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The Day After The Revaling…

Posted by lamarzulli on July 28, 2008

The Revealing, is the title of the third book in my Nephilim Trilogy. Last week i covered the Edgar Mitchell story. I then promised a follow up and here it is. This is a fictional account taken from Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural. I think you’ll find it interesting…

Imagine waking one Saturday morning, grabbing a mug of hot coffee, settling into your favorite easy chair, and using your remote to turn on the television. Imagine then staring in disbelief as reporters state that New York, Washington DC, and Los Angeles have been attacked by what appears to be dirty bombs. News coverage shows thousands of terrified, fleeing people trying to get out of harm’s way. While you are watching, another “alert” interrupts the broadcast, and you see an aerial view of Chicago. The announcer explains that an explosion has just occurred, and it appears to be yet another terrorist attack. The scene changes again, and you notice that the newscaster looks pale. He reports that the combined forces of Iran, Syria, and possibly Chechnya and Russia, along with other nations, have attacked the nation of Israel. He cautions that reports are sketchy, but it appears that Israel has responded to the attack by using its nuclear arsenal. Your heart begins to race and you try to make a telephone call, but the lines are all jammed and you cannot get through. The day passes slowly, and reports from the Middle East indicate that there have been mass casualties sustained by the attacking armies. You watch as the first film of the area is shown. You see a black, scorched earth where the twisted remains of men and machines lay. The unthinkable has happened. You cover your face with your hands and weep. A day later something happens that you are not ready for. All the movies you have seen and books you have read still did not prepare you for what is happening. The television has been on all night, and you have slept in your easy chair, still in your pajamas from the day before. You stare at the picture on the television set and wonder if this is some sort of sick joke being played. You wonder if it is a ploy of the government. You ask yourself if what you are looking at could possibly be real. You see a place that you have seen before. You recognize it as the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. The camera pans back and above the dome. There are several craft. They are metallic looking, and the glint of the sun’s rays reflects off them. They appear to be motionless. The camera pans back to a nervous reporter, who says that these craft first appeared a short while ago. He also states that contact has apparently been made with the alien craft. The day goes by and the president of the Untied States addresses that nation. He has a special announcement. You listen as he explains that extraterrestrial craft have revealed themselves at this time and have chosen to intervene in our affairs because of the use of weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East. He elaborates saying that the ET presence is peaceful, but they will not allow us to destroy ourselves, because they take credit for our evolution, which is the reason they have revealed themselves at this crucial juncture in our history. He then explains that directly following his announcement the superior technology of the ET will take control of the world’s television airways, so that on all channels everywhere all the inhabitants of earth will see the message simultaneously. The broadcast begins with an aerial view of the parting of the Red Sea. The water has been heaped up on itself creating walls of water, which leave a dry strip of land in between. You watch as thousands of people begin to walk on dry land in between the standing waters, and you realize that this movie was not filmed in Hollywood…

 Have you checked out Politics, Prophecy & the Supernatural? 

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    Check out this video:

    This is a UFO added on YouTube on July 22. This is awesome!

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