Former Astronaut says UFOs Real! Full Disclosure next?

            A while back the Vatican announced that if there were extraterrestrial life or E.T., then we should embrace him as our brother. Then last weekend, four, former Air Force personal, appeared on Larry King Live, (You can read my comments on this a few entries down) and announced that our government had been perpetrating a fraud and cover up, concerning the existence of UFOs. In this latest ‘coming out’, former astronaut and ‘moon walker’, Edgar Mitchell, informs us that UFOs exist, and that the extraterrestrials look like the little gray aliens with the black, slanted, eyes that have been weaved into the fabric of our culture, in the last decade or so. He also states that the UFO phenomena has been, “…well covered up by our governments for the last 60 years or so, but slowly it’s leaked out and some of us have been privileged to have been briefed on some of it.”       

        Is this the beginning of Full Disclosure of the so called extraterrestrial presence? UFO sightings have been increasing, in the last decade, and coupled with the recent Stephenville Texas sightings, by multiple witnesses, it begs the question, are we getting close to an ‘event?’ (You can see the numbers for yourself here

       This cat and mouse game of disclosure has been going on since the Roswell crash of 1947. Jesse Marcell stated that he handled wreckage, from the debris field and showed it to his son and wife. Later, according to Marcell, General Ramey, his superior officer, switched the real wreckage with wreckage from a weather balloon. Then there’s the Air Force book that came out a few years ago, Roswell, Case Closed. The Air Force official explanation of the Roswell crash, according to the book, was that it was the material from a top secret program called, Project Mogul, the material that Marcell thought was a UFO, was a weather balloon. Adding insult to injury was, that the alien bodies, that were recovered from the crash site were actually manikins or crash-test-dummies. Stanton Friedman pointed out that the the crash dummies weren’t used until the early 50’s so there’s a few years discrepancies, between the Roswell crash of 1947 and the use of crash-test-dummies, in the early 50’s, but what does that matter, right?

           Then there’s the Phoenix lights? Former Governor Fife Symington, of Arizona, who at the time was Governor, when the ‘lights’ were seen, held a press conference and yucked it up, as someone dressed, as an alien ran onto the stage during the press conference. A decade later on Larry King Live he apologized to his former constituency, admitting publicly that he was in Phoenix, at the time, and he too, saw the UFO and it  was not anything of this world. Here’s the link to that story   

          Are we on the verge of Full Disclosure? More importantly, what will we do, say and think the day after…? How will it change our world view? I’ll address this topic on the MONDAY BLOG! in the meantime, have a great weekend.  

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8 thoughts on “Former Astronaut says UFOs Real! Full Disclosure next?

  1. Hey Lynn–Nice web site. Playing with Roger again. We will be doing worship for first time since your days on August 17 at MPC. You and Peggy invited to our 10th annual summer of love on August 23 with Wolf Marshall and his old band. Good night. We’d love to see you. Give a call or email.


  2. This story is big! This is not just another UFO observer, Dr. Mitchell is a well respected American who would likely not be fabricating this story. This is yet more evidence that we are drawing closer to full disclosure and the coming great deception. This subject is growing more popular and who knows, you may get a call from Larry King.

  3. awesome, Lynn… i was wondering if you caught this news and what you were going to think about it… i shall read your article now… i was wondering if you were going to respond to it…

    oh by the way… nice blog 🙂


  4. Greetings to all!

    This past week Mr. Mitchell spoke by phone to the Fox Cable News morning show and seemed to focus most of his comments on Roswell. He claimed no first hand experience himself. According to his statements a UFO did crash in 1947 in Roswell and that he knows this because he spoke with people from the area. He is in fact by coincidence from that same area. I do agree that it appears that we are being prepared for further revelation on ET’s.

  5. Edgar Mitchell has been talking about this for ages now. He founded some society called Noetic Science something or other, so this is all old news. This has been well-known for some time now.

    Which begs the question…*WHY* is it now on the front pages, instead of ten years ago???

  6. I have notice that there are more and more movies comming out about aliens lately. Not like the ones that came out durig the height of the Flying sauser error, but something completely differnt. District 9, battle LA, even tv is getting into it with falling stars.
    I feel the media is now getting involved with the push towards an event of disclosure with all these movies. the Problems is that what they are putting out are ones that show aliens as being aggressive. I don’t know if this is a warning for those who will listen or of this is disinofrmation to keep their power. keeping us afraid of an alien encounter.

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