me give you the thumbnail sketch. Building 7, was in the World Trade Tower, complex of buildings and was damaged by the collapse of the Towers. Fires started in the building and about 8 hours later it suddenly collapsed. There are many sites, on the NET that are devoted to the exploration of this. Of course there are certain parties that scoff and bluster, if you even mention the idea, that the collapse of the building could have been anything other that the official explanation. Some people who have attempted to bring about a discussion of the collapse, of this building, are immediately dismissed as kooks and nutcases.

            I don’t particularly care for Rosie O’Donnell. I find her annoying and self serving. I do, however agree with her that there is something fishy, in the way building 7 collapsed. Why does it take seven years to come out with a report, that informs us that a fire caused the collapse? This was an unprecedented event, in that no other building, has collapsed, due solely to fire, in our modern era. On the site that I’ve linked to below you can examine some of the evidence for yourself. There is a qoute from Dan Rather, who comments, in real time, that the collapse of Building 7, looked like controlled demolition. If that is true, that the collapse of Building 7 was somehow an inside job. i.e. controlled demolition – and please remember that Hitler burned the Reichstag – what is to gain by this? In the new book I’m working on, I discuss the Mystery of Iniquity. (Hidden evil)

            Two thousand years ago, Paul the apostle wrote about this mystery. Is this Mystery of Iniquity somehow linked to 911? Consider this. Shortly after we invaded Afghanistan. Why then in 2007 did Afghanistan produce a bumper crop of Opium? Who profited from this? Here’s a link to the bumper crop harvested in 2007 in Afghanistan.   

            This begs the question, why can’t we control the Opium fields? Can’t we just wipe them out? I  guess we don’t have good satellite coverage in that part of the world, just like we can’t seem to find Bin Laden.

            Then there’s the war in Iraq. Remember Babylon, that ancient city that just might figure into the end-time mix, lies in that country. Is there a connection? Is this all part of the implementation of the one world government, that the Bible predicts will come upon the earth in the last days? Is 911, The Afghan and Iraqi war, the modern manifestation of the Mystery of Iniquity? I don’t have all the answers, but I’ll say this, that I want to read the official report of the collapse of building 7. I would like to see professionals that have degrees in physics, examine the report and weigh in on it. I would like to see a discussion of what slammed into the Pentagon and what happened to the two engines, on the 757 Airplane? Did they just vanish? Did 12 tons of metal disintegrated without leaving a trace? No bodies, no wreckage and a hole in the building that measures only 16 feet across? And what about the surveillance cameras that were confiscated? I could go on, but enough for now…   



Here’s a great link that details what may have happened that day… to Building #7

The Russians Have Invaded Georgia?

Yesterday I ran into a friend of mine and we started a livley discussion about Russia’s invasion of Georgia and its possible prophetic implication. My friend shook his head and started to chuckle.

“What’s so funny?” I asked.

“You’re not going to beleive this story… but it’s true,” he replied.

I folded my arms across my chest and waited for him to begin.

“Ok, So I’m at the post office yesterday and there’s a couple in front of me. They’re young. Maybe early twenties. Anyway, I’m bored and I happen to overhear the girl say to her boy friend, “Did you hear that the Russians have invaded Georgia and President Bush isn’t doing anything about it!”

He had my attention and I wondered where he was going with this,

My freind picked up the story again, “So then the boy friend turns to the girl and says – I’m not kidding – Wow, that will only leave 49 states!”

We both cracked up. Of course I asked if it were really true and my friend swore to me that the conversation happened just the way he relayed to me.

Why the story is humorous, it is also tragic to think that there are some of us who have no idea of what is happening on the geo-political stage. The history of our planet is one of almost continuous warfare. As Dr. Stan Freidman likes to point out, “The primary occupation of the inhabitants of earth, is tribal warfare.” One of the prophecies that I take special note of is Jesus admonition to us that, “There will be wars and rumors of wars,” in the end times. When we take a look at some of the hot spots of tension, we can begin to wonder if we are in the time frame that Jesus told us about 2000 years ago, that would be one of the signs of the end, of the age. With the military build up by the US in the Persian Gulf, the Russian ‘Bear’ roused from slumber with the invasion of Georgia – the new liaison between Syrian and Russia, Hezbollah flexing its muscles and the ongoing saber rattling from Iran, are we seeing the stage being set for a regional war in the Middle East? Is this the war of Ezekiel 38 & 39? You decide. Another admonition that Jesus instructed us, was to watch and be ready. We are to know the time and season that we live in and that includes knowing where Georgia is on the map.

The Supernatural…

    Yesterday I had a post from someone who was curious about the Nephilim. They had never read about the phenomena described in Genesis 6, which is the basis for the Nephilim Trilogy which then served as a spring board for Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural. As I said in the PP&S, most of us are uncomfortable when talking about the supernatural. Recently, there has been an explosion of television shows discussing the supernatural. Physics like John Edwards are seen daily by millions of people. New television series are emerging as well, like Ghost Hunters Internationall, UFO Files, Monster Quest, Alien Abductions, Weird Travels and others, all explore the possibility of the supernatural. I have often raised the question, when talking to folks who are interested in the supernatural, “what is the litmus test that we use to determine whether what we are experiencing is benevolent or malevolent?” My question is more often than not, met with a shrug of indifference. Yet, when dealing with supernatural events we have a manual to guide us, so that we will not be deceived by every manifestation. There is a scripture found in the New Testament that declares,”Even if an angel appears and preaches a different Gospel, let him be cursed.” Fairly strong language that. It also implies that there is a possibility of just that happening.

           In PP&S I have put forth the theory that in there will be a coming Great Deception. So much so that even the elect would be deceived. What is coming is supernatural in scope. What is coming has never before witnessed by the human race. I believe it will be so overwhelming and majestic in scope, that most of us will will be deceived.

            We are told, in the Bible to test the spirits. This implies that dealing with the supernatural, at least when this scripture was written, was something that was expected. In other words it was the norm. Most of our churches have relegated the gifts of the Spirit to the dust bin declaring that these gifts were only for the beginning church. This has created a vacuum in the church and consequently in most of the pew sitters lives. People are hungry for the supernatural. Sadly, because a greater part of the church has put a lid on this, people are looking elsewhere. Because we have not been taught Biblical standards, many of us become sucked into the deception of cults. What litmus test will we use? If we haven’t been taught Biblical truths, then we are open to DECEPTION.