Edgar Mitchell Follow Up…

             There has been lots of conversation and a flurry of emails across my desk regarding the recent remarks by former astronaut, Edgar Mitchell. Here are some poignant questions…

        Why has he waited until now to come clean about the information? Was he given an ‘all clear’ sign by higher ups? Is this part of the burgeoning revealing, of the so called extraterrestrial presence? Are we nearing a time when this revealing will take place? With France, the UK, Belgium, and Mexico revealing some of their UFO files are we looking a full disclosure, in the near future?

                 I listened to the entire interview that was conducted on KARANG Radio, in the UK. Here are some of my thoughts. Mitchell said that governments, of the world have deliberately covered up the UFO phenomena for years. He then stated, that there is now more of an open minded approach regarding them. The days of being threatened for passing on information, or discussing UFOs publicly were gone. He said that UFOs are a real phenomena, that the Roswell crash of 1947 happened, and that we have had lots of E.T. contact. Mitchell went out of his way to assure his audience that UFOs were real, and he went on the record by saying that the aliens looked like the grays which most people have come to recognize as popularized in movies and television.

              I recently was on a radio program, in which the host negated what Mitchell said, citing the high prices of his books on his web site, and that he was only it for the  money. I have no way of knowing what Mitchell has seen, regarding UFOs, and cannot judge his motives. That being said, if we give Mitchell the benefit of the doubt, and embrace his story as truth, then it truly is a ground breaking moment.

           What I encountered from the host, was a healthy dose of skepticism. But can being a skeptic go to far? When Columbus found the ‘New World,’ the prevailing mind set of his time, was that the world was flat! How did Columbus’s friends react when he returned and declared that he had found a new world? Did they mock him, when he insisted that the world wasn’t flat, that it was round? The analogy is applicable here, because there are people who refuse to admit that there is something going on, regarding what is being seen in the skies. There is an abundance of trace evidence regarding, crop circles, cattle mutilations, and those who have been abducted and used in the so called breeding program. Before we can weigh in on wether or not this phenomena is benevolent or malevolent, we first must admit that it exists. It is easy to sit in a dark lit, studio and rant into a microphone that UFO and aliens don’t exist, it’s another to refute the hundreds of eyewitness accounts, trace evidence and video & photographs. For some it will take a UFO hovering low, over a major city for hours in broad daylight to convince them that UFOs are real. When that happens skeptics will be out of excuses and will now have to deal with how this affects their world view. The purpose of this BLOG is to call attention to the UFO phenomena and declare that, in my opinion, it is of demonic origin. It is what I believe is the coming great deception, as I have indicated in other posts. Hundreds of years after Columbus’s voyage we are poised at another frontier, and there are those like those of Columbus day who insist that the world is flat. All truth goes through three phases. First, it is ridiculed. Second it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self evident…

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2 thoughts on “Edgar Mitchell Follow Up…

  1. Dear Mr. Marzuli

    I got into a forum discussion regarding these latest comments by Edgar Mitchell.

    One person said she thought “demons were earthbound” and fallen angels were another kind of entity.

    I told her I thought demons were one and the same as fallen angels. I told her I thought fallen angels could not “procreate” or bring forth offspring so all the things we call demons or demonic (as I believe all aliens are) are really some of those exact same one third of angels that rebelled and fell with Lucifer. I notice you use the term “interdimensional”. How does that term relate to the term “extraterrestrial.”
    Please set me straight on this.

    I am including a link to an article by an official of the Roman Just thought you may find this of interest. –Catholic church at the Vatican (a Jesuit, by the way) that I guess expresses the official stance or position that the Church takes on “extraterrestrials”. Apparently they say they are benevolent creations of God. They are eligible for redeption and we should be kind to them and even pray for their redeption. Just thought this was interesting. I have a feeling other denominations will sort of be compelled to make some kind of statement about these entities.
    Here’s an article online at the Website of the Catholic News Agency regarding this topic.

    http:/ / www. catholicnewsagency. com/ new. php? n= 12628

    Vatican (a news department of the CNA)

    Believing in aliens not opposed to Christianity, Vatican’s top astronomer says

    Father José Gabriel Funes, S.J.Vatican City,
    May 13, 2008 / 01:59 pm (CNA).-

    The Director of the Vatican’s Observatory, Fr. José Gabriel Funes, said in an interview with the Vatican daily, L’Osservatore Romano, that believing in the possible existence of extraterrestrial life is not opposed to Catholic doctrine.

    The 45-year-old Argentinean priest heads the Vatican Observatory, founded by Pope Leo XIII with offices at Castelgandolfo, near the Apostolic summer palace, and another in Tucson, Arizona. Fr. Funes has been in charge of the Observatory since August 2006.

    The astronomer began the interview titled, “The Alien is my Brother,” by saying that, “Astronomy has a profound human value. It is a science that opens the heart and the mind. It helps us to put our lives, our hopes, our problems in the right perspective. In this regard, and here I speak as a priest and a Jesuit, it is an apostolic instrument that can bring us closer to God”, said Fr. Funes in the interview.

    Regarding the beginning of the universe, Fr. Funes says that he personally believes that the “big bang” theory seems to him the most plausible, and that it does not contradict the Bible. “We cannot ask the Bible for a scientific answer here. At the same time, we don’t know if in a near future the ‘Big Bang’ theory will be superseded by a more complete and precise explanation of the origin of the universe.”

    When he was asked about the possibility of extraterrestrial life, the Director of the Vatican Observatory responded that “it is possible, even if until now, we have no proof. But certainly in such a big universe this hypothesis cannot be excluded.”

    Asked is he sees a contradiction between the Catholic faith and believing in aliens, he said, “I think there isn’t (a contradiction). Just as there is a multiplicity of creatures over the earth, so there could be other beings, even intelligent (beings), created by God. This is not in contradiction with our faith, because we cannot establish limits to God’s creative freedom. To say it with St. Francis, if we can consider some earthly creatures as ‘brothers’ or ‘sisters’, why could we not speak of a ‘brother alien’? He would also belong to the creation.”

    Fr. Funes says that taking the image of the lost sheep in the Gospel, “we could think that in this universe there can be 100 sheep, equivalent to different kinds of creatures. We, belonging to human kind could be precisely the lost sheep, the sinners that need the shepherd. God became man in Jesus to save us. In that way, assuming that there would be other intelligent beings, we could not say that they need redemption . They could have remained in full friendship with the Creator.”

    “But if they were sinners?” L’Osservatore’s journalist asks.

    “Jesus became man once and for all. The Incarnation is a single and unique event. So I am sure that also they, in some way, would have the chance to enjoy God’s mercy, just as it has happened with us human beings.”


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