Alien Priest?!

In one of the first posts, on this BLOG, I discussed the new Indiana Jones movie and the implications it might have on us. The title of that piece was, Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull… Entertainment or Propaganda?

            The article discussed the idea of the worlds religions, being started by extraterrestrial entities. This concept, that E.T.’s  were our progenitors, that they biologically manipulated us from ‘primitive’ man thousands of years ago, and that ‘they’ were responsible for starting the worlds religions, seems to be cropping up more and more these days, as illustrated by the Indiana Jones film. This idea is what I have dubbed, The coming great deception and the Luciferain end game, which is also the sub title of my newest book.

           The picture above is a graphic, mind-blowing, representation of what I believe is going to manifest soon on the earth. If it’s true, and we’re getting an ever burgeoning number of UFO sightings, that seems to bolster this idea. (here’s a link where you can check it out)

How will this impact people of faith? How will the creation story of Genesis, or the miracles attributed to Moses and Jesus, be affected by a revealing of a so called extraterrestrial presence? At the bottom of this post, is a link to a very interesting article, that I found on RAIDERS NEWS UPDATE. ( you can link to them on the right side of this page) I’m going to quote a portion of the article…

 “Any discovery of extraterrestrial life would raise some challenging questions — about the origin of life on Earth as well as elsewhere, about the centrality of humankind in the universe, and about the creation story in the Bible,” said Connie Bertka, a Unitarian minister with a background in Martian geology who ran the workshops for the AAAS.    

              The above quote is food for thought. If my theory is proven true, that we are soon going to have E.T. reveal themselves, then how will this affect us? I believe that this is the coming great deception. I have stated this over and over again, on many radio interviews and I’ll state it again here, because I believe that it is the central point of the Luciferian, End Time agenda.

              Jesus himself states, “Even the Elect will be deceived, if that were possible.” In other words, what is coming on this earth is going to be so amazing, so mind-blowing, such a paradigm shift, that it will cause many people to loose their faith and run after the Alien Gospel, which is that E.T. is responsible for the evolution of mankind and started the religions of the world. Could this be the event that triggers the rise of the Antichrist? Could this lead to a great falling away as described in 2nd Thessalonians? Is this the impetus that starts the one world government and religious system spoken of in the Book of Revelation? Only time will tell… When you check out the link to NUFORIC, notice the steady increase of sightings from the 50’s until the present day… the data speaks for itself.

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2 thoughts on “Alien Priest?!

  1. Lynn, thanks for your work on this subject and getting the word out on it. It is DESPERATELY needed I think. The world is ripe to be deceived.

    My question, however, is how do you resolve the Israel-Muslim war of Ezekiel 38-39 and the coming of the “ETs”? I’m trying to figure out the clear references to an Islamic Antichrist and confederacy of 10-Muslim nations (ref. Joel Richardson and Walid Shoebat works for example) with the revealing of the “aliens/demons.” Honestly, I think both are correct. I can think of no other powerful delusion that could deceive even the elect. I’m just not sure on the time-line of how it all plays out. The great deception I think is only hinted at in scripture in comparison to the Muslim Antichrist, which I think now can be understood plainly. I do wonder if the return of the Islamic Mahdi, the “hidden Imam,” and the Islamic `Isa (Muslim Jesus) – basically Islamic eschatology – would be accompanied by the revealing of the “aliens.” What could be a greater deception than the Islamic Mahdi and Muslim `Isa/Jesus coming down from heaven with the power of UFOs/”angels”? This would satisfy scripture’s depiction of both the Islamic Antichrist AND the Great Alien Deception…… this is the only way I can think to resolve it. any thoughts?

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